Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Virtual Reality

Ok, there is clearly no such thing as a virtual version of 'reality'- as in the 'real world', because no matter how hard LL or any developer tries, no simulation can match the world around us in terms of beauty, feelings, emotions and senses. So, I often think that simulations and virtual worlds such as SL are at their very best not when attempting to imitate RL, but when they either go completely off the rails or add their own spin to things.

Examples could include anything from having a bath in lava to full-on hover boards, alternative histories (like the south won the US civil war or something), and into the future of RL, such as commercial space flight and meals in a pill. And male pregnancy.

Yeah, male pregnancy. Guess what? Yup. What started off as a joke is now actually happening - for those of you who dont know. Nicholai and I went and got one of those baby in tummy talking things. Yes, it is official, Nicholai is pregnant with my child. Now, I am not big on biology or anything, but I am pretty sure thats a miracle.. or it would be if this was reality. Because there are literally no biological rules in SL, it is possible for a guy to become pregnant. Why the hell not? Is there anything wrong with that? No, I dont think so, because it represents an awesome bit of surreal, alternative reality that makes SL stand out from everywhere else.

So if anyone thinks its wierd that my boyfriend is pregnant then stop being so goddamn conformist and bound by reality's rules. But if you dont think its wierd then good on ya, you have ascended to a higher plane of existance and can understand concepts outside the realms of the everyday, normal world. Yay! lol

We have also decided on a few other things. Firstly, the baby is a boy. Secondly, Nicho has been pregnant a month now so we have only 8 months left to build a nursery and find a midwife etc..

Oh yes, and we named him Lior, which is 'Light'.

Now that I am 21 - it was my birthday on the 10th - and thanks so so much for all the messages and presents, guys, it means so much to me, really - I am beginning to feel a little more mature for some reason. Its awful, I know.. in this ageless wonderland I inhabit, I actually feel older - whereas in RL I feel no different whatsoever. So strange. Its like my av is growing faster than me - must be due to the crazy time SL operates on.. you know.. one RL week = one SL month etc.

Hopefully I wont be neglecting this blog too much longer.. I apologise for my lack of posting recently, but hang in there if you havent abandoned me already. We are almost at 300 posts and at that landmark I have something awesome planned.

Esmie xXx