Saturday, 30 June 2007

Banning People

This is a very very hard thing to do, because it involves being aggressive and taking an action that puts you in the eyes of everyone around you. It is even harder to do to a friend. I won't go into it, but I was shocked and amazed at him and had no option but to ban him from Boots Beach. It was unlike anything I have seen there before and to be coming from a guy like him.. I couldn't believe it. But what he did was offensive, aggressive and on purpose. Maybe he will take back what he said but it hurt alot of people's feelings, and I had no choice but to take steps to make sure it never happens again.

It makes me sad when people get angry and aggressive, jealous and hateful, or act without thinking. I know it will always happen, all over the world, and I do it too.. but seriously.. its either pathetic or stupid or both, and I know I've been guilty of it, so has everyone. I think we all just need to calm down and think for a bit before acting. Not everyone shares my ideal of putting others first, of course, but I don't know how anyone could ever find deliberately hurting or using someone an attractive idea.

I don't know.. just too many things wrong with the world and the people in it (yes including me..) and I had hoped SL would be different, a place where issues could be set aside and people would just co operate. But it seems like people, whether it is on purpose or by accident, will always be assholes. Although saying that.. there really are one or two people I have met here that have never shown anger towards someone or hated them or been mean to them. They are precious and few, and I hope that I can learn something real from them that will help me be less of an asshole :)

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Second Pride

Its a huge thing. 6 sims rented, over 140,000L$ donated (Nearly half by the Beach Bums). All kinds of amazing activities and events are planned, have happened and tried to happen. Like the parade which was so incredibly badly planned that I almost died laughing. It was to go through a couple of the pride sims, and as many people were encouraged to turn up as possible. Full sims + parade route = balls up! Hardly anyone could move between sims and running around with Jamie, Celty, Sydney and occaisionally Canterbury was hilarious as we all desperately tried to find where the hell the actual parade was taking place. I'm not sure if we ever found it, but we eventually ended up going back to the beach and having our own little party there :)

Here is a pic of the party that sprang up around the LM as people gave up all hope of ever getting to where the parade was apparently taking place.

The big rainbow hat is being worn by Boots and the 'Bums are surrounding him, paying tribute to his great and unequalled gayness. Or something.

The sims are great to explore at times of little lag and there are many unique and cool items for sale that aren't available anywhere else. Every gay in SL should visit and explore at least once. All profits generated by the event go to a very worthy RL charity. But hurry.. its only on for a few more days! :o

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Pillow Update!

Yeah it worked well...

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Pillows. Much more comfortable to sit on than pose balls, they look better and they are also incredibly good value. The ones I use can be found at Pillow Talk, which is one of the greatest pose stores in all of SL. True originality and some beautiful animation means no home in SL is complete without something from Pillow Talk.

Available from there are numerous animations, everything from reading a book and stroking a cat, to leaning on a railing to sleeping under a duvet to sitting with your partner and occaisionally.. doing the naughty stuff. Many of the pillows have an awesome feature where if one person sits on it, it is a single pose and if another person sits on it, you smoothly transform into a couples pose. It's beautifully done, and some even have multiple couples poses built in, changeable with a single button press.

I have the "Quiet Time", "So Comfy", the two bridge stand ones, used to have "Hold Me" (Until the Lindens lost it) and now I have "Complete Me" which Gabe has given me as a housewarming present.. thanks Gabie <3

In this sexy photo I am trying out the single sit pose, and cannot wait to grab some Kitten and try the rest of the poses out.. Gabe assures me they are suitably.. y'know.

Gabe is putting on a little get together for a few couples today and I seriously cannot wait.. it will be so much fun!

Esmie xXx

A Slightly New Look

As I am now a native of the Maupiti island chain in the gorgeous South Pacific region known as French Polynesia, I figured I should look the part. I found the 'islander' skin from Aitui in my inventory, which I bought a long, long time ago. I then went to Aitui (What the Hell would I do without that place) and got myself a Maori tattoo for my upper arms and I also got a single shark tooth necklace from Sinistyle. I now like to walk around topless, my perfectly bronzed muscles on show, with a tight pair of low, wrecked jeans from DMC and maybe shoeless or in sandals. I wear a tank when I have to... But I like being properly naked too, as these pictures show.. :P

Look Very Closely.. Yup Its There!

