Friday, 31 August 2007

What happened to Summer?

It all goes by so quickly these days, and altho I still have a month left before term starts again, I know some of my readers only have a few days before the start of term/school/normal life.

So how better to end summer than with a summer song?

The Holloways are a fairly new band from Britain, not very well known, and have an album out called 'So This Is Great Britain?' which is basically all about how actually un-great the place is. Anyways, I love it and here are the lyrics from my fave song on the album, 'Diamonds and Pearls'. Its basically a happy, upbeat song about how summer in Britain takes ages to arrive, doesn't last for very long and generally isn't that awesome. But you always get one or two days a year that are absolutely perfect and make you glad to be alive :)

Well the clouds in the sky
And your winter clothes
Are sadly a condition of life
In this land, where the sun
Is as shy as long forgotten manners of old

I can't wait for a time
When the Summer sun is back up in the sky,
We can stay out at night
And forget about the failing light

I wanna walk in the park and smell the freshly cut grass
(Please keep off the grass)
As the summer breeze blows up your skirt, what more can I ask
(I can see your arse)

At last I shed my winter clothes
At last I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun
(At last summer's begun, I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun)
At last I met a girl,
Her head full of curls and diamonds and pearls.
(Took to a girl)

While you work on your tan
Travelling from Thailand to Milan
We're in Morris the van, from Bridlington to Camber Sands

You go Pick Your Own Fruit and eat till you end up ill
(We've all had our fill)
We share a tinny or two on top of the hill
(Found my thrill at last)

At last I shed my winter clothes
At last I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun
(At last summer's begun, I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun)
At last I met a girl,
Her head full of curls and diamonds and pearls.
(Took to a girl)

Well the sand in your shoes and your sunburnt toes
May trigger off the summertime blues
Don't be daft, shrug 'em off
'Cause we ain't got a moment to lose

We better hit the arcades
Spend an hour spending our loose change
Give the ghost train a ride
And kiss my future bride
(Not Frankenstein's)

We get a lift down the beach with the boys all crammed in the back
(Boys crammed in the back)
Barely enough room for the ball and a twenty-four pack
(What more could I ask)

At last I shed my winter clothes
At last I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun
(At last summer's begun, I'm over the moon, I'm under the sun)
At last I met a girl (Took to a girl)
Her head full of curls and diamonds and pearls
Diamonds and pearls.
Diamonds and pearls.
Diamonds and pearls.

I hope you all had a good summer.

Esmie xXx

No posts yesterday O_______o!?

Well I have very good reasons for not making any posts yesterday.

1) In the evening I went out to see Superbad at one of the many local cinemas, at a special two weeks advanced preview! :D

Its a very, very funny film. Its hard to describe - it is alot like American Pie in some ways, but the comedy is more intelligent than standard gross-out stuff, and the characters are relatively easy to relate to in some ways. Its worth watching, definitely, and the Evan character, played by Michael Cera, is cute in a geeky way - and he gets almost naked for a while which is good :)

Fogle's fake ID is scrutinised by Seth and Evan, who don't seem impressed that his name is now 'McLovin'

Basically, these three friends are gonna be leaving school and going to college. They can't go to college as inexperienced virgins can they?! So they decide to try getting their way inside some girls' pants by bringing booze to a party in the old 'you'll scratch our backs we'll scratch yours' kinda way. It involves alot of swearing, some violence, some falling out and making up again, and it turns into the wildest night of these kid's lives. This is one of those movies where you will watch it, all the while trying to decide which one of these stupid kids you were/are most like, and which ones your friends were/are.

I loved it, I recommend it highly :)

2) In the time I actually was at the computer yesterday, I was building. Something useful and full-scale no-less! You'll have to wait and see what it is though.

3) I have been deliberating on whether to include this here, for reasons I think are obvious, but I was hired by COTA yesterday as PR/Publicity Manager. I'm not sure where to take this, but I imagine creating a new blog for COTA is the first step, I don't want it to encroach on my Esmiel blog too much, because although COTA is now a part of my life, it is such a large, ambitious project that it deserves it's own space. We are still working out the details of what to do first, but things are looking damn good right now :) I just wanna say thanks to Eddi Haskell for giving me the opportunity and the chance to be a part of this.

I am NOT going to let it take priority over CNDG, tho. They had me first, and they are my family in SL, I will never leave them. I should be able to balance the two jobs quite easily, as neither takes up much time (at the moment anyways) and I think having these two jobs is going to benefit everyone. I can build my writing and communication skills, connections amongst the arts community, and of course meet new friends which is always nice :)

So... I was busy doing all that yesterday, hence me not posting. But I think this went some way to filling that hole :)

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Something to Rave About *groan*

Dagon has updated his Rave stuff, now he has a set where you can turn the particles on and off, but the colour cycle continues - for 600L, and the old particles always on set is now 400L. There is also now a very cute belly ring available, with the top and bottom glows able to be switched off independently. All parts of it are colour changing as well, and it does remove your tail, but it's big enough to easily reposition on another attachment point.

Both on.

Bottom only.

Top only.

Both off.

I also have SLURLs for you! These all go to Dagon's Vendors around SL, seeing as that crucial piece of information about where to actually get the stuff was missing last time :)

Mieum Vendor

Nari Vendor

Boystown, North Halstead Vendor

The Rave-a-Torium, Mission Beach

The Rave-a-Torium, Pacific Heights

I figure that you could use the twin lights on the belly ring to signify if you're 'top' or 'bottom'... could be the next big thing in SL... maybe... *lol*

Esmie xXx

Identity Verification (IDV)

Robin Linden posted this.

IDV, it seems you have the option, if you so choose, to verify your NAME, AGE, SEX and LOCATION.

Well I think the funniest part is where dear Robin says:

"Personally, I think this will help take our in-world relationships to a new level of trust. And that’s good for us all."

Well that's if all your friends verify themselves. What if they don't, are we not supposed to trust them???

I know that keeping minors out of SL is very important, but this is totally the wrong way to go about it.

Linden Labs have brought in these guys to manage the verification process. A third party, being given the data from our IDs. It says they won't use it and will destroy the info as soon as verification is complete, but that has to be bullshit. This data is too valuable to throw away when they can sell it to other companies.

Apparently the only reason you would want to verify your age is so that you can access 'Restricted' areas, to prevent unverified minors accessing adult content. But why bother with your sex, name and location? Whats the point? I give most of that away freely in my profile *lol* both here and in SL, so it isn't a problem for me... but the 'trust' that Robin talks about is not going to happen. It'll only going to spread distrust and fear and paranoia, and I know many people won't be able to survive in SL with that going on.

