Sunday, 22 November 2009


I was three years old last week. What a fucking trip it has been.

Its kinda scary when I look back and think about all the thousands of things I have done.. the literally hundreds of people I have met, the few relationships I have had, the dozens and dozens of nights staying up far too late dancing and chatting and being a dork.

Its been wild.

When I was born, I had no idea I would still be here 3 years later. It seems almost beyond belief, its fantastical. Two years didnt seem like such a big deal.. but three.. holy fucking crap.

I don't think it is possible to quantify what the people I have met in the past few years really mean to me. True, some are just a casual "hello" every now and then, but others have really, really affected me deeply, and all of them for the better. I just want to say thank you.. if you consider me a friend, I am grateful for all the good times and good chats and laughs. Even to those who have left, some of them years ago, who I still miss, even though you might not believe me when I say that.. thank you for leaving me with those memories.

It sounds like I am saying goodbye almost, but I'm not. I've managed to survive for three years.. I think I could last another three at least.

Friday was awesome. We had such a great party.. I love the guys at Starfall, they always, always make me laugh and the times I have had there are definitely amongst the best of my three years.

The changes I have seen in that time have been phenomenal. SL is so, so much better than what it was when I started.. people don't appreciate what it is now.

One of the things that has changed most of course, is me, the avatar. This is how I look today. Tomorrow, I will have changed again and then again and again. I like to think of it as evolution. You'd prolly call it being a fashion whore. :D

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


It seemed easier than writing entire blog posts.

Also check out the Heath Blog, for news and updates on SL's coolest new gay hangout.

Blame Finn for the name of it.

Esmie xXx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Just In Case You Didn't Know...

Chester's Boycut underwear store is having a sale until the 18th September. He is gonna be closing it after that :[

But, for now we can rejoice! Cos everything there is 10L$ for the next week!

Check it out HERE.

Wow... its the 11th of September. It took me a minute to remember why this date is burned into my brain. Then I remembered. 8 years ago already... wow. I wonder if everyone still remembers or maybe if some people have forgotten already?

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

I Almost Forgot To Give This Post A Title. Phew!

A'ight.. so.. I guess it is time to post again.

Mysteria is coming along spiffingly. I'd say it is about 90% complete now! Please feel free to visit the magical lost land of a magical people now lost to the world. If you so choose to do so, you might also like to provide me with some feedback. Think something is missing or could be done better? Tell me!

Visit Mysteria.

Oh and I quit my job at Beauty Avatar, cos I was moving in RL and didn't have internet for ages. Well, we had a mobile internet dongle thing, but that isn't real internet. Not the kind you can run SL with. When I finally get back onto SL, I discover everything has gone to shit and the whole grid is collapsing under the weight of ... well ... what? Before I went away, things seemed perfectly fine (for SL)... so what changed? Maybe the new server version or a rat chewing through a cable somewhere has fucked everything up. Lucky we have someone to blame!

Damn you, MICHAEL BAY!

Oh no, wait. He was the one responsible for that dreadful film. You knooooowwww the one I mean.

Damn you, LINDEN LABS!

There. Now I can stop complaining.

Oh yes... I suggest you all go and volunteer some of your free time somewhere. For a charity or something. Because really, it does make you feel great, and its fantastic knowing your time was well spent and appreciated.

Esmie xXx

Monday, 17 August 2009

1 0 0 0

The other day... saturday, I think... I was 1000 days old.

Shocking, I know.

I look so young... how could I possibly be that old?

Its crazy, insane, ridiculous ...

... yet the Emerald viewer does not lie.


What it DOES do... is make SL everything you'd want it to be.

Not only is it smoother and faster in every way than the standard client, but it has a boatload more options.. such as a rainbow coloured effects beam, client skins, default options for created prims, even an option to make your avatar phantom.

Just try it :P

Well.. I haven't posted on here for quite some time.. again.. I dunno.. sometimes I have nothing to say.. other times there is too much to talk about.. and usually I just can't be bothered.

I now work in SL.. at a store called Beauty Avatar... I do customer service stuff.

YES.. I am one of those jerks who keeps coming up to you and asking if you need help.

Its not a bad job, and is strangely satisfying, especially when they say thank you and you feel like you really helped them.

I decided recently to meet some new people. I noticed alot of the names on my list these days are just.. names. I hardly talk to any of them, and a few of my friends are feeling the same way... there just seems to be a small circle that I actually talk to and an even smaller one who I see av-to-av regularly.

Anyways.. these new people I have met randomly.. there are a few that are actually incredibly wonderful and have quickly become great friends. I know I have let friendships go stale in the past by not talking to them enough.. and I am hoping to avoid it this time.

Ehhh.. what else?

Oh yes.. after graduating and stuff in RL, I have found myself unable to get a job even vaguely relevant to my degree. Which I dont mind too much.. my degree kinda killed physics for me... turned it boring and too difficult. The problem is that I cant find a job doing anything else either :[

Still.. I am sure something will turn up.. always does :D

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Growing Old is Getting Old

I've grown up. I can finally, finally say that I am no longer a kid, a teen, a youth. I am an adult. A big, responsible adult in the real world who has to make a living and do important things.

It sucks, but then, it was always going to happen eventually, right?

I got my degree. Four years of work and effort and I come out of uni with a freaking degree. It doesnt seem quite real somehow. It hasn't sunk in yet, and I was told my result a week ago.

I got a third class.

In the world of BSc Honours, thats not too good. In order of awesomeness, classification goes:


However; I am happy, because in the world of well.. the world.. I have a degree; and that in itself is better than most people can manage, and it is definitely something to be proud of.

I might have been able to do better, but everything after the second year was a struggle for me; it took a huge effort to resist just quitting, and there were moments where I questioned the point in it all. Often, my uni friends were the only thing I stayed around for.

My graduation is on June 26th in the afternoon. After that, I am officially a person. A taxpaying member of society. So.. I need a job. My first job ever.

Turns out that a third class degree isn't really good enough to get a place in graduate programs and onto trainee schemes at engineering and physics-y firms. This is somewhat frustrating, but I have found a solution: use the skills I learned in my degree (which are quite numerous) and apply them to other fields. Like.. games testing :D

I just applied for a position as Games Tester, working for Rockstar North, the guys who made the GTA games (among others). They are based here in Edinburgh and are awesome. I hope I get this job, they seem like a totally awesome company to work for - and I dont have many other ideas about what to do lol.

I also joined Facebook. I know.. I'm a bit slow huh? A few SL people have added me on there already, so feel free to IM me in world if you wanna be my friend on Facebook :D

As an extreme response to growing up in RL, I have grown down in SL... I mostly run around in a little kiddy av, aged about 12, now... acting young in SL provides me with an antidote to being old(er) in RL :P.. so now you know why I am only a few feet tall lol

Oh and Growing Old is Getting Old is an awesome song by the awesome Silversun Pickups, and I am listening to it right now. Seemed like a nice and relevant idea for a post title!

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Politics and Money

Now, some of you may have heard about the massive argument going on in the UK at the moment - if you live here, you definitely will have done - about the MP expenses claims.

Essentially, every member of parliament (MP) gets to claim expenses for various things. Up until recently, the claims have been kept almost completely hidden from the public, meaning the MPs can get away with spending taxpayer's money on whatever the fuck they want.

Not anymore. Someone has released all the details or someone got hold of them somehow and basically, it is now public knowledge. It seems as if every politician in the entire system is a total asswipe who has taken advantage of the claims system to get loads and loads of money for things like swimming pools and DVD players. The claims are sposed to be for essential home maintenance, repairs, travel costs and like.. important stuff.