Esmie xXx

Friday, 22 June 2007

I got a Job!

I'm not buying any land. (Sorry to Abbott, its nothing personal). Gabe offered me a chance I just could not say no to. I am gonna become a concierge for the Chant Newall Development Group, specifically for the Maupiti double sim, which is a very realistic representation of the actual South Pacific Islands of the same name. I get to help out residents, solve problems and improve the sim generally, as well as suggest ideas and solutions to the managers.

As payment... I get a 2048 plot free, with house etc, free use of the sim, an expenses account to help make everyone's lives better, and a salary too.

It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait to get started and it will give me plenty to do after my RL bf moves back to London for the summer.. Lucky he's leaving his pc with me, otherwise I would go nuts!

This is a picture of St. Georges Island, my new home and the base of operations for the Maupiti concierge team (me). I spent today mostly rearranging the flora and putting out some fauna.. fish, crabs, corals and starfish mostly.


If you would like to rent a plot, please contact me via IM or email and I can help you sort it out, and I will do my very best to ensure your time in this CNDG sim is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.


Also, I have given up the RP stuff. I hadn't even handed in the application yet so its no big deal. I just can't imagine getting into it too much.. but the RP erotica will still continue, no worries :P

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Post Number 60... The New Adventures of Esmiel!

What have I been doing the past few days/weeks?

Kaleo has a massive space ship thing. It's red and huge, and very cool.

I found a very awesome place called The Abbey. According to the official detail, its a place for 'vampires, nekos and she-males'. Its a bunch of gothy women, mostly. But it is a great sim, a really amazing build and has some very cool areas to explore.

Hanging around in Koreshan, I stopped for a bite to eat with some friendly locals. Tasted like chicken.

Stay tuned for more exciting escapades in the next edition of "The New Adventures Of Esmiel!"

Esmie xXx

Damn Gay Guys

I have noticed something recently. This is a typical conversation I have with some guys:

Guy: Hello Esmiel
Me: Hiya :)
Guy: How are you?
Me: Good thanks, you?
Guy: Good too
... 10 second pause...
Guy: Wow you're cute in RL and SL!
Me: *blushes* why thank you :)
Guy offers you friendship
Me accepts (cos I'm nice)
Guy: Wanna go back to my place?

Its getting old. Worse are the IMs I get from random strangers asking if I want to have 'fun'. Some guys would call me lucky.. but seriously.. read my damn profile! It's got "I have a partner, my one and only love, I don't want anyone else" plastered all over it. Why can't people just read it? That's what its there for! *lol*

Esmie xXx

Crazy Assed Ninja Cat Boy Thing

The past few days I have gone totally nuts and become a gritty urban ninja, skulking on the rooftops of Koreshan and generally being sneaky and posing for photos, like all good ninja. I got some 'Disembodied' hair from Gritty Kitty, which come with a bandanna, which is freakin awesome. In my previous post, you saw my 'Alert' outfit from Bare Rose, which I have combined with my 'Sword of Honour' from Hayashida and some 'Rival Skoolz' Shadow Godfist Gloves from Gearshift to create a punky futuristic ninja look. It's really great fun running around, sneaking up on people and acting like a freak. Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Midian City Here I Come!

It's Roleplaying time. I created a fairly cool character... Maybe a little cliched, but what the hell.

A loner, quiet and calculating, cold and judging. A vigilante, a renegade.. someone trying to bring light into the all-consuming darkness. He uses few words and actions when dealing with strangers, and talks little about himself and his past, except to his closest companions. He has little memory of the past 5 years he has travelled the streets - and remembers even less from before then. His family and his home a distant image in his mind, he hasn't been back to them since leaving on a certain day half a decade ago, when he was 16.

After witnessing the horrific beating, abusing and murdering of a friend at the hands of the 'police', he vowed never to stand by and let this happen to anyone else again. He attempts to prove to himself that he has what it takes to make a difference, to make the city a better place, to ensure nobody else suffers the same way his friend did. He takes the law into his own hands and deals out his own form of justice to murderers, rapists, bullies - anyone who preys on the weak or innocent. He remains cool and calm, almost zen-like, as his rage and anger at the injustice and pain going unchecked in the world boils in his blood, ready to erupt at any serious provocation.