But what if you have no ID with which to verify yourself? O_o
I have a passport and a student ID card from my university. The passport expired this time last year, and altho it still gets me into bars and through Heathrow (somehow), it won't be accepted by the new IDV system because of the date. My student ID card? *lol* They won't accept that will they? Not even bars and clubs will take it.

This is just Linden trying to get its hands on more money and get even more control over us, reducing the fantasy of SL in the process. What's next? We gonna have to reveal our religion, so they can double-check all the muslims or something?

You know what? Fuck Linden.

Esmie xXx

I wonder...

Apparently my blog has already sold two sets of Dagon's rave gear :)

Gets me wondering how many people actually read this blog... I can count about 10 in my head that I know for sure, beause they have told me or left comments, but I reckon it's way more than that. So... you wanna comment and just say hi? After blogging for so long and being told how awesome the damn thing is almost everyday, it would be really nice just to get an idea of how many people are actually out there reading this shit :) If you dont feel like commenting thats fine, but I would really appreciate it. I allowed 'anyone' to make a comment on here so you dont gotta give me a name or have a Blogger account. I'm just interested in the number of people really...

Esmie xXx

Whats better than watching a guy poledance?

Watching two guys poledance, of course! Together! Underwater too!

OK, off for an early night in RL... *lol* its not what you think, honest! About 15 hours sleep in the last 3 days has caught up with me. See you laters :)

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Its that time again...

... to post some pics of me naked!

Gabie took me shopping today, and being the sweet generous lil thing he is, bought me a load of stuff. Hair from The Good Life, clothes and a full body tattoo from Aitui. All I need to get myself looking pretty damn ... well you can decide for yourself, check these out:

Yes that is my slightly blurred penis. I love the full body tats, they come in black and green ink. I prefer the black...

I also finalised my bunneh av. This is the tall version, my normal height. With those tats again -I reckon they look just as good on this pale B@R skin as on my normal Aitui one.

I'm gonna make up some clothed images of the tall and short bunneh soon, cos he doesn't walk around like that all day *lol*

Jax saw the bunneh and promptly said "I have to make a bunny now" which is fine by me - maybe his bunny will be even better, but I am damn happy with this one. Was really fun building him and putting him together and now I can have fun playing with this avi =)

Esmie xXx


Is, as Brando informs me, the number of square metres of land in Second Life.

780 square kilometres, spread over 12,000 sims. Just over 300 square miles.

How much of that have you seen? Maybe 100 sims? I have seen about that many, maybe 200 max in my 9 months here. Not every part of each of those sims either - so plenty left to look at then. Its a shame most of it is spinning "For Sale" signs, sex clubs, tiki beaches and women's fashion stores but of course there are some good bits. There is always more to explore in SL, but if you already found your favourite place, have all your friends there, can't imagine anywhere better, is it even worth exploring? Guess it depends how easily it is you get bored I spose *lol*

Esmie xXx

Monday, 27 August 2007

SLURLs Update

This is a collection of SLURLs to places that have been in my blog posts recent and distant, as well as a couple I just threw in that you might like to see, hope you find them useful and interesting;

The City of The Arts

Bare Rose

Aitui, amazing store

Kalico Kreations - Yay Emo!

Gritty Kitty, Koreshan Pointe

Abbott's Aerodrome

Desert Moon Clothiers

Japanese City of Nakama

Boot's Gay Beach

Glass Earth - Hybrid, Canimal and More

The Block

That should do for now *lol*

Esmie xXx

Bare @ Rose

You gotta love this place. Nowhere, and I mean *nowhere* else can you find this variety of clothes, this quality, for such low prices. Even the skins cost about the same as an average outfit (150L) from other places. - and I just bought two of them to compliment my bunneh look, so they get my seal of approval :)

Check this out:

You TP in. Give it about 5 minutes to rez, this is what you see ahead of you.

To your right: New/Popular Items

To your left: More New/Popular Items

Follow the path off to the right of the entrance, you get the Mens section:

Each square is a full outfit.

Then, off to the left of the entrance, is the Women's section (This pic shows about 2/3rds of it):

There is also an area for other stores, and the 10L and UF (Upload Fee only) stores can be seen in the distance on the right. Amongst the trees on the left are the body/skin stores.

Yes, it is a giant lag pit, and yes, it is full of complete freaks, and yes, some of the older stuff is a bit dodgy, but the new sculpty outfits they have in are amazing, and I can't count the number of times we've spent hours looking for an outfit and then going to B@R and finding it straight away. An amazing place. I will start posting images of some of the outfits soon, to show you how nuts it can get =)

SLURL is also on its way!

Esmie xXx

Be Prepared...

For when Zach farts...
...You'd better be prepared...

...Osayo knows how

Esmie xXx

The Inspire Space Park

Looking around for something interesting to do, Nicholai and I stumbled upon the Inspire Space Park.

Its a truly amazing creation, with some very beautiful scenery. You can meditate, dance or cuddle in orbit or do Tai Chi or just chill out on the platforms and spaceships. I guess there are 3 main problems with the place:

1. When we were there last night and I went back today, it was very very busy. The orbital poses are well spaced enough so you can get some privacy, but you can always see some newb with big shiny wings in the background which kinda spoils the atmosphere.

2. It's not high off the ground enough. The clouds get in the way, and you can just about see the tropical islands below, as well as a few less attractive builds :/

3. There are too many random platforms, objects and thingies just floating around. I guess they must be part of the designer's workspace, but they could easily put them up a bit higher, where they wouldn't clash so badly with the theme.

If you want somewhere cosy, romantic and peaceful, try here, Sababurg Woods. We went there afterwards and it was lovely, if a little cold. Its full of poses and has build/script perms so you can put out your own too. So we snuggled up all nice and warm using my Rendezvous couples animator by the fire =)

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 26 August 2007

COTA Opening

This post is bringing you the hottest action from the opening of SL's largest art gallery complex, The City of The Arts. Built and managed by Eddi Haskell and Javier Waydelich, the City comprises several galleries including one for fashion (woot!). It is a non-profit organisation that hopes to give space and support to young and talented artists from all disciplines.

Set in its own sim, the City has several islands, each housing a gallery or other major installation.

The crowd gathers in anticipation of HRH Princess Manqo's arrival.

The Princess and her guard and secretary, as well as the owners and managers of the City make their way to the podium.

