Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tigers and Eagles

Ok well for a long, long time I was a neko and then suddenly one day... I just stopped wearing the parts and became human again (at least in general appearance..). Nicholai did the same and we became elves for a while. Recently, Nicho decided to put on his neko stuff again and it reminded me just how amazingly cute he looked in it.. seriously, its the cutest thing in the whole world, that little tail swaying side to side just above that perfect.. ok I'll stop there. So anyways, I went back to being a neko again, but I was wanting something a little different. I thought about kitsune, and got the parts, but somehow they didnt seem quite right, or look quite as good as they did on anyone else I have seen in them.

So I decided to remain neko and find myself a non-Hybrid set of parts. Its not easy finding something just right for yourself after being used to the same thing for so long... but I eventually spotted another neko with some unusual and awesome ears and managed to do the old 'Inspection' thing on em and found out about a place called Outland Tech and Curious Relics - OTCR.

Now, this place is not big or well-known or advertised much... but it sure as hell deals in quality rather than quantity OMG these ears and tail are fucking awesome. They are not cheap - came to about 850L for the set, but they are very, very cool and make you feel nicely unique in a sea of neko clones. Now, of course, they have multiple positions, fur textures and colour options, so I went for plain white and managed to find the silver/white Delinquent hair from the GL in my inventory...

The problem with this hair is that it leaves a big gap on your forehead.. and what better way to fill it then with a set of horns - the gorgeous, sculpted little horns of the Faun avatar from Hybrid no less - and add a set of yellow neko eyes I got waaaay back, when I first became neko and my neko-demon form is born :D

Now, also at OTCR they had a huge display, upon which there was a set of wings. They didnt look that impressive, except for the fact they were clearly modelled on bird rather than angel, fairy or bat/demon type wings. I looked at the price tag and almost died, yet a few days later curiousity got the better of me and I returned and read the notecard and watched the video online of the wings in use. And then I bought them.

I gotta say, they were worth the price tag. A few people know it but I aint gonna put it up on here. Basically the wings do not use SL's built in flight system, rather they use a pseudo-physics engine that means you have to flap to propel yourself. Honestly, it is one of the trickiest things I have ever bought and a real bitch to use in a laggy or crowded or object-heavy sim. However I can also say that from my first successful take off in them, they rendered all other forms of travel in SL completely obsolete to me.

Absolutely nothing had prepared me for the incredible sensation of actually feeling like you are flying - really flying - swooping, diving, gliding and flapping amongst the clouds. I cannot quite say what it is about it that makes me feel so elated and I also cannot quite get a picture to capture that feeling, as flying with these wings requires constant adjustment and attention.

They come with their own little set of animations and because they are not limited by SL's flight system they have no maximum height restrictions :D

Of course, I had to make a whole look up around these wings so I came up with the concept of an eagle-demon hybrid, essentially swapping out the tail and ears from the neko form for the wings. Just check out the pic below for an idea of how awesome these babies are, and this is just in their ugly on the ground form :O

Eagle-Demon Hybrid

Esmie xXx

Friday, 22 February 2008

Esmiel dusts off his blog and picks up his keyboard once again...

... and has no idea what to write, but he's sure something will come to him as he rambles about not having the motivation or creativity to have written anything on here in the past weeks.

Well I guess a good start would be to tell y'all whats been happening during that time.

I guess the biggest thing is that we (Nicho and myself) went and had our first threesome!

... and who was the lucky guy that joined in with the most exclusive pair in SL? His name is Farzen and he is my alt *lol*

Ok I think you may need an explanation because that last sentence made me sound like a crazy pervert. Well... a while ago I admitted to Nich that a fantasy of mine would be to have two of him (or more..) at once and he said the same for him, he'd love to have sexy twin Masters. Sooo... I created Farzen, my alt, and made him identical to myself for a few days, and Nich had two identical Masters to please, which I can assure you, he managed quite well. Of course, its an emoting nightmare, especially running two clients at once on my pc (which can just about handle it), it can be very easy to make a mistake and mess the whole thing up. Luckily I only did that once so its not too bad.

Then, I made Farzen identical to Nicholai and he became my second boy last night, collar and all. So now I have hot blonde twin slaves, and as being submissive is Nicholai's speciality rather than mine, he did Farzen's emotes included in his own, which also worked good.