The one thing that gives his life light and hope is his love for a young care-giver in the city. If anything were to happen to his love, his vengence would be swift and terrible... nothing means more to him than the safety of that person. Esmiel works for the greater good - firstly for his true companions, secondly to the innocent and down-trodden members of society. He fights with a large, ornamental sword in one hand and a pistol in the other.. if all else fails he has his fists and sharp teeth. He gives as much mercy to his opponents as they would to their victims - which is often none. He doesn't enjoy his self-appointed task. Washing the blood from his hands gets harder every day, but he does it because it gives his life a purpose. Death and pain is the only language these criminals understand, and he speaks it fluently.

This is one of my character's outfits.. I know the background isnt very gritty or urban, but shush.

Who knows what the future holds for my character? I hope it will be full of people to rescue and criminals that need a good kicking.

Esmie xXx

Friday, 15 June 2007

My x3 Problems

*Some RL Stuff*
Yay! I finished my last exam and therefore my second year of my course. Only two more left to go and hopefully it won't all be as boring as this year mostly was!
*RL Stuff Over*

I'm pissed off with SL at the moment. Its not stopping me wanting to spend time with my Kitten, but it is making things more difficult than they should be. Nicholai bought me an x3, with money I gave him - he has access to Xcite Premium- Stupidly, I tried attaching the extras onto it, involving rezzing the thing on the ground. A bad idea when Linden had just completed an 'update'. Trying to take it back into my inventory failed miserably. After waiting ten minutes I decided to relog, praying that it would appear in my inventory. Nobody answered this prayer and I am left with an empty 750$L folder.

Well, I was getting a little vexed by this point. Xcite are running a refund deal where you can get full money back for your x3 when you send back your old x2. So, I sent my x2 to the designated person, with a notecard explaining that my x3 was bought for me. I got an IM back today saying that the notecard was blank (thanks SL!) and that in any case, only the person who *bought* the x3 could trade in the x2. Unfortunately, she didn't see fit to return my x2. So I have to ask her for my old cock back, which it seems I will not be getting a refund for until I get Nicho to buy me another x3 and trade my cock in for me. Well, at least my Kitten got his cock O.K. :)

I had to borrow his x2 until my one is returned to me. I couldn't change the name because that would mean rezzing it on the ground... and I couldn't change the colour because that would mean rezzing the colouring chart, which has too many prims for my parcel to support at the moment (it is nearly full) and I couldnt make any more space because I couldn't take my objects back.

Then we decided... Screw this, lets do something fun. So we went to apply at the popular urban role playing sim, Midian City. There is an Academy there that will teach you the basics on how to RP and will help you form a background for your character and settle you into the stories currently playing out in the City. Of course, everything would have been great if the application/questionaire forms and the rules note allowed us to access them. Somehow, SL was telling us we didn't have the correct priveleges to view these vital documents. I have absolutely no idea how this could happen, and it really pissed me off. Big time. Just one more fuck-up on that fucking fucked-up wednesday :)

Well, that rant did me good. Sorry about the swearing, but I had to do it *lol*. I will post something interesting and constructive soon, I promise!

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Well, Nicholai set up the blog and has filled it with obscure J-pop references and (mostly) fictitious accounts of my stupidity. I imagine he will be doing most of the work on that one, seeing as I have previous priorities (namely this blog) that I must not let slip into decline. I put a link to Nekoboiz down to the right (in the 'Links' section, oddly enough). Make sure you check out just how amazing my kitten's creative writing can be :P

Esmie xXx

Downtime Blues and Other Things

I have a RL exam tomorrow on Environmental Physics.. Entropy, Thermodynamics, Atmospherics, Radiation, Carnot Cycles.. that kinda thing. I've done my studying, and I'm well prepared. My RL bf goes out to visit some friend. I have a perfect chance to get on SL.. and its down for 'maintenance' or whatever the hell it is that they do during these updates.

On a lighter note...

Nicholai informs me by means of an IM from last night that the blog we are going to be co-authoring is set up and ready. All he needs to do is add me and we can begin creating an amazing blog telling the story of our lives together. Will put a link in here as soon as its ready.

Oh yeah...