From left to right:
Mike Maximov, Wesley Spengler, Javier Waydelich, Peebee McMillan, Simor McMillan, Eddi Haskell, Jarrod Beck, Kyra Reiter, HRH Princess Manqo, CW McMillan, Mucus Renoir

HRH Princess Manqo declares the City of the Arts open:

Princess ManqoQhapaqInca Qunhua: Chairman of the Board Waydelich, Communications Director Haskell, Founders, Members of the City of the Arts, Ladies and Gentlmen.

It gives me the most enourmous pleasure to be opening Second Life's City of the Arts.

Virtual reality and virtual worlds are progressing to a new state.

We, and by that I mean this assembled crowd and other residents of Second Life, are true digital pioneers in this new era.

The art, design, and fashion which we see in such wonderful presentation around us today, prove that virtual reality and virtual worlds are moving to a new level of cultural refinement and style.

The time is now upon us when environments such as the City of the Arts can compete with major cultural institutions in demonstrating what the human spirit can achieve.

With deep appreciation for the Patrons of the City of the Arts who have invited me to perform such a role I now declare Second Life's City of the Arts open to all that enter.

May good fortune and success occur for all to come for the City's good graces.

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen!

My view of proceedings (I'm not asleep, I promise!)

Had to get two pictures of the glorious fireworks in here :)

HRH Princess Manqo and the management team depart the podium.

There was another fireworks display and some dancing going on later but at this point I had to go and make some dinner *lol* which sadly wasn't provided :P

All in all, it was a very impressive evening, worthy of the largest arts institution in SL and I highly recommend you go pay the City a visit, I will be sticking a SLURL in here very soon.

Esmie xXx

A Rave Review

Dagon, DJ extraordinaire and long term thief of my styles has created a range of 'Rave' accessories. They are best viewed against a dark background so thats exactly what I did. I love the simple, colourful style and yes, the colours do cycle, the rainbow effect is very nicely done. The pieces emit particles that leave a lovely trail when you walk or fly. The full set includes the butterfly wings, arm and leg bracelets, the circlet and the loincloth. It currently costs about 600L for the complete set but I think thats a bit much. Dagon said he was gonna lower the price a bit so I'd wait a while before getting them. There is also a halo available seperately. In a club or at a party, these would look totally awesome, imagine a room full of this! @_@

The full set

The wings are colour changing (like the rest of it)

The little glow particles leave a trail as you move

The halo, not included in the full set

I would say the Rave stuff is well worth buying if you love to party, and lets face it, who doesn't?

Esmie xXx


Well I kinda get bored sometimes of being the strong protective one and need my ultra cute, mischevious side to be let loose. What could be more cute and mischevious than a lil bunny? So this is what I came up with. You can't see it from these images but this form is about 5 foot tall and is a slimmed down version of my normal shape, shorter arms, thinner hips, longer neck etc.

Bunny/Usagi ears and tail from Hybrid - See this is the kinda thing I buy when I get money- and the outfit is 'Stheno Boy' from Bare Rose, which I totally love. I won't stay in this form all the time, cos Nicholai likes his big strong tiger too much :D so its just for the occaisional bit of fun when I get bored, like my pixie av was. Altho this is way cooler and will probably last longer *lol*

Esmie xXx

OK I had to put *something* on here today...

Really, I'm just checking how SLURLs work. Hopefully I will be using them in the future to give you much better access to the places I post about :)

This particular SLURL is to a recreation of the Sistine Chapel (which is in Rome, Italy, in RL.. I think. And no, I dont have an RLURL, but it would be nice huh?), the original LM for which was given to me by Brando :). Its a fairly impressive piece of work and Nicholai and I went to visit it today on a 'cool kids only field trip' *LOL* don't we look so awesomely pathetic next to one of the greatest pieces of work in all of history? (I refer to the image from the RL one, altho the SL one as a whole is very, very good)

Its one of the places on my list to see in RL, one day, when I can forget about HSBC banks and moving out of apartments, and just travel and actually enjoy the beautiful, real world I live in.

Esmie xXx

Wow I haven't posted yet today O_o

All I'm gonna tell you really is whats coming up tomorrow on Esmiel's blog.

I got a new avi form =)
It's lots of fun and very cute and I think you're gonna love it.

I have the honour of covering the grand opening of The City of the Arts (SL's largest art complex), have been given VIP access and I'm going to be taking lots of photos and notes, bringing you the best of the action from this historic event. Princess Mango/Manqo herself is going to be there, and I am very nervous about meeting her. The opening is at 12 noon SL time (I think) *lol*.

Read more about the princess here.

I am also going to be reviewing Dagon's 'rave' accessories, which are actually very cool and exciting.

Gabie is back from Spain, and is setting up his old pc while his laptop gets fixed so expect some awesome stories on his blog. (Or not, cos I hear they are quite saucy) ;D

Its good to have you back, sweetie *hugs*

Esmie xXx

Friday, 24 August 2007

Turn ons and Turn offs

Following up from my What is Sexy post, and a conversation today between Os, Peper and myself I got thinking. What is it that turns us on or off about something or someone? Again, this is different for everyone - we all have our own 'kinks', fantasies, fetishes, whatever. But why do some things work better than others? And what are the things that make you pull a face and go "ewww, no!"?

Well its alot easier to define turn-offs than turn-ons. Anything that makes you feel sick or actively reduces your arousal is a turn-off I guess. Like smoking is for me. I would never be with a guy that smokes... I can't even say why, just that I am as likely to date a smoker as I would a known murderer *lol* I know that sounds extreme but its how I feel. If I was just 'finished' with a guy and he lit up I would prolly puke. Thats just me.

The opposite of sexy turns us off, right? It is different for everyone. So therefore sexy turns us on :)

There are some things that turn some people on that make me wanna shut myself in a box and hide from the world forever. But hey, as long as everyone involved enjoys it, who am I to judge? Let them have their fun :)

Something that turns you on doesn't have to be sexy, it just has to 'get you' in the right way and moment, if you know what I mean. I have different turn-ons in SL than in RL, for some reason. Maybe its because the limits are different and I'm with different people in each. But my turn offs are the same in both. Very strange :S

Anyways I think out loud way too much *lol* and now I gotta go off and watch some live comedy at the Edinburgh Festival! More on sexy things and turn ons etc later I think. I have lots to discuss on this subject *lol* I'm a freak

Esmie xXx

Oh No!

Gabie's laptop has broken somehow so he can't use it. At all. So no SL for him :'(

But he can use the computers in his hotel for email, MSN and internet so its not the end of the world. Hopefully he can get his lappy fixed when he gets back to NY, if not before.