Some people are calling for an election so we can kick out the asswipe MPs and put nice new ones in place who haven't been stealing from us. The system, apparently, is also gonna get reformed to try and stop anymore stealing in future. I am hoping the ones who have been stealing - up to thousands of £s in some cases - will get punished properly. They are no better than common criminals.

But - any time you put a system in place, people will abuse it for personal gain. How can you say who will and who won't? How can you elect fresh people to run the country and be sure they aren't gonna turn out to be another cheating bunch of crooks? What the fuck are we gonna do with these MPs, this system? People say - "Oh, I wouldnt make bogus claims at the taxpayer's expense" - but - how can you trust that they wouldnt once the opportunity arises?

How can we fix this?

Remove their expenses claims altogether? Let them use their nice big salaries to pay for all the shit they want, or give them a limited allowance of a few hundred £ a year to pay travel expenses. Maybe not even that. The MPs complain they dont get enough money and they deserve all the extra cash from expense claims and shit. Bollocks. They could try living with just one house and one car, or maybe taking the bus or train to parliament every day. Maybe they could live like normal people and then maybe they can see what things are like for the rest of us and then maybe they will do a better job and earn their salaries.

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ahmahgawwwd. Another blog?

"Half a Monkey" is a new fashion blog Chester and I are starting up.

We wanted to do something simple and fun but also with a point to it. Chester reckons there aren't enough blogs out there that focus on male fashion in SL. Sure, there are lots, some of them excellent, some of them not so excellent, but hey - the world could always use one more, right?

Anyways, the point to this one is in the name. A 'monkey' is old London slang for £500, a 'pony' is £25.. there are others too. We wanted to put a price limit on the items we featured, because.. well.. we did. So it became, after much haggling with each other and researching of money slang history, 250L$ per item - half a monkey. Why?

Because monkeys are awesome.

Ok. So. We decided:

One item per post.

That item will cost 250L$ or less.

At least 1 post per day.

Check back to it regularly, because we will be updating it all the time with new clothing and accessory ideas. I hope you find it helpful and useful - I know Chester and I have relied heavily on blogs for ideas before (him especially :P).

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Surviving the Apigalypse

Okay.. we all know that the media has totally overblown this whole swine flu thing, and we are not all gonna die. Right?

WRONG. Thats exactly what they want you to think. They make it seem like it is all hype so that you don't panic. Trust me people.. all this time we were watching the birds... it was the pigs who were quietly biding their time. They have us now. The Apigalypse is upon us.

But fear not.. help is at hand! To keep yourself pure and prevent being tainted by one of the soon-to-be billions of infected, all you need to do is cover your mouth and nose!

The wonderful creators in Second Life clearly foresaw this pandemic occuring and have been producing vast amounts of different styles of nose-and-mouth-coverings (from here-on known as 'masks'), some to suit all wallets, tastes and faces. Here are just a few that I have been stockpiling in preparation for this day.

"::: B@R ::: Mask - White w Hearts"
Creator: June Dion.
Store: Bare Rose.
Pros: Includes a range of colours (inc. black, blue and pink); is cheap and easy to fit.
Cons: Too easy for microbes to get in around the edges.

"Climatix Mask"
Creator: Hern Wosley.

Store: AVZ.
Pros: Particle clouds, changing colour effects, comes with two sizes.
Cons: Makes you look a bit like a wannabe Vader.

"G581 Full Face Gas Mask"
Creator: Khai Sinister.
Store: The Abyss.
Pros: Complete facial protection, very well made.
Cons: Makes you look like a frickin gimp. Gets a bit sweaty.

"Cyber Respirator"
Creator: Krius Misfit.
Store: SiniStyle.
Pros: Lightweight, soft leather straps, looks good.
Cons: Wires may get broken easily; annoying to fit perfectly.

"AD14 Gas Mask (headstraps)"
Creator: Faye Gelfand.
Store: Ambush.
Pros: Colourful; Sound and Particle Effects. Range of strap options.
Cons: Particles look a bit crap. A bit chunky.

"Scorpion Mask"
Creator: Juliet Ceres.
Store: Bitter Thorns.
Pros: Colour changing effects, looks totally badass.
Cons: Could maybe have better texturing on solid parts.

"Bandit Bandana"
Creator: Avant Scofield.
Store: The Good Life.
Pros: Gangsta Style.
Cons: Gangsta Style.

"The Respirator"
Creator: Tonk Tomcat.
Store: TonkTastic.
Pros: A range of (awesome) colours, styles, textures, effects.
Cons: Expensive.

"Ski Mask"
Creator: Christabel North.
Store: 4mc.
Pros: Range of styles; Keeps you warm.
Cons: Screams 'Rapist'.

I may continue this well-researched and highly valuable guide with such choice information as where to find clean food and water, weapons and how to end the suffering of the inflicted permanently.

We will see how things unfold.

~ I felt it important to add that I am not mocking the disease itself - it is clearly quite nasty and people have died from it, and thats horrible; I am mocking the government and media's obsession with it, and the way they are trying to scare us all. It does provide a nice distraction from the economy tho, right?~

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 30 April 2009

We All Wanna Be Big Rockstaaaaarrrrrs!

Two posts today! You lucky people. Cyber Skute was handing out free guitars at the beach so we all had a go at being rockstars for a while =P

From left to right: Cyber Skute, Chopper Wylie, Esmiel Posthorn, Implode Jorda, Shaun Emerald.

Good times at Boots Beach xD

I got made an officer for the Beach Bums group recently.. I was one before for a lil while, I think.. but they put me back down to regular Bum during my lil hiatus at the end of last year. So I had to 'work my way back up through the ranks', so to speak, and now I am Security, DJ and Officer. Awesome.. it feels so good to be part of the team and able to really put something back into this place that's given me so much over the years. Thanks for promoting me, guys! *hugs*

Esmie xXx

Impenetrable Fortress of Awesome!

Finnegan got me a lovely pillow fort;

Here you can see us playing Candyland, just one of the many included board games. Although Candyland is the only one you can play... and by 'play', I mean 'look at the single prim board and emote doing everything yourself'.

[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn pushes a thing around the board an arbitrary number of squares. "Your go"
[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn: I have no idea how to play this game
[1:53] Finnegan Chesnokov cheats and fudges the dice so they roll the optimal number
[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn: wow! you did... good.. i think
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: >_>
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah ... I am close to winning
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: again
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: i dont know how you do it
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: amazing
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: I cheat
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: I cheat alot
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: well i dont know the rules.. so technically you cant cheat
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: oh yeah .. okay so I declare my self the winner
[1:55] Esmiel Posthorn: damn.. you're good at this
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah .. I am a genius
[1:55] Esmiel Posthorn: i was losing even when playing by myself
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: Oh .. I just rolled the die and drew the snickersnoop card and you have to pay me 1000L
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: I only have 712
[1:56] Finnegan Chesnokov: then I get to draw a ziztherzoop card
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: right
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: and what does it say
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: You have to be my servant
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: oh jeeze
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: for how long?
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: Lifetime of servitude
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn sighs
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: ok
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: I am not sure if it is my life or yours
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: if its on a card that came with a boardgame, it must be law
[1:58] Esmiel Posthorn: well either way.. one of us is in for a fun ride.. the other.. not so much
[1:58] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah .. every one knows the rules of candyland are higher than international law
[1:58] Esmiel Posthorn: the Geneva convention doesnt apply in Candyland
[1:59] Finnegan Chesnokov: nope ... Candyland has its own version of Guantanamo Bay
[1:59] Finnegan Chesnokov: they candyboard you
[1:59] Esmiel Posthorn: oh so thats what the little mushroom castle is

... at this point I collapsed into giggles and the game ended.