We are buying some land!?

My friend Abbott has a 2048 sqm plot of private sim land next to his 4096. He was offering it for L$19,999 including a house and stuff. He offered it to me for L$17,500 without objects and I was kinda hesitant.. thats alot for me and Nicho to pay each, especially as his shop hasn't been earning much. I said to Abbott we would think about it... and that I wouldn't want him to lose money on it. He said making money wasn't his aim (although I kinda thought it was originally) and I said, (in possibly the greatest piece of haggling in the history of the world) .. 'Oh really? What's the lowest price you could accept?'


We will hopefully be moving in over the next week or so, as soon as I can add some funds to my Paypal account for payment of the $15 monthly tier. A permanent home was the one thing my kitten wanted that I couldn't give him... and now we have one of our own. I can't thank my friends enough for putting up with me being such a damn freeloading hobo :D (yeah I admit it was getting a bit too much).

So, now my kitten can start work on building his dream house - as long as it's tropical (damn covenant) and I know he has such amazing plans for it. 400+ prims is easily enough to build something spectacular and have enough left over to fill the bed with as many poses as one could possibly need :)

House warming will be in a few weeks, assuming nothing goes wrong.. (>.>) (<.<) (>.>)

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Base Jumping

Axl, Zach, Joshua and I Sailed over to the cliffs in Troy or one of those islands around there. Took our 'chutes and started jumping off the precipice into the water, only about 60m high. Not that awesome, but it was alot of fun. Axl wants to figure out a way of doing rock climbing in SL.. which would be totally amazing. When Zach's new house is placed it will be 107m high *gasp* so we can jump off that!

Zach, me, Axl (Joshua vanished) standing at the top of the cliff just before our last jump.

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 9 June 2007

That Shiny Header

That new header is going into my in-world profile. Its the first thing I have done on Photoshop and I am really impressed at how easy it was. I always thought it was so complicated.. Guess I was wrong. I totally love that image. Maybe I could improve it by cutting around myself a little and removing some background. We'll see...

Esmie xXx

[EDIT 13/06/07: I got rid of that header, cos it was too much work and the files are on another computer. I made an entirely new one, which I think is a little more personal and 'me'.]


Well, this is my story. Who I began as, what I became and what I am now.

This is me with my first hair, my first clothes, my newbie skin. Still have all that stuff, not sure where though.

Took me about two weeks to get sorted with a skin, hair, tattoos. Kind of went for the blonde surfer punk twink look.

My first neko skin. Full-on silks, katana, the lot. I haven't worn it for a long time, but I have many fond memories of it.

Digitalberto Lewis bought me this amazing blonde hair. It was and remains possibly my fave piece of hair. It was from Curious Kitties, they don't sell this hair any more.

I changed my neko look, getting rid of the eyeliner and using this gorgeous hair piece from HCT. Suited the skin absolutely perfectly.

I had this skin, hair for a very long time. It started as a punky street kid look. The frilly outfit seen in the pic above was not my usual attire :)

I was a Pixie for a short time. Used my old skin and got some wings, blue hair and made myself a tiny shape.

More hair from HCT, and a skin from Aitui... I posted about this look before. I remember now. *lol*

Me with some short hair, recently. Love it. Can't see my tail in there though.

This is me today. Damn hot I think you will agree. Love this outfit so much. Futuristic, a little scruffy, kinda dark and exotic looking. Awesome hair from Naughty. That's how I look now. I call it my Sky Captain outfit *hehe* cos I like wearing it when flying my Skybike.. goggles and scarf suit the idea well.

I've had other faces, stages and styles but these were the main ones. I won't change much again. I love being this cool tiger and I don't think I could look any better, given what's available at the moment.

Esmie xXx

Friday, 8 June 2007

Woot! The Big 50!

Well I made it to 50 posts. Quite a lot has happened since my first post on Wednesday the 21st of February. Guess I haven't covered everything. That would be impossible I suppose, but I try to give you the best bits. Not sure what to say at this point, except about what might be happening in the future. My kitten suggested we co-write a blog about being young, gay neko boys, which could be alot of fun. Look out for that in the near future. I might also try putting some RL stuff up on here, to fill you in on my background and the mindset of the person who created me. I wanted to keep this strictly SL, but RL seems to have filtered in. It's unavoidable really I guess.