My thoughts are with you and your laptop sweetie ;D

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 23 August 2007

How to build an AO

Welcome to Esmie's Guides and Advice Part 1.
~ How to Build a Custom AO

Hopefully you will find this a useful guide on how to build your own AO.

"Unkie Esmie, What the fuck is an AO?" I hear you ask...

AO = Animation Override.

You know those crappy poses you have when you're a newbie? The way you stand, sit, fly... and worst of all - walk. Those are 'animations' or 'poses' and an AO replaces them with a set you choose for yourself.

I use a ZHAO HUD AO, which basically looks like this when the Menu is closed:
And like this when the Menu is open:
Its a simple and useful system that I have been using for a long time, and empty ones are free to copy. They can be found in various animation/pose stores, I have loads spare if you wanna come get one from me :)

So basically, before you start, you gotta get some animations or poses. You can buy a full AO and mod it, which is easier because then you don't have to choose flying, falling, turning anims etc. But if you want a fully custom AO you need the following:

1-5x Walking Animations
1x Running Animation
1x Crouched Walking Anim
1x Flying Anim
1x Turning Left Anim
1x Turning Right Anim
1x Jumping Anim
1x Hovering Up
1x Crouching
1x Fly Down
1-5x Standing
1x Hovering
1-5x Sitting
1x PreJumping
1x Falling
1x Landing
1x Standing Up (That anim you play after you fall when you stand up and brush yourself off)
1-5x Sitting on Ground
1x Floating (Hovering underwater)
1x Swimming Forward (Flying underwater)
1x Swimming Up (Hover Up underwater)
1x Swimming Down (Fly Down underwater)

***NOTE Anims and Poses can cost between 10L and 100L EACH so an AO is NOT cheap to build. A Premade one effectively gives you a discount - 15-20 anims for 600-1200L or so.***

Now, most pre-built AOs dont have all of these, and you don't need them all. The essential ones are Walking, Standing, Running, Sitting, Ground Sitting and Flying. You can have 1 to 5 anims set for Walking, Sitting, Ground Sitting that you can choose using the Menu in the AO HUD using a scripted blue selection menu that pops up when you click the button. Stands are cycled through by the AO. Easy so far? Yes.

Swimming can be covered by a Swimmer AO, a seperate HUD device that only activates when, amazingly enough, you go in sim water. You can steal the anims out of this and shove them into your own custom AO to clear up HUD space. A good swimmer HUD is available from Waterworks, for about 400L.

*Anything you do not add your own anim/pose for will use the standard set, so no worries about filling them all*

Great places for poses and animations include Abranimations, Bits and Bobs, 5th Order, FORM, FNKY, AV Puli Animations and Happy Dispatch.

Once you have all the anims and poses you desire, you are ready to begin.

Step One.

Put your ZHAO HUD on the ground. Make sure you can see invisible stuff. If you can't, press ctrl-alt-T or go to the View Menu > Highlight Transparent

Step Two.

Right click the ZHAO and select 'Open'

Step Three.

Drag your animations and poses in there. Don't try to do it all at once, and don't rush it either, that will only lead to crashing, loss of belongings and a lot of stress.

Step Four.

Look for a note card inside the ZHAO. It should have various headings on it, like:

:: [ CrouchWalking ] ::

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::

:: [ Sitting on Ground 1 ] ::

Under each heading should be either a blank line or the name of an animation/pose. If you do not have a note inside your ZHAO HUD, you are screwed, but I can give you a new one so no worries.

Step Five.

You know those headings? *Underneath* each one, type in the ***EXACT*** name of the animation or pose you would like to use for the action described in that heading.

For Example:

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::

Underneath this heading you would type the name of the pose you want to use for standing. You can use the same animation under multiple headings, and leaving a heading blank will just give you the standard anim.

:: [ Standing 1 ] ::
FORM Stand 06

Or for sitting:

:: [ Sitting 1 ] ::
sit-a-m2(neck free)

Step Six.

You must then save the notecard with an easily recognisable name. E.g 'Custom 1' or something, I dunno.

Step Seven.

Take back the ZHAO HUD and wear it. Then click the Menu Button, then click Load and select the name of the notecard you just saved. You have to load the note after every alteration.

Step Eight.


The beauty of the notecard system in the ZHAO is that you can have multiple notecards. You don't have to use every single animation in the HUD in each note, so you can effectively have several AOs in one HUD, each one as similar or different to the others as you like!

My own AO began life as the 'Male Cutesy' AO from Happy Dispatch many months ago. I have developed and added poses/animations as I have evolved in SL, and combined elements from a copy of the Ninjya AO from Happy Dispatch as well as lots of poses and animations from 5th Order, Abranimations and FORM among others.

If you decide to build yourself an AO, or mod your existing one, good luck and don't hesitate to ask me if you need any help. Massive thanks to Dagon, who first taught me to mod my AO.

In Esmie's Guides and Advice Part 2 will be something amazing I haven't figured out yet, so stay tuned!

Esmie xXx

Anniversaries, Alts and Stuff

Firstly - check out Gabe's blog for a discussion of alts and the general thorny issues related to them, put your views across and lets see if we can get this discussion going between more than two people *lol* :)

Secondly - Today is Me n Nicholai's 3 month anniversary since we were partnered, which happened only a couple of days after that fateful moment on the beach when we finally realised that all we needed was each other, and thats all we would ever need. So, I go with the date of partnering as the official start of our official relationship :)

3 months is a long time, but in that time I haven't once considered or thought of anyone else in SL (in that way), and every time something tried to tempt me, denying it just reminded me of how much I love Nicholai and made that love stronger :D

So yeah. I love him more now than I ever thought would be possible, and I can't see that love ever failing.

*Exits sappy mode*

Thirdly -

Its International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September the 19th "Y'aarr!"

I'm hoping to get this into SL as well cos that would be the funniest thing ever. Not necessarily using voice - text chat will work too :) Anyone else interested?

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

What is Sexy?

SL is down!

I didn't even know this was gonna happen, what the hell. Nobody told me about this!

So what can I do instead?

Post to my blog of course! All I need to do is think of something to talk about, which will hopefully happen while I type this sentence. Damn - oh wait - got something.

Q: What makes an avatar sexy? Is it different from what makes a human sexy?

