Friday, 4 April 2008


Just a quick post to explain why I havent been posting to my blog, been on SL much the past few days, and why I wont be on again until next week.

Firstly, I havent been posting to my blog because I dont really see the point anymore - I have so much to talk about and to show you all that I just cant decide what to write about and honestly I'd rather spend that time actually doing things rather than talking or thinking about them. I'm not saying the blog is dead, because it is still useful - for moments like this - and when I do eventually recover from my writer's block I will be posting again.

I havent been on the past few days because, somehow, I suddenly had an RL - friends visiting, things to do, places to go, stuff to see - and it was great. I didnt really miss SL that much - I was almost afraid of logging in again last night cos of all the notices and crap I'd have to deal with - but I am glad I did, because it reminded me just how much I missed my friends and loved ones in SL.

Over the weekend I am going down to London to visit my family and wont be back up until tuesday, and probably wont be back on SL til wednesday. My parents want me to help them set up a laptop while I am down there - assuming they have bought it, they keep me totally in the dark about these things - so I should be able to get email at least, as long as a) they actually have one for me to set up and b) it works *lol*

Don't leave me IMs, they will almost certainly get capped. Email me!

See ya laterz ;]

Esmie xXx