Friday, 11 September 2009

Just In Case You Didn't Know...

Chester's Boycut underwear store is having a sale until the 18th September. He is gonna be closing it after that :[

But, for now we can rejoice! Cos everything there is 10L$ for the next week!

Check it out HERE.

Wow... its the 11th of September. It took me a minute to remember why this date is burned into my brain. Then I remembered. 8 years ago already... wow. I wonder if everyone still remembers or maybe if some people have forgotten already?

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

I Almost Forgot To Give This Post A Title. Phew!

A'ight.. so.. I guess it is time to post again.

Mysteria is coming along spiffingly. I'd say it is about 90% complete now! Please feel free to visit the magical lost land of a magical people now lost to the world. If you so choose to do so, you might also like to provide me with some feedback. Think something is missing or could be done better? Tell me!

Visit Mysteria.

Oh and I quit my job at Beauty Avatar, cos I was moving in RL and didn't have internet for ages. Well, we had a mobile internet dongle thing, but that isn't real internet. Not the kind you can run SL with. When I finally get back onto SL, I discover everything has gone to shit and the whole grid is collapsing under the weight of ... well ... what? Before I went away, things seemed perfectly fine (for SL)... so what changed? Maybe the new server version or a rat chewing through a cable somewhere has fucked everything up. Lucky we have someone to blame!

Damn you, MICHAEL BAY!

Oh no, wait. He was the one responsible for that dreadful film. You knooooowwww the one I mean.

Damn you, LINDEN LABS!

There. Now I can stop complaining.

Oh yes... I suggest you all go and volunteer some of your free time somewhere. For a charity or something. Because really, it does make you feel great, and its fantastic knowing your time was well spent and appreciated.

Esmie xXx