Lets define 'sexy' first. Different people are attracted to different things, we all have our own tastes obviously. But beauty is universal, everyone can appreciate it, right? Like nobody would ever describe the view of a golden sunset as ugly. Rayu once asked me why he would bother paying loads of real money for land with a view of some mountains across the sea when they were just pixels, an image, nothing real. I just replied "There's beauty in everything" and it is true. But a sunset is not sexy, neither are mountains or oceans :)

Sexy (from
1.concerned predominantly or excessively with sex
2.sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality
3.excitingly appealing; glamorous

My opinion: Sexy combines beauty and a certain, darker urge of desire and lust into an object, situation or person.

Lets take an avatar at random and see what makes them sexy;

A totally unbiased decision.

Anyways. Look at the eyes. The curves and the smoothness. The shapes and position.

Beautiful? Yes. Sexy? Definitely.

To me anyways, Nicholai is amazingly hot. I don't just say that because I love him, I knew he was sexy before we ever got this close, from the moment I first saw him.

But how can a bunch of animated pixels be sexy? :O

The way someone acts can also make them very sexy. The way you talk, move, emote - it all adds up. You only need to be good at one thing to be sexy, and then everything else is forgotten.
If you've got it all then you can't lose :)

It's easy to be beautiful in SL, but you gotta have the attitude and the inside stuff if you wanna be real sexy. I know alot of people who pull this off and I love to be in their company, I wouldn't wanna be around anyone else. They inspire me and make me jealous as hell *lol* and I love them for it :)

To be RL sexy... that requires a large amount of luck and an awareness of your body and mind. You don't need to do that in SL - you create the body, put whatever you want into the mind of that avatar, no luck involved. RL sexy is harder to get right in many ways and it will always win over SL sexy, it just works better somehow.

A human body can be altered too, but thats not sexy. Natural beauty is what really makes something sexy, but how the hell can an avatar still be sexy - pixels are not natural - if thats the case? Maybe different rules apply, I dunno :s

Some people manage cute, others attractive, some beautiful, a few sexy but like I said before, there is beauty in everything. Of course you gotta remember its the inside beauty that counts most. Bringing that beauty out of yourself for others to see is a great achievement, and then you can top that off by doing/saying sexy things and wearing sexy clothes and having sexy hair... then nothing will stand in your way ;D

Esmie xXx

Is it just me...

Nobody else updates their blogs -_-

Maybe its just me being crazy. 2 or 3 posts a day is quite alot, sure, and I know that most other people don't place their SL blog high in their list of priorities. But for some reason I do :s

Maybe its cos everybody else has nothing to post about... I post pretty much anything on here, as you probably know *lol*

Osayo has a blog now, see a link down to the right. Its got lots of potential and I know Os is a cool, funny guy so it will definitely be worth waiting for post no.2 ... if it ever comes :P

I watched a very, very beautiful Flash animation yesterday. Its on the Newgrounds site and it's called Aladdin 3150...

If you like those kinda short, interesting lil movies then definitely check this out. I think its the music and the action sync'ing together that makes it so awesome :)
Be warned, it takes an absolute age to load. Sure is worth the wait tho!
OMG I finally learned how to paste something in as a link!! One step closer to global domination ;D

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I Couldn't Think of Anything to Put in This Post

So I left it blank.

Except that ^

And that ^

Esmie xXx

And that ^

The Mayan Prince and his Guardian - Part 2

Don't you just hate it when you bite into a big juicy red apple and all you get is a huge chunk of bitter bruise? Anyways... here is the second installment of the Mayan series, in which Panther Warrior Esmiel is attempting to save his Jaguar Prince Nicholai from a horde of mysterious invaders. They just jumped down from the temple, several dozen feet, onto stone and Esmiel is carrying his charge into the jungle, hopefully far away from their enemies...

The Mayan Prince and his Guardian - Part 2

Nicholai whimpers in Esmiel’s arms as the warrior sprints through the thick trees and undergrowth, clutching his precious cargo tightly against his chest. They reach a small clearing in the jungle, the bright sunlight filtering through the overhead branches to reveal a smouldering cooking fire surrounded by two or three low stone huts. Esmiel looks around cautiously and makes up his mind quickly, saying “ok… we might be safe in these houses for some time…” and Nicholai nods weakly and whimpers as his body trembles.

The old wooden door of the nearest hut hangs open; its occupants long since fled from the attackers. The other huts in the clearing have shut doors and rugs over the windows. Perhaps there were some of their people inside, but Esmiel reckoned it best not to disturb the defences in case the occupants thought he was an enemy. He carries the quietly mewing prince through the open door and into the gloomy interior of the hut.

In the dull glow of a small torch in the corner of the room, Esmiel’s keen eyes pick out the shape of a large hammock and he gently lays Nicholai down inside it, before turning to the heavy, open door. It takes the last of the warrior’s strength to push the door shut and bolt it with a loud *clunk*. As he turns back towards the hammock, Esmiel gasps as the arrow in his thigh twists, a thin stream of blood running down his leg from the wound. He grits his teeth and winces as he slowly pulls the arrow from his leg and holds his silk loincloth against the wound to stem the blood flow. He tosses the arrow into a corner and limps over to the hammock and climbs in, taking Nicholai in his arms and holding him tightly.

The prince blushes deeply as his guardian pulls him in close, enveloping him in his strong arms and he looks down and sees the wound and lets out a horrified gasp “are you... hurt bad... you were hit - why didn’t you tell me?!”

Esmiel looks down and nods "Yeah... it’s quite bad... but it doesn’t matter... are you ok? Were you hit? One finger on your body is worth more than my life..."

Nicholai looks down blushing deeply as he runs his hand on his upper thigh and winces, then straightens his face saying, "No I wasn't hit, here let me see your wound..." and he climbs on top of the warrior, smooth, toned legs straddling Esmiel’s knees, his eyes focused on the wound.

Esmiel gasps, "no... You must stay down... they could see us through the window..." and he reaches up and grabs Nicholai’s shoulder, pulling the prince down on top of him. Nicholai lets out a soft squeak and he winces, letting out a soft whimper, his face blushing deeply, and he averts his eyes, not wanting to be drawn into Esmiel’s shining green orbs...

As he holds his prince against him, Esmiel sees the huge bruise on Nicholai’s thigh... "Oh no... No... What is this... you are hurt... no..." and he tenderly reaches out a hand and touches the bruise... "Oh... its not so bad... at least you still have feeling there..." he says stupidly as he sees Nicholai wince.

The young prince’s face turns a deep red as he feels Esmiel’s tender touch on his upper thigh and he blushes even more, still trying to avert the guardian’s beautiful green eyes as he whispers, "you are touching a forbidden area..."