With Swine Flu becoming a world-conquering pandemic of apocalyptic proportions, I am glad I have these pillows, chairs and blankets to shield myself from the airborne plague.

While here I may as well give you some close ups.

Incase you haven't seen it yet, here is me in my new skin, with new hair colour. It makes a nice change to be darker again after having that paler skin for so long. Its one of the new(ish) 'androgynous' Seraphim skins from Zanzo, with the 'Michael' skin shade and the 'Final Heaven' style face tat that you cant really see in the pics. It comes with dark and light eyebrow shades.. but no pubes.

My hair is the 'Coffee - Cappuccino' coloured 'Angst' style from Bryce Designs. They do a great pack that includes a black, red, blonde and brown colour in it for only 200L. This is probably the nicest style there, and I love the sculpted, windswept look.

My eyes are the 'Magicka Mix' from the 'Oni Collection' at The Plastik. The armwarmers are from Aitui. The taped fingers and black nails are from Sinistyle. The pants are the red Fleece pants from Zoobong. The piercings are some basic lil custom ones my friend Easton Parx did for me. If you look very closely at the pic, you can see I have some braces on my teeth. I got them here. I had braces for several years in RL and I hated them and they didnt work at all and it was hell. But I think they look kinda cute on Esmiel :D

This is Finn's "Fae Accountant" look. I love it.. he is so funny and such a great guy. *hugs*

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Esmiel loves...


I calls em "Ice Lollies", but then again, I also call potatoes "dirt apples" so what do I know.

Seriously.. get some, they are awesome. Perfect for the warmer months looming on the horizon, when you'll just be dying for something cool and moist in your mouth.

I have alot of stuff by that creator - she makes some really cool things for a good price. The handcuffs are especially wicked ;]

Silversun Pickups.

My good friend Chester told me about this band's new album recently. The album is called 'Swoon'. It is very good. Very, very, very good. Exceptional. So easy to listen to and yet with just enough little quirks and hooks to get you to want to listen to it again and again. I understand if it is not your sort of thing, but I adore them. Highly recommended.

Chessums has a habit of totally turning my music collection on its head and shaking it about every now and then with a single suggestion. I think it is a good talent and probably his best feature. ;P

Other Bands Right Now:

Metro Station -
The self-titled debut album by these guys is brilliant fun. Alot more to it than just the great "Shake It" single.

Infadels - Their album "Universe in Reverse" was a recent addition to my collection. Fabulous stuff.. some very nice, interesting tunes; Track 3, "Play Blind" is probably my favourite.

Delays - Finally got hold of their latest album "Everything's the Rush". Very, very nice band, these guys. Cute, simple tunes - very easy to listen to.

Blink 182 - I just got their "Greatest Hits". All the tunes are brilliant - I dont know why I didnt get this album sooner. Everyone will love at least a couple of songs on it - stuff like "Whats my age again" and "All the small things" are real classics.

The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams.

Poor Douglas (the author of one of my all-time favourite books, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and its sequels) died some time ago, and I was only just made aware of the existence of this book. If you too are a fan of his work, and frankly, everyone who has read anything by him must be, then I suggest you check this book out.

It is half of an unfinished story by Adams about his detective character, Dirk Gently, who I have also just found out about and must find the other books based on him. But the Salmon of Doubt also contains a large amount of little articles, letters, interviews and a lecture written by Adams, and these are all interesting, hilarious and tragic at the same time. They make you realise just how much less brilliant the world is without him.

"The Salmon of Doubt" is published by Pan and the ISBN number is 0-330-32312-1

Themed DJ Sets.

Don't forget, boys and girls... this friday is the themed Finntastic Friday. We have one theme for each DJ, starting at 2pm with my set. I chose Lord of the Rings as my theme - It took me a long time to decide, but this was the right choice, I think. It offers so much variety and possibility - you can be anything from a hobbit to a dragon, a goblin to a wizard, an ent to a ghost. Or even an elf. Or human. Or dwarf. Or nazgul. Or orc - no wait.. no orcs. I'm the orc!

The alternative option running through my mind was a School Uniform theme but that is kinda boring and ordinary. Dehrynn's theme is Superheroes/villains.. I have a lovely Rorshach from Watchmen outfit all lined up for that. Kaj, at 6pm, has a 'Fetish' theme.. and.. well.. if I manage to stay up that late.. I have plenty of outfits for it ;]

There are big prizes available so I suggest you get your asses over to the Wharf on friday =P

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not all orcs are evil...

Some of you may know I occaisionally like to put on an orc skin and be a bit.. well.. different. Not alot of people like the whole "orc look", but its not as if I chose the skin for it's beauty-pagent potential. I wanted to be an orc because 1) Nobody else is and 2) they are freakin cool.

The word 'orc' was first used by J. R. R. Tolkien in his Lord Of The Rings series of books (now movies, in case you didnt know) and has been adopted by various fantasy writers and settings to describe a race of brutal, often evil and sadistic, warlike monsters. Their general appearance and abilities do vary between authors/worlds - everything from Tolkien to WoW, Warhammer, Elder Scrolls and D&D - but they often have green skin and are pretty damn mean.

Mostly, this post is an excuse to show you that pic. I took it on a bright red background and added the background, shading, fire, smoke and blood in Photoshop. Took me about 2 hours.

Usually I play a nice, friendly, peaceful orc - at odds with the rest of my race, I'd rather hug an elf than eat one. Possibly because of my orc's underdeveloped muscles and short height, he isnt one for fighting. Except in that pic. Cos it was fun and something to do.

Read that again.. my orc went out murdering because it was 'fun and something to do'.

Guess he isnt so nice after all =o

Esmie xXx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Secular-Chocolate-Egg-Gathering Holiday

Now, we all know that Easter is all about Jesus dying and then coming back as a zombie and killing all the Romans by eating their brians. Shame they didnt have shotguns back then huh?

Anyways, I want to know.. and please, somebody please.. explain to me how it turned into a festival of chocolate eggs and bunnies. I mean.. sure.. pagans recognised eggs as a symbol of birth, and then Christians stole it, like they did pretty much every other pagan idea, and used eggs to represent the rebirth of Jesus... As for bunnies.. well.. we all know bunnies are awesomely cute and they seem to appear magically in spring, but then frankly, when isnt a good time of year to cuddle a bunny?

But.. come on.. chocolate?

Like.. maybe I am just jealous cos I didn't get any eggs this year and have to wait to get some in a couple of days time when they all cheap, cos apparently egg-shaped chocolate is like.. dodgy after Easter.. or something.

I'm not religious, in fact, I am pretty much an atheist in terms of a classical view of God and Jesus and the Bible.. its just a book.. Imagine The House At Pooh Corner was written by lots of different authors (not just A.A. Milne) and then a hundred years later some dudes hold aloft a copy of The Pooh Book and said "This is God's instructions for all of us. Oh and by the way, we're the only ones who can read it so do what we tell you" and like.. thats the Bible. Except we'd all worship a big pot of honey.. yum.. Now.. if I had a time machine... >:D

I guess I'm trying to say.. people forget the point in things. Its like Christmas, Halloween, all these holidays... people get carried away with the bullshit and forget what they're really about.

