Thursday, 20 May 2010

Building a Tardis ain't easy.

[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: theres more glass than I thought there was o: ...infact I's surprised he never once broke any >_>
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: maybe he did o:
[3:38] Esmiel Posthorn: There is glass? lol
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: *smash* aaww fuck not again
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:39] Kyris Upshaw: yus... glass tubes n lil tank things full of pressurey pistons and what not
[3:39] Esmiel Posthorn: I had no idea
[3:39] Esmiel Posthorn: @.@
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: theres a main set of three pointing towards the door with a lil valve and a pressure dial indicator thing... and then theres 2 almost identical single ones either side of it on the other panel bits... and then theres another glass thing below one of the monitors positiony panels... attached to pipes n wires
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: o:
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: and
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: and
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:41] Kyris Upshaw: thers atleast... 3 of those movey orb things... thats embedded in the console... o.o and theres also a spare lying about somewhere... he keeps alot of spare junk :P
[3:41] Kyris Upshaw: which makes it haaaard... to like... actually... tell... whats attached to the console and whats not :P
[3:42] Kyris Upshaw: except the binoculars... if THOSE are attached... I'll... eat my... foot... or sumthin... with a spoon... made of FIRE
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: Yeah.
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: What?
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: ...
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: nevermind
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: he keeps a pair of binoculars... did you know that?
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: I can't remember
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: and I think some sort of giant compass
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: :P
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: more glass
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: aaaand and
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: I learned which switch is the GO switch :D
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: he flicks the same one every time
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw nod nods
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: well almost every time
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: theres actually like... a few... different ways of taking off... so... theres also a few different go buttons lol
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: but the usual way of de-materialising and re-materialising somewhere else... is... that... one...
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: xD
[3:46] Kyris Upshaw: and... I'm gonna stop talking now
[3:46] Kyris Upshaw: sorry xD

Somehow, Kyris actually manages to build as much as he talks. Very impressive.

Esmie xXx