If you've been reading since my 1st post, or only just found this blog, thanks for reading. Even if nobody ever looked at it I'd still write it, so the fact you guys even bother looking at it means alot to me.

Over the next few days I'll be posting up some pics that I haven't before, and hopefully I'll do a little history on my look and development from shy club kid to blonde twinkie to neko boy to street kid to emo tiger.

Me and my Kitten enjoy some quiet time at the Bath house in Safe Harbor.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Makara! I love you!

Gabe's big brother Makara (see a link to his blog on the right) has given my kitten and I a place we can call home. It's all very well rezzing your cuddle poses in a secluded section of the beach, but its not the same as having your own safe, quiet place in which to be alone. Everyone knows this and I'm glad Gabe picked up on it and suggested to Mak he lend us his spare land. You can see the story behind this land on his blog. I am truly grateful to Makara for giving us this home and I can't thank him enough. He even rezzed a house on the land for us, and gave us an 'enjoy' bed, which was thoroughly tried and tested the second he left. Here are some pics of our new home. They aren't perfect like most of my snaps but I'm tired, gimme a break!

Looks a little bare at the moment, but my hyper-creative kitten is working on that. Love what he's done already and can't wait to see the finished thing.

Esmie xXx

(Thanks Makara!)

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Dinner Date at the Sublime Restaraunt

Nicho and I went looking at getting a reservation in a rather cool restaraunt, where the food is actually served to you, by waiters and 'cooked' by a chef. The earliest reservation is available at 4pm SL time which is midnight for me. So... that wouldn't work. We just decided to go through to the self-serve area and have some fun. This is what happened... (sorry its so damn long!)