Like this post. >_>

I got carried away. I was just gonna put a link to this on here and ask how long you think it'd take you to eat it? It's chocolate, by the way.. 1,950kg (or 4,299 lbs) of it. Please remember, 22lbs in like.. i dunno.. a day or something... is the lethal dose for a human. Dont attempt anything crazy here, people.

Assuming you ate 11lbs in one day (to avoid totally dying) and then took a day off to recover (i.e. go to the hospital) and then went and ate 11lbs and then took a day off and so on, it'd take a total of 781 days to eat it all. If you share it out with your family, lets say, there are four of you total, its still gonna take 195 days to finish, with that same pattern of one day eating, one day puking.

Is there a point to making a 1,950kg chocolate egg? Maybe.. they wanted to celebrate Jesus and stuff by producing an egg so big only God himself could have laid it. Thats probably it. Right?

Have a very happy Easter holiday, guys.

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yay.. more setlists...

I have sooooo many playlists to post. I am beginning to regret saying I'd do this, as each one takes me a good 20 minutes or so to write out. Perhaps these will be the last unless people actually request that I put them up.

Friday 20/03/09 - Pride Event Special

1. Union of Knives - I Decline
2. Air/Beth Hirsch - Sexy Boy
3. Goldfrapp -Ooh La La
4. Shiny Toy Guns - Poison
5. Innerpartysystem - Last Night In Brooklyn
6. Klaxons - Two Receivers
7. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
8. The Bravery - Believe
9. Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire
10. Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)
11. The Airborne Toxic Event - Something New
12. Black Kids - Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)
13. Cute Is What We Aim For - Sweat The Battle Before The Battle Sweats You
14. Doves - Black And White Town
15. Foo Fighters - Everlong
16. Interpol - Slow Hands
17. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
18. MGMT - Time To Pretend
19. Fight Like Apes - Lend Me Your Face
20. Linkin Park - Lying From You
21. Prodigy - Omen
22. Muse - Map Of The Problematique
23. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Damn Regret
24. The All-American Rejects - I Wanna
25. The Hives - It Won't Be Long
26. Placebo - Nancy Boy
27. The Offspring - A Lot Like Me
28. Presidents Of The USA - Lump
29. The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
30. Snow Patrol - Half The Fun
31. Pink - So What
32. Smash Mouth - All Star
*This was gonna be the end of my set but Hoaghes was a no show and Finn and I needed to cover for him. So I did an extra half an hour of random stuff and Finn rescued the rest of the slot*
33. Deftones - Hole In The Earth
34. Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
35. VNV Nation - Testament
36. The Automatic - On The Campaign Trail
37. The Offspring - Trust In You
38. The Afters - The Way You Are
39. The Academy Is... - Rumoured Nights
40. The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
41. Paramore - Misery Business (Live)

I used the start of that setlist as a basis for a spontaneous gig I played at Boots Beach. I cant remember the date.. I did two of them sometime last week. I wont put the setlists up here, its gonna take forever and they weren't especially exciting. I know Chopper wanted to see one of them. If he can tell me which it was then I'll send it to him. :P

Friday 27/03/09

1. Air - Talisman
2. Kings Of Leon - Cold Desert
3. Snow Patrol - Run
4. Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation
5. White Lies - A Place To Hide
6. Mansun - Wide Open Space
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Desecration Smile
8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Honeybear
9. Union Of Knives - Go Back To School
10. Innerpartysystem - Structure
11. VNV Nation - The Farthest Star
12. MGMT - Pieces Of What
13. Passion Pit - Live To Tell The Tale
14. Blink 182 - I Miss You
15. Tokyo Police Club - Your English Is Good
16. Editors - Bones
17. The Presidents Of The USA - Peaches
18. Milburn - What You Could've Won
19. Cute Is What We Aim For - I Put The 'Metro' In Metronome
20. Smash Mouth - Sister Psychic
21. Foo Fighters - Long Road To Ruin
22. The Airborne Toxic Event - Something New
23. Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
24. Sum 41 - March Of The Dogs
25. Photo Atlas - Red Orange Yellow
26. The All-American Rejects - Believe
27. The Hives - Hey Little World
28. The Offspring - Takes Me Nowhere
29. Kanye West/Daft Punk - Stronger
30. Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town
31. The Subways - Shake! Shake!
32. Saosin - Come Close
33. Supergrass - Alright

That night was quite a fun one, even though the fairly small crowd was composed almost entirely out of people I bullied into coming via IM.

This friday coming (April 3rd), my set will be at 2pm SL time - thats 10pm in the UK and 5pm for the eastern USA.

Hopefully it means a few more people will be able to come along.

For the Finntastic Fridays (the third friday of every month, I think), I will be going back to 12pm. It works.

I will try and post about some more interesting things rather than just my playlists this week. Perhaps we can have another go at melting your brains?

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Heeeeeeeeaaadaaaaaah and Paaaaiiiiiiiiiin

Yeh I know, the old Header for my blog sucked major bawz in the worst possible way. I mean.. the pic was good but;

1) I dont look like that anymore
2) The text was shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

What was I thinkin?

Anyways, here is a brand spankin new header =D

Much nicer, I am sure you will agree.

Sorry for not posting at all in the past few days, I am incredibly ill and have a creative capacity roughly equal to that of an earthworm. I just suddenly had an idea for the header so got that over and done with. I was so sick of the old one! lol

My illness has affected alot more than just my blogging abilities; my final project for uni involves giving a 10 or 12 minute presentation in the form of powerpoint slides to a group of lecturers and fellow students. As I've had this illness since last friday (its been getting progressively worse - symptoms include sore throat, coughing, mild ear ache, running nose, violent bouts of shivering, some kind of feverish temperature balls up and aching muscles), I seem to have not done very muchin the way of preparation for this presentation. Honestly, being able to talk without it hurting would be nice right now :/

So I had to get it moved to friday, and that might change to next monday if I dont get any better - the earliest appointment I could get with the doctor was next tuesday afternoon. Whats the betting it clears up tuesday morning? *sigh*

I'll put my friday playlist up here and my impromptu setlist from the beach on sunday afternoon at some point when I feel like it.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Everything In The Universe

As I near the end of my time at university - almost 4 years done already! - we seem to only just be starting to study the most interesting topics. Several of these concepts have captured my imagination quite unlike anything else in the past few years, and I'd like to share a few with you now.

I have tried to simplify the terms and content as much as possible. I didn't want to attempt to copy out my notes from my lectures here, 1) cos that would be boring and long and 2) I like to explain things my own way. If anything needs clarification, please just ask and I will be happy to explain.

Our "Remote Sensing" module began with discussing how to analyse imaging from satellites; how you build a camera for a satellite, and how you transmit the data back to Earth. Most imaging satellites use a camera for studying our planet; they can tell the difference between unhealthy and healthy crops, and not just due to the colour.

"Light", or electromagnetic radiation, exists in many different frequencies or wavelengths; Visible light is only a small part of the entire spectrum. You can see how the colour along the frequency bar changes - the rainbow bit in the middle is visible light, the stuff we use to see. Ultra Violet (UV) light is a lower wavelength and a higher frequency than the visible light, and this is the stuff that gives you a tan. You see how it is blocked by the Earth's atmosphere? If the Ozone layer vanishes, the part blocking the UV part of the spectrum will also go and we'll all have lovely tans. Or skin cancer.