Esmiel blushes deeply and quickly removes his hand… "Oh no... I... I will be punished for this... I protected you and failed... and now this..." and he runs his fingers through Nicholai’s hair... "And once I am gone... I worry for you... nobody cares for you as much as I... do…" and he turns the prince’s face with his hand and looks deep into his eyes.

Nicholai tries to move his head so as to not see Esmiel’s eyes, but he can’t and he becomes entranced by them, his heart beating faster, his breathing becoming harder, as he blushes very deeply... and he asks in a soft whimpering voice, "what?”


Part 3 is where things start to get dangerous. Will they survive? Find out some time soon!

Esmie xXx

Honey I'm Home!!!

I'm back. Wow this is so wierd, the place not being exactly as I left it - thanks to flatmates and inspections and things :)

But coming back to SL is even wierder, I feel like I have to learn everything all over again. My IMs got capped too, first time thats happened. Odd cos in my email inbox I didn't have that many O_o?
So I dunno what the hell is going on there. Shame Group Notices dont get capped I had about 40 of those to deal with *sigh*

I missed Rob and Sammie's wedding too sorry guys :/ Just came back one day too late *d'oh!*

Its damn good to be back tho and I can't wait to get back into things. But this time I am definitely keeping to my 8 hours a day limit or I am gonna get a spankin :/

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Final Holiday Update

This is almost certainly the last time I will post before going back to Edinburgh. My ticket is booked and I am about to leave Alfie's house to return home to pack and see my family. I don't leave until tomorrow night and I will see Alfie again before then so its all good :)

I am gonna miss him and my family so much but someone has to be at our place in Edinburgh to pack up our stuff and help move along the process of getting people in to view the flat so we can move out at last lol :)

I will probably log into SL as soon as I get in the door - at about 9am my time - maybe and be online for a while at least before I collapse and sleep :) Hopefully I will see you all then!

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms

I always claimed not to be addicted to SL the same way I am addicted to Pepsi Max or prepacked ham and cheese sandwiches from Tesco, and I guess I was partially right.

I haven't been in SL for almost exactly a week now. A whole week away. Its a big step down from the 8+ hours I spent every day on there before my trip. I feel like I have broken through a wall. I don't crave SL anymore, I don't *need* it. I realised what I do need is the friendship and human element which has been provided for me by my real life this past week. When I journey back up to Edinburgh on monday night, that human element is going to have been mostly removed from my RL. I live alone at the moment, my friends have moved out of the city to go back home for their vacation or they are busy working their butts off. I have one or two people to speak to, face to face, in my RL.

Which is why I needed that friendship in SL. It was addictive, so easy and satisfying. I could give and receive so much love so easily in SL, and mean it too, every word. I guess the week in London has shown me that RL can't be replaced. I return from my trip with my view of SL slightly changed - perhaps - a realisation that SL isn't the answer to some of my questions.

Although saying that, I have been getting the shakes recently, and for whole hours, all I can think of is SL, the people I love there and how much I miss them. Clearly, SL is a huge, huge part of me. It has affected my RL in both negative and positive ways, too many to mention. I could never remove myself from this place, not for any reason.

Every day I spend in SL I learn more about myself and the world - and learning rules, thats why I study physics :)

So although I have been away, got out of my SL 'routine' and found myself not too concerned with going back to SL itself, I realised the most important thing, the thing I really need SL for is the friends and love, and I can't wait to get back in world on tuesday for a 16-hour session :) You guys had better freakin be there! *LOL*

Damn I could sure go for a sandwich and some pepsi right now...

Esmie xXx

Friday, 17 August 2007

Another Holiday Update

Well Alfie's laptop sure comes in fuckin handy huh? *LOL*

I dunno if my parent's pc will ever get fixed, they are always so vague about this kind of thing. Two years ago my dad said they would be getting a new one and they still haven't. I love them anyways...

Me n Alfie are having an awesome time and just lazing around together which is always the best thing to do. I miss all you guys so much and I can't wait to see you. I am seriously surprised I haven't gone totally insane yet but there is still time I guess :)

Most of all I miss my boy Nicholai, and my best friend Gabe. Gabie has been through some tough times recently, read his blog to find out more and offer him all the support you can, seeing as I can't be there right now for him.

Nicholai: People tell me you're doing good and keeping busy so hold on baby I'll see you soon ^^

Esmie xXx

Monday, 13 August 2007

Holiday Update

Hey guys! Alfie is helping fix my parent's pc and I'm using his laptop to post this while he does so. Unfortunately his laptop is .. well... OLD and belongs to his office at work so makes SL look like a grey pile of crap with it's 256MB of RAM.

Anyways, we are having lots of fun ;D and I should hopefully be able to get some time on SL once my parent's pc is fixed. Miss you guys and I hope to see you all soon!

Esmie xXx

Friday, 10 August 2007

See you soon :)

OK I am leaving my place in 30 minutes and travelling down to London overnight. My parent's pc is broken and if I cant fix it then I wont be on SL at all next week. I truly, really hope you guys take care of yourselves and have a great time, and I am gonna miss you all so much! I will update my blog if and when I can to let you know whats going on.

Esmie escapes the dreaded lag monster for a week...

Hugs, kisses and much love to you all, I will see you soon.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Photoshop is the new black.

Heck I knew people have been using this program for so long to make incredible images of Britney's face plastered onto another slut's naked body, and other amazing works of art, but I've only just got around to using it. As you may have noticed, quite alot of the pics in my posts recently have been heavily photoshopped, and it is obvious, I know. All I try to do is make the image look a little nicer. It also helps pass the time when SL is down or when my allowance of 8 hours per day is used up.

So, yeah if you don't like me posting up the PS'd images, and would prefer something a little more 'raw' direct from SL, just say so :) Eventually my aim is to be as good as my Kitten, but that will take a few more years of practice so I'm not holding my breath... just learning one step at a time :)

Esmie xXx

Yay Guns!

I hate war and death and the needless, endless violence in the world. But there is something quite sexy about guns. The power, danger, whatever... its kinda hawt :)

Gabie bought me a new gun from Breach - the Project 90 machine gun, or P90. I love it - its cute (for a gun) and I remember being fascinated by the curvy and unusual design ever since I saw one in a movie when I was younger. It completes my set of guns nicely. All my firearms are from Breach, which is an excellent store. I have a pair of Desert Eagle pistols - they come in .44 and .50 versions. I also have a pair of mini Uzi SMGs which look super awesome with scope and silencer attached. I took them to a nearby warzone to try them out...