[11:00] You: i bought you dinner :) wow thats almost RL-style dating
[11:00] Nicholai Heita: oh thankies love
[11:00] Nicholai Heita giggles and blushes
[11:00] Nicholai Heita: thank you love
[11:00] You: you're welcome sweetie
[11:01] Nicholai Heita: you gonna get my chair for me?
[11:01] Esmiel Posthorn pulls out the chair and motions 'Sit'
[11:01] You: :P
[11:01] Nicholai Heita: thank you love
[11:01] You: you gotta pay the chair hehe
[11:01] Nicholai Heita sits down and pays the chair
[11:01] You: before you sit
[11:01] You: >.<
[11:02] Esmiel Posthorn pushes the chair in behind you
[11:02] Nicholai Heita: so love...what do you think you are getting to drink?
[11:03] You: well.. its not diet coke so it'll have to be merlot
[11:03] You: :)
[11:03] Nicholai Heita: then I will get that as well
[11:04] Nicholai Heita: now what appetizer do you think...ewww fried pickles?
[11:04] You: starter.. i wish i could see the entire name of the dishes
[11:04] You: LOL
[11:04] Nicholai Heita: same here
[11:04] You: this menu is too small
[11:04] Nicholai Heita: yes it is
[11:05] You: Cheese Que looks good
[11:05] Nicholai Heita: mozzarella what?
[11:05] You: :)
[11:05] Nicholai Heita: oh those should be quesedillas
[11:05] You: wtf is that
[11:05] Nicholai Heita: its mexican
[11:05] Nicholai Heita: they are awesome
[11:05] You: ooh yummy
[11:05] You: ok, I'll have that then
[11:05] You: hehe
[11:06] Nicholai Heita: ok now the entrees I can really see what it says hang on gonna cam to the menu at the entrance
[11:07] You: I'm checking the website for the menu lol
[11:07] You: ok its totally different to what we have
[11:08] Esmiel Posthorn sighs
[11:08] Nicholai Heita: oh I found it
[11:08] You: :D
[11:08] Nicholai Heita: here appetizers are
[11:08] Nicholai Heita: cheese and onion quesadilla
[11:08] Nicholai Heita: deep fried mozzarella sticks w/ marinara
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: spinach and artichoke dip w/ crusty bread
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: jalapeno poppers
[11:09] You: ewwwwww
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: and fried pickles
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: I like the mozzarella sticks lol
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: we can share
[11:09] You: might change to that too lol
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: you can get quesadillas
[11:09] Nicholai Heita: we can share dishes my love
[11:09] You: oooh okies
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: now for the entree
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: mushroom swiss turkey burger
[11:10] You: :O
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: veggie stew in bread bowl
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: reuben sandwich
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: philly cheesesteak
[11:10] Nicholai Heita: and pressed cuban sandwich
[11:11] Nicholai Heita: I think I am gonna get the turkey burger
[11:11] You: I've always wanted to try a philly cheese steak
[11:11] You: lol
[11:11] Nicholai Heita: ok desserts
[11:11] Nicholai Heita: neopolitan ice cream
[11:11] Nicholai Heita: double chocolate brownie
[11:11] Nicholai Heita: vanilla milkshake
[11:12] Nicholai Heita: slice of key lime pie
[11:12] Nicholai Heita: and banana bread
[11:12] Nicholai Heita: I love key lime pie
[11:12] Nicholai Heita: so I am getting the slice of key lime pie
[11:12] You: i'm going for the ice cream
[11:12] You: keepin it simple :)
[11:12] Nicholai Heita: ready to order my love?
[11:12] Esmiel Posthorn nods
[11:13] Nicholai Heita: okies then
[11:13] Sublime Chair whispers: Thank you for your order
[11:13] You: oooh
[11:14] Nicholai Heita: oh...
[11:14] Nicholai Heita: want one of my mozzarella sticks love?
[11:14] Esmiel Posthorn nods and smiles
[11:15] Nicholai Heita passes you the plate with the mozzarella sticks and smiles
[11:15] Esmiel Posthorn says 'Thankies' and takes one, dipping it in the sauce before munching on it
[11:16] You: they taste less like hotdogs than they look
[11:16] Nicholai Heita giggles
[11:16] Nicholai Heita: mnnnn they are deep fried...not good for the heart but they taste soo gewd
[11:17] You: We're young. our hearts can take it
[11:17] Nicholai Heita nods
[11:17] Nicholai Heita: can I have a quesadilla my tiger?
[11:18] You: with what sauce?
[11:18] Nicholai Heita: none I like the quesadilla its self alone
[11:18] Nicholai Heita: thank you
[11:19] Esmiel Posthorn passes you the plate and winks
[11:19] Nicholai Heita: now it would be a complete experience if it gave you the food in RL too
[11:19] You: lol.. wait a few years
[11:19] Nicholai Heita takes one of the quesadillas and blushes glancing at your eyes shyly
[11:19] Nicholai Heita: thank you my love
[11:20] You: you are most welcome
[11:20] Esmiel Posthorn grins
[11:21] Nicholai Heita: would you like some french fries my love?
[11:21] Nicholai Heita: mmmnnn this burger is delicious
[11:21] You: it looks it... i think i had better pass on the fries.. this cheese steak is filling enough lol
[11:22] Nicholai Heita: ok love
[11:22] Esmiel Posthorn changes his mind and steals one off your plate