On the other side of the visible light is Infra Red (IR), and this is the key to how a satellite can tell if crops or plants are healthy or not. Water absorbs IR, and plant leaves are full of water; they have fleshy areas or 'tanks' inside them that store it. When the satellite looks at the plants using a camera that sees in the IR range of the spectrum, it can tell, by how much of the IR is being absorbed, how much water is in the leaves. More water = healthier!

As an aside: as the wavelength of the radiation decreases, the energy it carries increases. Gamma rays, way out there at the end, with a wavelength of 10^-12 or 0.000000000001 (or similar) metres have an insane amount of energy. They are used for killing things during irradiation, and your skin will not stop them; the ray passes right through you, dumping its energy into your cells and fucking them (and you) up big time. The idea of a star-sized Gamma Ray Burst hitting Earth is something I generally try not to think about.

Fascinating, I am sure you will agree. In order to image something like that those crops and plants, a satellite needs a big mirror (or lens) to focus what it can see. Mirrors are used because they're a bit cheaper and easier to deal with than lenses - plus, they are alot lighter in weight. Think about the heaviest part of a normal mirror - its the glass! Metal can be made into very fine, highly reflective sheets and these are used in satellites. For a satellite a few hundred kilometres above the Earth's surface, it needs a mirror a metre or so across to see a tree.

During the cold war, it was claimed American satellites could read the headlines of newspapers in Moscow. For this to be true, the mirror would have to be over 5 metres across, or the satellite would be in such a low orbit that it would be unsustainable and fall to Earth. The largest mirror on any satellite is about 2 metres across.. that we know about. Its not like the data stream is in real time anyway. You can only download data from a satellite when it is over a certain location on the Earth - namely your receiver thing on the ground - and it will pass that spot every few days or so if the satellite is in standard polar orbit.

So, live satellite video feeds like you see in the movies are very hard to get to work, unless the satellite is in geo-stationary orbit (stays above the same spot and moves with the Earth) and only takes video of the same few hundred square miles all the freakin time. In the middle of which would be your data receiver.

Another module we had was "Statistical, Nuclear and Particle Physics". Most of this was very boring and made me want to cry. However, the particle aspect of things was very interesting.

Imagine the biggest thing in the Universe - a cluster of galaxies. This is made up of galaxies (durh) which are made up of gas and stars and planets. All of these objects, and everything in or on them - including you, your neighbour, your toilet, your car, your family, your friends, your enemies, your pet cat, your lunch and your dinner and your breakfast and those little mid-morning snacks, your pants and your shirt and your hair and your eyes and your teeth and even your ass are all composed of molecules. You may have known this already. Each molecule is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of a nucleus and electrons. The electrons surround the nucleus, which is a bundle of things called protons and neutrons.

Most people are familiar with these concepts. It gets crazier. Protons and neutrons are known as baryons which is a type of hadron. A hadron is made up of 3 quarks which come in six 'flavours' - up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm; and three different 'colours' - red, green and blue. Dont ask me who named them things like 'strange' cos I have no idea. Electrons are known as leptons. Muon and tau particles are also part of the lepton family, and you also have the neutrino versions of each - electron neutrino, muon neutrino, tau neutrino.

Now, each of these quarks and leptons also has an ANTIPARTICLE, which is basically its exact opposite - do not think that top is the opposite of bottom or that up and down are opposites; they are not. When an antiparticle meets its relevant particle version, they are both completely annihilated and lots of energy comes out. Luckily, there are not that many antiparticles around, as they generally bump into something and get destroyed pretty quick. Who knows how often this happens inside your own body?

Quarks and Leptons interact through forces which can be seen as an exchange of particles; if you throw a ball to your friend, you put force on the ball that then gives the force to your friend. You and your friend are quarks, the ball is the exchange particle, otherwise known as a 'gauge boson'.

The Higgs-boson particle, which some of you may have heard of, and the discovery of which is one of the ultimate goals of the Large Hadron Collider, which I am sure everyone has heard of, is a theoretical particle that explains part of these gauge bosons' behaviour. Particles have to have mass, even gauge boson particles, and there are two of these particles, known as W and Z particles that wouldn't have mass unless the Higgs boson exists. Or something.

Okay, I'm kinda tired now lol hopefully you found some of that vaguely interesting.. there is lots more stuff out there to research.. most of it can be found on wikipedia, and thats a great place to start reading about the basics behind these incredibly complex ideas.

I guess lastly, I just want to try and explain what it is like, seeing the world through the eyes of a physicist. To me, we are all completely identical yet utterly unique at the same time; regardless of race, nationality, sex, age, weight, religion - we are all the result of the same endless interactions between these tiny, tiny particles - and yet, we are all different because all those interactions turned out with different results. Which means we are all the same and yet special in our own way.

As for afterlife concepts such as Heaven and Hell or reincarnation, my belief is that there is something even more beautiful taking place right now. Those atoms your body is made from - they have been around since the start of the universe - maybe not in that form but in some way - and everything around us is made of the same; we are all made of each other, and it goes back billions and billions of years.

It will carry on for billions and billions of years too, because until the Universe ends, the atoms of your body will be re-used over and over in countless other people or animals or stars or planets or absolutely anything imaginable or even maybe, if some theories of the universe are true, the thousandth atom down from the tip of your left pinky might someday be part of your pinky again, at exactly the same time and place and everything.

Physics is cool sometimes huh?

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Friday 06/03/09 Playlist

1. The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums
2. McFly - Lies
3. Nada Surf - Always Love
4. The Afters - The Way You Are
5. The Airborne Toxic Event - Innocence
6. Deftones - Beware
7. Apocalyptica - I Don't Care
8. Armor For Sleep - End Of The World
9. Linkin Park - Don't Stay
10. The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
11. Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
12. Delays - Too Much In Your Life
13. Fight Like Apes - I'm Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 To Me
14. Hellogoodbye - All Of Your Love
15. The Hives - Square One Here I Come
16. MGMT - The Handshake
17. The Charlatans - The Only One I Know
18. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (SAM skipped this one for some reason)
19. Placebo - Every You Every Me
20. Muse - Assassin
21. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked (Request by Puerilis Jameson)
22. The Offspring - Trust In You
23. Nickelback - Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
24. Orgy - Blue Monday (Cover of New Order)
25. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Step Right Up
26. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Parallel Universe
27. The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine
28. White Lies - The Price Of Love
29. Shiny Toy Guns - Blown Away
30. VNV Nation - Testament
31. Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
32. CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
33. Supergrass - Alright

The playlist above was my big 'first night' with my new mic headset, and it went really, really well. Its kinda creepy the way people kept going on about my voice :s but SAM worked flawlessly, and everything was awesome, people really seemed to enjoy it :D

Friday 13/03/09

1. Kings Of Leon - Closer
2. Foo Fighters - Halo
3. Black Kids - I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)
4. Delays - Valentine
5. The Hives - You Got It All.. Wrong
6. Kiss - Rock And Roll All Night
7. McFly - I Kissed A Girl
8. Innerpartysystem - Heart Of Fire
9. Passion Pit - Live To Tell The Tale
10. The Afters - Beautiful Love
11. OneRepublic - Say (All I Need)
12. Morning Runner - Burning Benches
13. Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
14. White Lies - Death
15. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot (Requested by Nebula Hissop)
16. The Killers - Bones (Requested by Chopper Wylie)
17. The Subways - I Won't Let You Down
18. MGMT - Kids
19. Suede - Beautiful Ones
20. The Rakes - We Danced Together
21. The Airborne Toxic Event - Happiness Is Overrated
22. The Offspring - Trust In You
23. Pendulum - Violet Hill
24. White Rose Movement - Alsatian
25. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
26. Linkin Park - Faint
27. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Step Right Up
28. Taking Back Sunday - What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost
29. Ash - Girl From Mars
30. Air/Beth Hirsch - Sexy Boy
31. The Beatles - Help!
*This was supposed to be the end of the set, but as Hoaghes was away and I started an hour late, I played an extra half an hour to cover him. Dehrynn started a half hour early to cover the rest - and I finally got to hear a bit of his set! It was only half a song but at least I heard him say goodbye on mic XD*
32. Cute Is What We Aim For - Newport Living
33. Biffy Clyro - Machines
34. Blink 182 - I Miss You
35. The Strokes - Heart In A Cage
36. Disturbed - This Moment
37. The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward
38. Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet!
39. Foo Fighters - All My Life (Live Version)

