Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hoaghes and the animals.

[9:09] Esmiel Posthorn: i wanna work in a zoo.. animals are so awesome
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: go do it!
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: youre smart enuf
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: and yeah
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: I agree, animals rock
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: but Im a stoner
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: I space out on stuff like that :P
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: national geographic ftw
[9:09] Esmiel Posthorn: you dont need drugs to appreciate nature :P
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: tru tru
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: I'd love to work in a zoo as well..I think its cool.
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: Monkey world is in the UK
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: oh, great, they have an opening for an 'admin assisstant'
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: thats a cool place as well
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: and thats it
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: at monkey world?
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: no at my nearest zoo
[9:11] Hoaghes Beaumont: well, its a start.
[9:11] Esmiel Posthorn: mebbe *ponders*
[9:11] Hoaghes Beaumont: and its better then nuffin
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: plus!
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: you prolly get to visit the zoo as much as you want
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: and it sounds like something youd be able to do
[9:12] Esmiel Posthorn: awww but i wanna feed the tapirs dammit
[9:12] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: dude
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: say you love zoos and youd do anything to work in one, even as an admin assistant, but that if they hire ya..You want a clause allowing you at least one tapir feeding session..say..every two weeks or so
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: that or a 10% increase in wage
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: and youre se
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: t
[9:13] Esmiel Posthorn: wow, you're a genius
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: I knoes!
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: oh, and you want to lick one of those toads that make you hallucinate
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: cuz theyre fuck awesome
[9:14] Esmiel Posthorn: lmfao
[9:14] Esmiel Posthorn makes a note
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: like, every month and a half.
[9:15] Hoaghes Beaumont: and a free supply of fluffy stuffed animals every quarter
[9:16] Hoaghes Beaumont: Maybe want to experience the thrill of getting banged up by a hippo as well?
[9:16] Hoaghes Beaumont: I could add that as a yearly clause.
[9:16] Esmiel Posthorn: Maybe thats going a bit far
[9:17] Hoaghes Beaumont: Rite *scraps it*
[9:18] Hoaghes Beaumont shrugs.
[9:18] Hoaghes Beaumont: Im not even stoned yet.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kyris' Escape

We were discussing sexual perversions and fetishes, and I cant remember what exactly it was that I jokingly went 'mmm' too.. but.. here goes.

[2010/02/22 14:18] Esmiel Posthorn: mmm..
[2010/02/22 14:18] Kyris Upshaw: o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ..o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Esmiel Posthorn: i have said too much.. *jumps out the window and flees*
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ....o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .......o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ..........o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...........o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ......................o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...............................o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .................................o.o|
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...................................o.|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: ....................................o|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: .....................................|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: dats me... edgin sloooowly out the door
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw nods
[2010/02/22 14:20] Esmiel Posthorn: I left twenty minutes ago via the window
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: I knows
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: was still in shock

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

O Hai :D

I realise it has been some time since I posted; it has mostly been because I don't know what to say! However, a dilemma opened up recently where I was running out of space to fit hilarious quotes into my Profile Picks... and then I realised I had a blog... so... I will post them on here. Expect some regular updates in future :D

[12:44] Babes Baily: i just moisturised and had a cocoa butter disaster
[12:44] Esmiel Posthorn: a cocoa butter disaster? OMG
[12:44] Esmiel Posthorn: what happened?
[12:45] Babes Baily: lmao i was like smacking it to get more out and it like jizzed all over my pjs and my hand :(
[12:45] Babes Baily: lol thats what she said
[12:45] Esmiel Posthorn: LMFAO
[12:45] Babes Baily: it did though!
[12:45] Babes Baily: so i rubbed it all over my bodeh
[12:46] Esmiel Posthorn: I am fucking dying here
[12:46] Babes Baily: LOL
[12:46] Babes Baily: i had to scrape some up though with a cup and it was going everywhere it went all up the pc monitor
[12:47] Babes Baily: fucking hell, not even moisturising is easy these days
[12:47] Babes Baily: :(
[12:47] Esmiel Posthorn: I hate it when that happens
[12:47] Babes Baily: i no right
[12:47] Babes Baily: its never actually came out that much before though
[12:47] Babes Baily: palmers let me down
[12:47] Esmiel Posthorn: please shut up
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: I am screaming
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: XD
[12:48] Babes Baily: :D
[12:48] Babes Baily: its true!
[12:48] Babes Baily: fucking bad packaging i say
[12:48] Babes Baily: that stupid lid
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: yeah
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: maybe you should just try sucking it out next time
[12:48] Babes Baily: no then my mouth would be all creamy and buttery
[12:49] Esmiel Posthorn: i thought you liked that :D
[12:49] Babes Baily: LOL not that kinda creamy buttery stuff :D
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: XDDDDD
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: this is so fucking epic
[12:50] Babes Baily: im going to contact them
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: "your cocoa butter went all over my monitor, send me some new tubes"
[12:53] Babes Baily: LOL they should, im sorry but that package is odley shaped and a stupid size

Esmie xXx