Sunday, 22 November 2009


I was three years old last week. What a fucking trip it has been.

Its kinda scary when I look back and think about all the thousands of things I have done.. the literally hundreds of people I have met, the few relationships I have had, the dozens and dozens of nights staying up far too late dancing and chatting and being a dork.

Its been wild.

When I was born, I had no idea I would still be here 3 years later. It seems almost beyond belief, its fantastical. Two years didnt seem like such a big deal.. but three.. holy fucking crap.

I don't think it is possible to quantify what the people I have met in the past few years really mean to me. True, some are just a casual "hello" every now and then, but others have really, really affected me deeply, and all of them for the better. I just want to say thank you.. if you consider me a friend, I am grateful for all the good times and good chats and laughs. Even to those who have left, some of them years ago, who I still miss, even though you might not believe me when I say that.. thank you for leaving me with those memories.

It sounds like I am saying goodbye almost, but I'm not. I've managed to survive for three years.. I think I could last another three at least.

Friday was awesome. We had such a great party.. I love the guys at Starfall, they always, always make me laugh and the times I have had there are definitely amongst the best of my three years.

The changes I have seen in that time have been phenomenal. SL is so, so much better than what it was when I started.. people don't appreciate what it is now.

One of the things that has changed most of course, is me, the avatar. This is how I look today. Tomorrow, I will have changed again and then again and again. I like to think of it as evolution. You'd prolly call it being a fashion whore. :D