So, thats me up to date with my playlists. If you guys missed my set, feel free to build it yourself and see what you missed out on. Of course, you also missed my little introductions and random "voice-bits" I did on mic, but those are a once in a lifetime event. You miss em and thats it :P

Esmie xXx

Friday, 13 March 2009


Okay.. I logged out to do some dishes in RL, after finishing building my set for DJing later. Just before I log, I notice SL time has changed to PDT!!! Soooo... SL noon is now 7pm my time, rather than 8pm. No problem.. I am ready. I am prepared. I can be there.

No I can't. Because they have disabled logins! SO NOW I CANT GET BACK IN BUT THERE ARE STILL 78,307 ONLINE, WTF IS GOING ON OMFG!!!!!111!!!!1111111!

Hurry up, Linden, and fix things. If worst comes to the worst, hopefully people wont notice the whole PDT switch (not many of my fellow Wharfies are from that end of the world) and I can start my set at 8 my time/1pm SL time and nobody will be any the wiser. I'll just have to get on when I can I spose u___u

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Watchmen Review

Its a pretty big movie right now, and I am sure many of you have seen it, but if you haven't, I would suggest that you check it out - it is definitely worth a look.

The film is based on the graphic novel of the same name, and is very, very different from your average superhero movie - not only is it bloody, graphic and dark, but it also has alot of deep background story, involving everything from rape to butchered children. Its definitely not for people who are the least bit squeamish, as there are parts where people explode and stuff... I found some of it quite funny, but not everyone has a sense of humour as dark as mine.

The deep background means there are alot of flashbacks to explain the way characters feel about one another, their relationships and histories, etc. I dont feel that all of it is entirely necessary, but then again, the film didn't lose anything for being so deep, and it would have lost alot of it's charm if these sections hadn't been included.

Watchmen takes place in an alternative reality, where it is the year 1985, and Richard Nixon has been elected for a third term as president of the US. The cold war with Soviet Russia is about to reach boiling point and everyone believes the world is on the brink of nuclear annhilation.

In this alternative reality, you have masked superheroes and supervillains, with names like Miss Jupiter, The Comedian, stuff like that. They don't have Superman style, reality-bending powers, but they just seem to be a little faster, stronger and smarter than average people. Oh hang on.. maybe one of them is a little bit special:

Say hello to Dr. Manhattan, a blue physicist who spends most of his time butt naked.

He is totally naked... alot... and... yes you do get to see his doodle. He could take Superman apart for lunch, then have every other comic book superhero or villain for dessert... if only he could be bothered. His list of abilities include:

Seeing all of time at once
Being able to grow to Godzilla size
Rearrange matter at will, with his mind
Be able to have multiple copies of himself. At one point he puts this ability to excellent use
Able to make himself incorporeal at will
Making people explode

There are more, too... he is somewhat gifted, even by comic book standards... and he isn't even the main character.

Everyone's favourite protagonist has to be Rorshach, who is basically an insane, twisted nutcase with a really funky psychological inkblot mask and little in the way of actual powers, apart from being able to make everything he does seem like the coolest thing ever.

There are so few decent screengrabs available.. but at least the original graphic novel can fill in well enough :D

There are other characters... but those two are the coolest, and I dont wanna spoil everything for you people. You'll find out when you watch the movie. Which you will do. Because:

Reasons to see Watchmen:

1) Its well written - great dialogue, some very quotable lines
2) Its well directed - the action scenes are beautiful, great camera work all over
3) Its well produced - very slick style, oozing with class
4) The soundtrack kicks ass - some awesome 80's tunes
5) The characters are cool - Rorshach's no compromise anti-hero is fantastic
6) It follows the ideas of the graphic novel closely - it keeps alot of the history
7) It has a big blue penis in it - yay!

Reasons not to see Watchmen:

1) It may be too gory - exploding people may upset you if you are a little girl
2) Its a bit long - two and a half hours


Definitely worth a look, is especially impressive on the big screen.. wont be nearly so good on DVD, so catch it while its out in the cinema!

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I'm like.. 22 years old!

I dont feel older. I dont feel like this was a proper birthday.. you knew, when you were a kid, that your birthday was coming and you got all exicted and tense and stuff.. doesn't happen to me anymore. Probably cos I have no surprise presents waiting for me. I dont ask for things anymore... I dont want or need anything that can be bought as a present or just wished into existance. You know.. things like pass grades on exams. World Peace. That sort of shit.

Thank you, everyone, for all the little messages and wishes and gifts... it really brought a big, big smile to my face :D

I cant wait to see what this year of my life brings... this will be 'the year of doing important things'. Should be equally terrifying and exciting.

Yeah, my voice went down quite well on friday, I spose. It went perfectly, in terms of the technical side of things... apart from one song not playing. I love SAM Broadcaster.. such an advanced piece of software compared to Winamp - not that Winamp is bad (I still use it to build my playlists), just that SAM is much, much better for this purpose. I am going to try and learn to use it more effectively for future shows - putting in more room for talking, as you all seem to like that for some reason :P

I will post my playlist from last friday up here another time, as I cant really be bothered right now lol

Esmie xXx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Free Shit

I found the BEST freebie store today. I'm not normally one for freebies, unlike some people.. but this store does things you'd actually wear :O


Everything in these images was free... beanie/hair, shirt, jeans, shoes... and skin.

Beanie/hair comes in three colours... white, grey, and dark (black, basically)

The skin is actually just as good as any you might pay for... there are a few there but I picked out the Androgynous style one, because it looked the cutest. Came with a shape too, but the less said about that the better xD

The pics here show a tiny fraction of what you can pick up there. I suggest you go check it out.


While I am here, I may as well tell you how fucking unbelievably nervous I am about my DJ gig tonight with my new mic. Spent a good hour today pissing about with Chester learning how to use SAM Broadcaster and trying to get the mic working.. but it does.. and tonight should be great :D

If I don't fuck up.

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Waiting can be fun!

Chester was banging on about lucky chairs on his blog, and how he dragged me along to wait for the school uniform at the Sera Korea one. I was there for a lil while.. then left.. then went back when 'E' finally came up. Then it came up again. And then again. I didn't bother grabbing it the third time as Easton was sposed to be coming to get it. He was busy playing Zyngo apparently... damn that game...