[11:22] Nicholai Heita flings a french fry at you and sticks his tongue out innocently
[11:23] Nicholai Heita: hey!
[11:23] Nicholai Heita: dose are my french fries
[11:23] Esmiel Posthorn grins and stuffs it in his mouth
[11:23] You: mmnnn :D
[11:24] Nicholai Heita picks off the icky tomatoes from his burger
[11:24] Nicholai Heita: want them?
[11:24] You: oh you dont like tomatoes either? i hate them
[11:25] Nicholai Heita: yep I like tomato sauce and such but anything else I despise
[11:25] You: same here
[11:25] Nicholai Heita: dont like ketchup either
[11:25] You: ketchup is ok. i prefer mayo
[11:26] Nicholai Heita: oh this is a big burger do you think they give doggie bags?
[11:26] You: well... maybe. spose we could ask
[11:27] Nicholai Heita: most likely they do not
[11:27] You: yeah. ah well. what you cant eat I'm sure the waiters will finish
[11:28] Nicholai Heita giggles
[11:28] Nicholai Heita: your so bad Eshy
[11:28] Esmiel Posthorn looks at you innocently. 'Who? moi?'
[11:28] Nicholai Heita flings his pickle at you
[11:28] You: eewww
[11:28] Esmiel Posthorn bats it away
[11:29] Nicholai Heita giggles and looks away innocently
[11:30] Esmiel Posthorn sips his merlot and gazes at you silently
[11:30] Nicholai Heita: oh I am full with this want any my love?
[11:30] Nicholai Heita looks down and blushes as he places a bite in his mouth
[11:30] You: hmmm no thanks... i can barely finish this thing
[11:30] You: mmmm cheesey
[11:30] Nicholai Heita giggles
[11:30] Nicholai Heita: that is so old my love
[11:30] You: what?
[11:31] Nicholai Heita: mnnnn cheesey heard it so many times
[11:31] You: well, it is cheesey! look at it! and its very mmmnnn-y too
[11:31] Esmiel Posthorn grins
[11:32] Nicholai Heita giggles, and takes his plate of key lime pie, running his finger lightly along the whipped topping and brings it to his lips, his eyes looking down
[11:32] Nicholai Heita: oh I just so love key lime pie
[11:33] Esmiel Posthorn fidgets slightly as he crosses his legs and reaches for a spoon
[11:33] Esmiel Posthorn scoops the cherry off the top of his ice cream with a long spoon and offers it to you
[11:34] Nicholai Heita takes a nice sized portion of the pie on his fork and elegantly takes it to his mouth, whimpering at the wonderful flavor
[11:34] Nicholai Heita bends foreward and takes the cherry in his mouth, giggling
[11:34] Nicholai Heita: thank you my love
[11:34] You: hehe thank you.. i hate cherries
[11:35] Nicholai Heita: maracino cherries mnnn
[11:35] Nicholai Heita closes his eyes and softly moans as he takes another bite of the wonderful piece of pie, slowly pulling the fork out of his mouth to get every crumb of the pie
[11:37] Esmiel Posthorn eats his ice cream slowly, gazing across the table at you, his cheek resting on his palm as the spoon disappears between his lips and he tastes the strawberry, he sighs softly
[11:38] You: damn thats good ice cream
[11:38] Nicholai Heita: oh my.....
[11:38] Nicholai Heita blushes at your exclaimation
[11:39] Esmiel Posthorn grins.. 'because the strawberry reminded me of someone..'
[11:39] You: or something..
[11:39] Nicholai Heita blushes and looks down his eyes fluttering as he takes the last bite of his pie, sighing as the last wonderful taste of the pie moves down his throat
[11:40] Esmiel Posthorn finishes up his ice cream and downs the last of his wine
[11:40] Nicholai Heita brings his glass of merlot to his lips, and as he sips it, he cheeks begin to flush and he then realizes he gets drunk to easily, and sets the glass down
[11:41] Esmiel Posthorn glances across the table and smiles softly, and takes your hands in his. 'You enjoy that, kitten?'
[11:42] Nicholai Heita blushes and looking down replies "Yes I did tiger thank you for the wonderful dinner"
[11:43] Esmiel Posthorn kisses your hands and smiles. "Good. I enjoyed it too. Now I have to go eat in RL, cos that made me very hungry"

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Terra SkyBike

This is so Jetsons, but incredibly lovable. Its a small, two-seater jet powered bike that flies. It has a tiny gun, minimal sound effects, some basic animations. It also has a customisable paint job, a very retro/futuristic look, and absolutely perfect handling. It really is a beautiful little thing and can be yours for just 550L, from Abbotts Aerodrome. Included in these pictures is my first attempt at designing my own sky. I like it, its a little bit fantasy, but thats what SL is all about!

Love those clouds :)

Love this SkyBike :)

Love the freedom in SL :)

Esmie xXx

Monday, 4 June 2007

Happy Birthday Kitten

It's Nicholai's RL birthday today and he's 20. I bought him, amongst other things, the perfect AO.. it matches his cuteness just right. Now he can have an AO without having to wear his 'Ko-lar' any more. I also downloaded the new WindLight First Look Viewer. It is such a huge improvement.. the sky looks amazing and you can adjust weather settings to get that perfect look. This is a pic of my birthday boy testing out the ground sit pose on his AO. I had the sky set to 'Desert Sunset' at that point I think, which is why he looks a little orange.

'Cute' doesnt even begin to describe him
Esmie xXx

Saturday, 2 June 2007

What happened?


Esmie xXx