My shiny new P90. I turned up a decade too late for the battle here.

The most powerful handgun in the world... and I have TWO!!! I levelled that whole building using just these guys.

With one of my Uzis, loaded and ready to pop a cap in a freedom-hater. I couldn't find Cheney in the end so I went home empty handed.

I cant get pics of me firing them cos you gotta be in mouselook to shoot which makes taking a snap impossible :(

I don't know if I will even get a chance to post here next week, or even check my email, let alone log in to SL but I will try my best to put something on here to let you all know how I am doing and when I will be back...

Anyways, those guns will help me pass the time in London :D

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Just realised...

I should also mention that I am on my way down to London this friday (well thats the plan) to see my family and Alfie and my old friends :D I will be gone up to a week, and quite possibly will be unable to login to SL at all in that time. So.. yeah. I'm excited about seeing everyone but a little worried about what I will end up doing to them if I can't get my 'fix' *lol*

Esmie xXx

What Happened at the Weekend.

Well after my money troubles last week I guess you guys noticed I have been in a much better mood since the weekend. When speaking to Gabe about my RL bf I refer to him as 'Alfie' so that is what I am gonna call him here (its not his actual name).

On thursday afternoon a friend of mine invited me over to his place for some dinner and I spent about half an hour travelling across town by bus to get to his place. I got there and was there about half an hour and we were about to look at some take out menus when I got a call from Alfie asking if I could go back to our place because of some inspection from the letting agents or landlord or something. At 8:30pm...

I was kinda pissed off, having just come all the way across town and now having to go back, rushing because Alfie told me they were going to be there in 20 minutes and its a 25 minute bus ride followed by a 5 - 10 minute walk, which I sorta speed-walked. So I got to our flat/apartment and walked in the door, stressed and tired and angry at the world.

I noticed some things had been moved and there was a note on the closed door of the bathroom at the end of the corridor. It read:

'Come in, sexy x x x'

So I opened the door and Alfie is waiting for me in the bath, with candles and bubbles and everything. I almost collapsed. I didn't know what to say. I felt like killing him for a second *lol*
He had come 400 miles just to give me a hug and cheer me up. He cooked me dinner and that night we umm.. well I'll stop there.

I know Alfie reads this blog so I just wanna say I love you and thanks for everything. Especially thanks for putting up with my SL!

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

My Bishie Came On!

Woohoo :D He is gonna be on for some time this week, just when I thought I wouldn't see him for ages. To explain what a 'bishie' is, here is that guy from Bleach:

He has a big pointy sword O__o

Soo.. anyways. I post far too much to this blog. Like 3 or 4 posts a day. Insanity. What happened in the hour or so my Kitten was online? Well.. I was in my sexy studious look

and we decided to do some college roleplay ;D check this out:

[8:19] Nicholai Heita lays down reading " History, from Revolution to World Wars " and sighs as he skims through it
[8:21] Esmiel Posthorn walks into the study lounge and throws his bag on the floor loudly before collapsing onto the couch
[8:22] Nicholai Heita's body spasms with a start, causing his glasses to fall off his nose, and he puts them back on and he looks up at you and says, "the sign does say "Quiet studying in progress if you cant read..."
[8:23] Esmiel Posthorn looks back and shrugs, mumbling "Sorry.. just had a tough day.."
[8:24] Nicholai Heita looks at you with a bored look, "at least you dont have to sit through a three hour lecture from a mono-tone prof, while having some idiotic jock poking your butt through the seat behind you..."
[8:25] Nicholai Heita removes his scarf and tosses it to his side
[8:25] Nicholai Heita: omigawd I hate this skirt thing,
[8:25] Nicholai Heita takes it off and tosses it
[8:26] Esmiel Posthorn nods "true.. but you don't have to resit a paper on.. the human body.." and he looks at your exposed neck and legs and blushes and cleans his glasses
[8:28] Nicholai Heita turns onto his side and looks at you, "well there are tons of reference material for that, try having to make a paper about your opinion about how a controversial historic event really happened....all the references are conflicting," and he runs a finger idly down his side, sighing
[8:28] Nicholai Heita: besides what about the body is your paper on?
[8:29] Esmiel Posthorn blushes "Yeah I guess that must be pretty tough... well... its ummm.." he blushes deeply.. "e- erogenous zones and stimulation..." and he hides his face behind a book
[8:30] Nicholai Heita lets out a little meep and blushes deeply, saying softly as he looks down, "well...good luck with finding reference material that isn’t all Kama sutra or how to make sex better crap..."
[8:31] Nicholai Heita turns back to reading, idly running a hand down his lower back to smooth out the wrinkles in his top, and then adjusts the cuffs of his shorts, tugging on them, lowering the hem of his pants, exposing just the top of the succulent round globes of his butt...
[8:32] Esmiel Posthorn sighs "Yeah I haven't found anything suitable for reference... at all... and... well... I haven't got much experience in that kind of thing anyway... yet.." and he gasps under his breath as he sees you lower your pants slightly
[8:33] Nicholai Heita: that isn’t what I heard, you can stop playing all innocent with me....Word spreads fast in the med student group you know...
[8:34] Nicholai Heita looks at you smirking then he blushes hotly as he remembers being told of your penchant for cute neko boys, and he looks away...
[8:36] Esmiel Posthorn grins "Umm... well... yeah... I'm not totally inexperienced sure.. but I've never had the chance to just give someone total stimulation and explore their body.. make them climax.."
[8:36] Esmiel Posthorn blushes deeply
[8:37] Nicholai Heita blushes even more and gets up and says quickly, "Well I think I should go now," and he makes a movement to head out....
[8:37] You: Hey. wait..
[8:37] Nicholai Heita turns around and says softly with a hotly blushing face, "yes?"
[8:37] You: what about you? Have you ever experienced that? I just wanna know.. for reference..
[8:38] Nicholai Heita eyes go wide as he blushes even more, saying in a stuttering voice, "not that it is any of your business but no, and if that is all I think I will be going now..."
[8:39] Nicholai Heita stops at the door, fumbling looking for his cell and keys..
[8:39] Nicholai Heita: darnit...
[8:39] You: what? Thought you were leaving
[8:40] Nicholai Heita: cant find my keys to my dorm, nor my cell phone...
[8:40] Esmiel Posthorn stands up and walks over "Well.. what are you gonna do? I cant see them around here.."
[8:40] Nicholai Heita walks over to the rug, and he bends over, wiggling his butt, as he looks for them...
[8:41] Nicholai Heita sticks out his tongue as he looks, turning over pillows....
[8:41] Esmiel Posthorn closes his eyes "Uhmm.. well.. lemme help you search.." and he crouches down looking under books and papers
[8:42] Nicholai Heita: thank you...
[8:42] Nicholai Heita turns around his butt at your eye level, as he sifts through papers....
[8:43] Esmiel Posthorn groans softly under his breath and his hand starts to move by itself but he shakes his head and concentrates on finding your keys
[8:44] Nicholai Heita's pants ride down a bit, revealing the thin purple strap of his thong, his round firm butt pushing against his tight shorts
[8:46] Esmiel Posthorn's jaw drops slightly and he blushes hotly and stands up "I dont think the stuff is here.." and his eyes wander to your butt and stay there
[8:47] Nicholai Heita turns his head to look at you and he says "what is the matter? is something wrong? what are you staring at?"
[8:47] Nicholai Heita's hands slip and he turns around falling on his butt with a soft squeek...
[8:48] Esmiel Posthorn blushes and shakes his head "Oh.. nothing.." and he sees you slip and crouches down, his face close to yours and he offers you a hand up
[8:49] Nicholai Heita blushes hotly as he feels your face close to his and he says softly, "" and he takes your hand gently, his so small and delicate compared to yours...
[8:50] Esmiel Posthorn grips your hand softly and pulls you up, your noses almost touching before he stands back and grabs his bag "Well.. what are you gonna do?"
[8:50] Nicholai Heita blushes hotly and he says softly, "Well I dont know, I cant get back into my room...and I dont have anywhere else to go..."
[8:51] Nicholai Heita: and I really want to change out of these clothes...
[8:51] Nicholai Heita picks up his bag as he says so
[8:51] Esmiel Posthorn looks at his feet and mumbles "Well.. you could stay with me until you get replacement keys.. I only live around the corner.. "
[8:52] Nicholai Heita looks down and says softly, "Really, I could, oh thank you so much.....can you take me there, I really want to change..."
[8:53] Nicholai Heita: and do you have a shower, I would really like to take one if that isnt a problem
[8:53] Esmiel Posthorn nods "Sure.. its only a bedroom and a bath and balcony.. but you're welcome to stay as long as you need.. .. well I have a bath.."
[8:53] Nicholai Heita: that will do, can you lead me there?
[8:53] Nicholai Heita: please?
[8:53] You: of course, follow me
[8:53] Nicholai Heita: ok
[8:53] Esmiel Posthorn smiles
[8:54] You: well here we are..
[8:54] Nicholai Heita giggles
[8:54] Nicholai Heita: oh so pretty...
[8:54] You: glad you like it
[8:54] Nicholai Heita: you think I could undress and take a bath now?
[8:54] You: sure
[8:54] You: I'll go sit on the balcony..
[8:55] Nicholai Heita blushes hotly and nods
[8:55] Nicholai Heita bends down and he removes his shoes and socks, slowly rolling them down his slender smooth legs
[8:56] Nicholai Heita then carefully removes his gloves before undoing his top, letting it fall off his shoulders revealing his chest and gold nipple rings
[8:56] Esmiel Posthorn glances over his shoulder and looks at the curtains and sighs quietly "Wow.. he is so perfect.." and he smiles softly
[8:57] Nicholai Heita then carefully bends over taking off his pants and thong, revealing his full butt, his cheeks parted slightly almost giving a glimpse of his entrance...
[8:59] Nicholai Heita gets into the tub, washing his body, then soaking a bit before he gets out, and slips on the wooden floor, falling onto his belly with a thud...
[8:59] Esmiel Posthorn hears the thud and walks to the door "Are you ok?" and he knocks before opening it and walking in
[9:00] Nicholai Heita slowly pushes himself up on his arms then his head whips around as he hears you walking in and he scrambles to cover his naked body...
[9:00] Nicholai Heita squeeks!
[9:01] Esmiel Posthorn gasps and blushes "Ummm... sorry.. I thought you had hurt yourself or something.. are you ok?"
[9:01] Esmiel Posthorn turns to look at the wall, his eyes reluctantly leaving your body
[9:02] Nicholai Heita nods and his towel falls revealing his entire naked body to your eyes, dripping with water, drops running down his smooth skin...and he blushes hotly as he feels his member begin to harden....and he grabs the towel, covering himself once more...
[9:03] Esmiel Posthorn shifts on his feet, trying to hide the uncomfortable bulge growing in his pants.. "Have .. have you got clothes to put on..?"
[9:04] Nicholai Heita's bulge grows more as you approach him and he shakes his head, his towel providing less and less cover...
[9:05] Esmiel Posthorn walks over to you very slowly and takes the towel gently in his hands and drops it on the floor. He looks at your growing member and smiles softly
[9:06] Nicholai Heita eyes go wide and his face blushes hotly as he places his hands in front of his member and he stutters softly, ""
[9:07] Esmiel Posthorn leans his face close to yours and his hand reaches for your member and he whispers "I dont have to be a med student to know what this means.." and he cups your member gently
[9:08] Nicholai Heita eyes open as his body tenses with a start, and he lets out a small gasp, feeling your hands on his member, his face blushing hotly, and he tries to resist the wonderful feeling of your hand on his member....
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn presses his lips to your ear "Be my reference for my paper.. all you have to gain is pleasure like you've never experienced before.. I promise, it will be amazing.." and he strokes your member teasingly with his finger
[9:11] Nicholai Heita nods as he whimpers softly, his body trembling, as he member throbs, your teasing finger exciting him as you take him to the carpet laying him on the carpet and climbing on top of him, his cheeks blushing hotly
[9:12] Esmiel Posthorn leans in and kisses your lips sweetly as he pulls off his glasses and yours and he runs his tongue across your cheek and down your neck, leaving a hot wet trail
[9:13] Nicholai Heita lets out a soft gasp, his lips parting as he feels your tongue on his skin, his hands wrap around you, his breathing becoming faster as his face blushes hotly, and he whispers, "Eshy....'
[9:15] Esmiel Posthorn sits up on his knees and pulls off his tie, flinging it behind him and he unbuttons his shirt, letting it fall from his shoulders to expose his broad, muscled chest and he leans in and kisses you deeply, his hand moving downwards and taking a hold of your member
[9:16] Nicholai Heita blushes hotly as he sees your muscled chest, and he lets out a soft cry as he feels your hand wrap around his member, and he whimpers softly...

Thats all you get, folks. I did put the whole thing up but decided that was too much information :P

Esmie xXx