Saturday, 24 May 2008

A Year

Wow. A whole freaking year. 12 months. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525600 minutes. 31536000 seconds.

Thats a long time, especially in SL... and especially for being partnered to someone in SL. It was Nicho and mine's anniversary yesterday - we've been partnered a year to the day and we had great fun last night, dancing at Avilion Castle - one of the very first places we ever went for a date. We have this kinda love for revisiting places that hold warm memories for us - like Apollo and the BlueBoy Club.. we were totally gutted that the Sublime restaraunt went out of business a while ago and the replacement was a pile of crap.

We had planned to try and reserve part of the Apollo sim for a few hours last night, but there was no reply to the notecard I sent the sim manager weeks ago. Still, it didn't hurt our night too much, cos Avilion castle is still around, and wasn't too busy or laggy either and I gotta say that my boy looked incredibly beautiful in his massive pink gown - its technically a wedding dress, but it looks good on any occaision - and he managed to convince me to put on a matching pink silk shirt, cream waistcoat and pants from Armidi.. and.. well.. I kinda liked wearing the pink for once, it looked alright :D

The thing about partnerships in SL is that they are so easy to create. Just a couple of clicks of a button, and their name is in the little box in your profile. Its the same for ending a partnership. I guess that lowers the value of being partners in SL somewhat, if you know what I mean..

However, just having that name in the box does not constitute a partnership.. that person is not your partner because your profile tells you so. They're your partner cos you love them, care for them, and wanna be with them, for as long as you possibly can - and thats alot harder to build up than clicking a button - and much harder to destroy too. All the partnership box does is let the rest of the world know this.

I don't know what the future holds for us.. like Nicho said to me last night, we aren't even half way down the list of things we can do and experience together. I agreed and said that I hope we always have more to look forward to together than to look back on. I can say there are several things the future sure does have in store for us... Our baby son Lior, of course.. he must be what.. 5 months along by now.. I think. Other stuff too that I can't think of at the moment lol but I'll let you know as it happens. Maybe :P

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Well Damn

Its been sooo freaking long since I posted on here, I just figured I had to, incase the thing got declared dead and then was buried or something. Anyways, here I am, and where have I been?

Busy. I have an RL now - a full time, annoying, wonderful, interesting, depressing Real Life. Its not so bad... I have been spending more time with friends and going out and stuff.. but mainly I have been away because of the huge amount of uni work I have this term. 5 days a week, 4 of them 9am starts (meaning getting up at 7am) and 4 days a week I dont finish til 4pm - and dont get home after them til about 5:30pm. Fun eh? No.

But I was neglecting my responsibilities in SL, quite badly.. I didnt stop to think what I was putting people here through by being away without letting them know what was happening. There was a period where I didnt touch my computer for 5 days, and it was great to be away from it, but I discovered just how much I missed SL and how much SL missed me as soon as I returned. I've now made a promise to Nicholai that I'll never be away for more than 2 nights without emailing him to let him know where I am, to make sure he doesnt go through that again.

So.. whats going on now? Well, the main thing I guess is that our castle is gone. Taken back, removed, vanished, destroyed. Aprikat asked us to cut down on our prims - to be honest, I was surprised they let us get away with using up 250% of our parcel's capacity for so long - and we decided that as we'd need to return some of the main parts of the castle grounds and most interesting pieces, we might as well go for a total change.

Now we are going Sci-Fi. Yup. Couldnt get much more different huh? It was mostly our visits to, and experiences in, the Necronom VI space station RP community that inspired us to create a space home of our own.

Essentially, the mountainous island has been made into a deceased volcano, with smooth walls and a shallow, sea-level crater at the centre. On this island will be housed several different processing facilities and control rooms in varying degrees of disrepair that help support the eco system of the island as well as the life support systems of the space station high above.

Of course, our 'characters' have had makeovers too.. I am now a 5,000+ year old human-elf cross breed, with cybernetic parts and a symbiotic demonic intelligence inhabiting my system. Yup. A kinda human-elf-robo-demon. Possibly the same person I was in the last epic RP story our characters inhabited...

Nicholai, however, is now a being cloned from the last surviving members of a unique and rare species variant of the common neko people. I modified and conditioned him to make a perfect pet.. loyal, obedient, caring, intelligent and.. well.. sexy as hell. In order to try and ensure the continuation of his species, as well as to give myself a little more to do in the evenings, I cloned him and created his twin.. Although the clones do tend to vanish from time to time and often have some slight defects, they are usually more or less identical to the original Nicholai. Interesting huh :D

So yeah.. thats my new SL story and so on. I'll try and start updating this thing again, but no promises. However, just be assured that my blog will never die. I will always be updating it sometime or another, I am not just gonna leave it rotting for too long. But dont expect it to be every day or every week...

Esmie xXx