Anyways, for the brief time I left, I decided to transform into my werewolf, purely because I dont use the av very much and it cost me quite alot. So I was in were-form when I got tp'd back and Ches got me to give him a piggy-back while we stood around waiting for poor Aristoteles to get his copy of the uniform. He'd been there about 4 hours :/

Was actually a very fun time, standing around bitching at people who were afk when their letter came up, tp'ing in random peeps and making them race for the chair... was certainly a good way to spend a couple of hours :D

So yeah, I just felt like sharing this pic. Its kinda cute in a 'Beauty and the Beast'-type-thing-kinda-way. I think so anyways. I'm the cuddly, hugging type of werewolf, not the bitey, scratchy kind :D

As for Chester... I dunno if I have ever said how I really feel about him on here. This is gonna be embaressing cos he reads this...

But he is actually quite an awesome person and a fantastic friend.

There I said it. Now fuck off.

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Esmie Can Has Mic!!!


It arrived.

Look at my stupid face xD

I had to get my housie to take the pic cos my hands were shaking from the excitement. Probably :P

Yeah, these are Sennheiser PC 350's and they fucking rock.

They are a birthday present (I'm 22 next tuesday!?!?!?!) from a very special and generous guy. I can't say thank you enough.

Esmie xXx

*EDIT* Yes, that is the real me, in case you didn't ever see me before. HI *waves*

Oh, and sorry about the hair... I am growing it out and I usually wear a beanie to cover it but my friends made me give that up for lent.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

FedEx rant & Playlist from Friday 27/02/09

I'm still waiting on my headset... It was delivered on tuesday but nobody was in. I phoned on wednesday and asked them to redeliver on friday. I waited in all day and nothing. Friday night I look up the tracking info online and it was apparently delivered on thursday - and I was in all day then too, and heard nothing. So the driver has obviously been a TOTAL CUNT, cos when I phoned up saturday morning to ask where the FUCK my package was, the nice lady said that what the driver wrote down on his report 'Didn't make sense' and that she would 'ask him about it on monday morning' and then phone me back.

Sooo.. ya. FEDEX CAN FUCK OFF TO HELL AND BURN FOR ETERNITY. Except the nice phone lady. Spare her.

Was a quiet friday :(

1. Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart
2. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife 3
3. The Airborne Toxic Event - This Nowhere
4. White Lies - E.S.T.
5. Union Of Knives - Evil Has Never
6. Innerpartysystem - Structure
7. Deftones - Cherry Waves
8. VNV Nation - Testament
9. Hellogoodbye - Two Weeks In Hawaii
10. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
11. Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
12. Delays - Wanderlust
13. The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
14. Foo Fighters - My Hero
15. Cute Is What We Aim For - The Fourth Drink Instinct
16. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Especially In Michigan
17. Interpol - Slow Hands
18. The Hives - It Won't Be Long
19. The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Gonna Take This
20. Fight Like Apes - Jake Summers
21. Ash - Girl From Mars
22. The Offspring - Half-Truism
23. Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire (Requested by Jflo)
24. Apocalyptica - I'm Not Jesus
25. Linkin Park - Wth You
26. Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet!
27. Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee
28. Prodigy - Thunder
29. Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
30. Flight Of The Conchords - Robots

You can compare this with last week and see how many tunes I re-used, and how often I play the same bands... My music collection isn't very varied, but I do try and keep things at least vaguely enjoyable and interesting. I hope other people find it so.

I'm also extremely happy Dehrynn has been made manager at the Wharf - at last we have someone competent in charge :D

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Stream URL

Ok.. if you click this, then it should take you to a Shoutcast page via which you can listen to my shizzle. Some of the other DJs use this stream too, I know Hoaghes and Chester do. So tune in fridays from noon SL time/8pm GMT to hear me or any other time to hear the random shit we occaisionally play :D

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Heeeey, Mr. DeeJaaaaay... put a record on...

... I wanna dance with mah baaabyyyyyy.

The only Madonna song I like. To be a good DJ, you need to play good music. Although that sounds simple, actually having enough music to make your sets varied whilst still maintaining the quality can be extremely tricky. I only have about 3,000 songs - and that is not alot, considering roughly a third of them I don't consider the right sort of thing to play in a set on friday nights. So that leaves me with 2,000 available tunes for use.

Some people's music libraries contain ten times this amount - I think that the more songs you have, then it becomes equally harder and easier to DJ. Think about it... you have to sort through ten times the amount of songs, only picking out good stuff, yet at the same time, you have alot more choice so each of your sets can be totally unique.

Now that I have an earlier slot on fridays, I can play some slightly more laid back stuff, as not everyone is gonna be in a party mood at that time. Hell.. its 3pm for the East coast of the US lol so most of the people who turn up are from Europe, where it is at least 8pm.. so warming up the crowd for a long and fun friday night is an important job. I seemed to do okay last friday... my slightly subdued set seemed to go down well.

I just thought up a brilliant idea. Imma post my set lists on my blog!

Friday 20/02/09

1. Kings of Leon - Closer
2. Muse - Starlight
3. The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On?
4. Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
5. The Killers - When You Were Young
6. Fight Like Apes - Tie Me Up With Jackets
7. Foo Fighters - Disenchanted Lullaby
8. Innerpartysystem - Structure
9. VNV Nation - Testament
10. Black Kids - I Wanna Be Your Limousine
11. Interpol - C'mere
12. Battle - Beautiful Dynasty
13. Coldplay - Violet Hill
14. Placebo - Pure Morning
15. Biffy Clyro - Get Fucked Stud
16. Death Cab For Cutie - Someday You Will Be Loved
17. Blackbud - Heartbeat
18. Incubus - Dig
19. Saosin - You're Not Alone
20. White Rose Movement - Love Is A Number
21. Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town
22. Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate
23. Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)
24. White Lies - Farewell To The Fairground
25. The Offspring - Fix You
26. The Automatic - Lost At Home
27. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into
28. The Hives - It Won't Be Long
29. Snow Patrol - Tiny Little Fractures
30. Cute Is What We Aim For - The Curse Of Curves
31. The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives
32. Milburn - What About Next Time?
33. MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
34. Hellogoodbye - Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up On Me)

So.. there ya go. Originally I was gonna post up some details of the latest albums and stuff I have got hold of... but all the artists are included in there. I know the songs appear on the DJ board as I play em, but this is for those of you who may have missed the set and want to see what you could be listening to on a friday afternoon/evening/night. Alternatively, if you were there but didnt see the board and are thinking.. however unlikely this may be... "Oooohhhhh Esmi played a song that was awesome but I cant remember what it was called, now its stuck in my head and I have to find it!!!".. it is here on this list, you can probably find it quite easily. There... I've done my good deed for the day.

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 21 February 2009

300 posts.. and so what?

We made it to 300 posts; I was going to do something special but I really cannot think of anything... so fuck it; this is a boring, pointless post just like all the rest *grin*

Scotland's weather seems to have returned to normal after all the snow.. i.e. cold, wet and windy, which is reassuring as everything else seems to have returned to normal too. Things like me having 5 weeks to do my big, final project report for uni only to leave it and then rush it during the last week. I seem to do that alot with things :/

However, despite my procrastination, I got it done! It actually came out pretty good and I got it handed in easily on time. If anybody would like to see a copy, I can email it to ya... its not particularly impressive but if you'd like to see details of what I've been doing the past few months then I'd be happy to send it on.

Chester and Finnegan both have blogs now - they look quite promising and both of them have a great sense of humour.. well.. kinda.. sorta.. I spose they should both be a fun read. Probably.

Speaking of Chester, the little fucker stole my skin.. now he looks like my younger, cuter brother or something.. which really pisses me off.. but.. meh.. one more hot guy to look at in the world, who can complain?

The Wharf has changed schedules for friday nights - Finntastic Friday starts at noon SL time now - thats 8pm GMT, and it is me who kicks things off. It went pretty good last night.. had a nice, fun crowd. I do need a new host tho, as Dehrynn is at work at that time or something.. I'm not really sure who to go for, but Finn has promised he will find me someone who is both cute and funny - obviously the two most important things to look for in a host.

Soo.. mostly things are just pretty average I spose.. nuthin too special going on. Apart from me making it to 300 posts on my blog, baby! WOOT! lol I wonder how lame my 400th post will be :P
My general look changes daily but here is a rough idea of how I look at the moment.

Yeh... I know. I'm a poser. Sue me. <3

Esmie xXx

Monday, 2 February 2009

The White Stuffs.

Thats the view from my front(or back.. never worked out which way round the house actually is) door. Damn, I love snow. Its sooooo beautiful. Glittering ice crystals basking in the pale winter sun, there really is something quite magical about it.

I especially love the way it gives me an excuse to skip classes; My housie refused to drive in the blizzard this morning, and no fucking way was I going to stand around waiting for a bus - even if they were running on time - or at all.

Most of Britain has been blasted by snow today; we seem to have a wonderful inability to deal with these tiny fluffy ice crystals. The entire country grinds to a standstill whilst people bitch and moan about the cold. True, we dont live in say... Canada...

...where it snows all year round, gets to like 100ft deep* and people are used to it; but at least we should be prepared for it - its gonna happen sometime, people! It always seems to sneak up on us despite the two or three days' warning, giving us a nasty ice wedgy before leaving the authorities floundering around with gritters and salt thingies and shovels. Its hilarious xP

I'm not really complaining. I live in what you might call a semi-rural area and I'm glad they didnt bother gritting the roads properly, cos I dont drive or desperately need to go anywhere, and it gets me out of uni :D

But think about all those people who need to get to work or to hospital or whatever in a rush. Must suck for them :(

Esmie xXx

*May be an exaggeration.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Now, some of you may remember my post some time ago about not being the only 'Esmiel' in Second Life. Here is a link, just incase you would like to go check out that particular drama-queen rant; Holy hell that was well over a year ago!

Anyways, the reason I am referring you to that post is because yesterday, I did a check to see if Esmiel Baroque was still around. He is. AND he IM'd me last night while I was offline.

Imagine my surprise when I found this in my email inbox this morning:

[19:28] Esmiel Baroque: go back where you come/
you need leave forest for trees/boom boom BOOM!
I really, really hope he didn't take my rant too seriously, because who am I to say what names can and cannot be used? Linden Labs? No sir! lol

What this post is really about, and what that all links quite nicely to, is the new craze that has gripped parts of SL - Only having one name on display (i.e. making your last name disappear) through the use of a clever group tag. The group is called 'NameTrick' and it used to cost 50L to join - or, it did until yesterday when they made it free. Apparently, Linden Labs are going to crack down on this 'bug' very soon, although I think they should spend their time chasing much more worthwile causes - how much damage is a person with only one name on display doing to the system anyway?

Here is what you need to do:

Join NameTrick
Activate the tag in an old server version region (Serenus Prime is one; there are archived group notices with LMs to others)
Then bask in the glory of having only one name and a little '<3' above it

*UPDATE* Linden Labs have made the vanishing last name thing an offical bug or something.. so the tag doesn't work anymore... so... that sucks. Thanks, Lindens. Why do we need two names on display all the time anyway?

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Ok. This blog is undergoing a few changes at the moment. I disposed of the Links box.. cos half of them were broken and the other half were never updated. I know I'm one to talk, but hey - we're streamlining here!

I didnt want to delete just one or two and leave the rest so I got rid of them allll! Mwahahaha. I got rid of the retarded 'Classic one-liner' box too cos, frankly, I cant be bothered updating it and nor do I say anything that could really be determined as 'classic'.

I doubt anything else needs to vanish. I might try doing some fancy stuff with backgrounds and borders and things but I really cannot be bothered. I think it looks alright as is - you got a new header, what more d'ya want from me? D:

If you readers have any suggestions... I think you know where to send them by now lol.

Other news... the Finntastic Friday at the Wharf last night was fuckin brilliant - well, what I saw of it was, anyway. I am sure Dehrynn did a great job on his debut set, I wish I could have been around at 6am my time to see him. He hosted well during my set too, was happy when he offered to do it :D

As for DJ Doug, I dont know him and have never go the chance to see him so I cant comment. However, I reckon he must be pretty good to be included in this line up :P

Hoaghes and Kaj were both great.. they always are :D and I loved what I heard of their sets. It really is the best friday night you could hope for in SL... and if you'd rather sit at home twiddling your thumbs, then I feel sorry for you :P

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lookin' Good?

Gots myself a new, more comfortable look. A real departure from my old style but somehow this is just a little bit more... "me" I spose. Updated the header for the blog if ya didn't notice (lol) complete with the sparkly new me. Any comments? You know where to leave em :D

I'm planning on updating Flickr with a ton of new images.. some nice ones of fond memories and some of the new me too.. I'll see what I can get around to.

Well, 2009 is off to a good start on this blog. Two posts already, you lucky people... I actually intend to update this thing alot more often than previously.. I have more to talk about these days, I guess. Hopefully my reader base hasn't diminished too much... some of the conversations and discussions that went on in the comments were really quite fun and I've missed em. Perhaps I can think up some more interesting and controversial things to post about...

Esmie xXx

Monday, 12 January 2009

The Not-so-Wonderful Return of Esmiel

Yes, if you didn't know already, I'm back to SL. It took me a while to think about it, and it took me even longer to make sure it was the right thing to do, but I finally figured out what needed to change in my SL for the balance between the virtual and the real to be restored. I had to end my relationship with Nicholai. Now, ending something like that was hard. It was made harder still by the fact I love him and care about him deeply, and have done ever since we met. It was even harder because I know how much he needs Esmiel..

So, it wasn't easy for me to say and I imagine it was much, much harder for him to hear. I hope he understands that the reason I ended our relationship was because I had no choice but to be selfish. I've been around for him as much as I possibly can over the last year or so, and it was the obligation to be there for him that meant I was on SL as much as possible and that I found it hard to leave.

I couldn't go on being with him, because I couldn't cope with his needs I guess - I would have been able to if I didn't have another life and partner to be with, but that isn't the case. I tried to figure out alternatives to leaving Nic, but they all ended up with me leaving SL anyway.. and then he'd have nobody there. The way I thought it would go was that we'd remain friends and he'd be able to find someone else who could care for him in SL, if he wanted, and when he was ready, he could leave SL and do whatever he wanted.

Unfortunately, he doesn't want to remain in Second Life and will be leaving there soon. I hope we will remain friends through contact on MSN, as I have always said to him.. I wont abandon or forget him, and he has to put up with me caring for him for as long as I can.. because he needs it, and because I want to help him.

So thats the end of my relationships on SL. No more. Never again. I said that once before but this time I mean it - because I dont need one there, and it would only end in pain eventually anyways.

I've spent the last two days sorting my inventory after Nicholai dumped most of his stuff on me in preparation for leaving. I'm probably going to move out of the CNDG land as well.. I'll leave the landscaping or take it, depending on what they want. At the moment I'm hanging out at Chester's new house.. sleeping on his couch as you might say. We've put together a cool place to hang out.. just loads of cushions, couches and beanbags - and giant donut seats from Akeyo :D - and everyone is welcome anytime. I'll try putting a SLURL in here soon.

Ta-ta for now ;D

Esmie xXx