Essentially, Farzen is a sex toy I guess you could say, and we use him to live out some of our fantasies. However, I do find myself feeling a little sorry for him, seeing as how he will never have a mind of his own and is always gonna be just an accessory to our love life. Still, he is one damn lucky accessory *lol* considering how protective over- and exclusive to- each other me and Nich actually are.

So yeah, anyone confused on Boots beach last night by the appearance of me and both my boys.. don't worry, you weren't tripping. It was just me, Nich and my alt, who looks identical to Nicho. Simple eh?

Wow I managed to write quite alot so far and there is more to come... but I will leave it so I have something to write about tomorrow :P

Esmie xXx

Friday, 8 February 2008

You can file this post under Misc.

Technology. Isnt it wonderful? We (my RL roomies and myself) recently got ourselves a 32" Samsung HD ready LCD TV with built in digital tuner and it fucking rocks, especially when plugging the Xbox 360 into it and playing some Assassin's Creed. Totally awesome.

However, technology is also not very wonderful, especially when it makes life difficult (which kinda defeats the whole idea of its own purpose), like freakin ATI graphics cards! Whats up with having to install a new .NET Framework when I upgrade my drivers, just so I can have rendered sky AND water in Windlight? Stupid.

Now, about the whole baby thing. It was a joke, just to make absolutely certain everyone knows. I told Nicholai how much people got into it and stuff and he laughed his ass off... Before asking me if I actually, properly, wanted one. I said 'sure I'd love to be a father...' but of course, the prim babies in SL are hideous and I dont think I wanna adopt a child av, thats just kinda wierd (as if the idea of my male partner giving birth in general isnt...)

So.. no babies :) Not until they/we can make a prim baby that actually has the realistically combined genetic features of its parents, that doesnt talk bullshit every 5 mins and that doesnt look/act as creepy as hell...

In other news, we recently constructed a "lost temple" under the water off the West coast of our island. Its essentially the headquarters of a once powerful and wealthy brotherhood of monks, dedicated to Raynya, the goddess of lust. As you can imagine, the priests were chosen for their looks, and the sacrifices... well the same with them too. Raynya doesnt demand sacrifices of blood tho... she needs something much tastier and it was the priests' job to extract this stuff from the sacrifices.

The temple isn't quite what it was once upon a time tho. An earthquake sank it deep into the sea bed long ago and, quite luckily, the jewel at the centre of Raynya's altar holds enough power to create a protective air bubble all around :) The temple includes a 'training room' where the boys to be sacrificed are taught by the priests, and the priests themselves practice, the best umm.. techniques...

Its so much fun, I will be getting some pics of it soon I hope :P

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Baby Talk...

[16:37] Nicholai Heita looks at the stick...
[16:37] Nicholai Heita: I think
[16:37] Nicholai Heita: I am pregnant.....
[16:37] Esmiel Posthorn faints
[16:38] Nicholai Heita: ((I love this one commercial for one of those it says, "The most advanced piece of technology you will ever pee on"))
[16:38] You: LOL
[16:38] Nicholai Heita pokes you
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: ummmm....Eshy...
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: are you ok?
[16:39] Esmiel Posthorn wakes up and says "Was it a bad dream.. you arent really pregnant are you?!"
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: nope I'm pregnant
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: it turned blue
[16:39] Esmiel Posthorn faints again
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: o.O
[16:39] Nicholai Heita shakes you
[16:39] Nicholai Heita: Get up!
[16:39] You: Urrgh.. no..
[16:39] You: why?
[16:40] You: our sex life is ruined now you're pregnant..
[16:40] Esmiel Posthorn sobs
[16:40] Nicholai Heita: ummm..I should be saying that, your not the one who is gonna have to push a kid out their ass
[16:40] Nicholai Heita: umm no you can have sex til the third trimester :P
[16:40] You: Yeah but after its born..
[16:40] You: it'll always be around distracting us
[16:41] You: for the next 20 years..
[16:41] Esmiel Posthorn sobs
[16:41] Nicholai Heita: ummmm that is what we have wet nurses and governesses for
[16:41] Esmiel Posthorn dries his eyes and whimpers "We dooo?"
[16:41] Nicholai Heita nods
[16:41] Nicholai Heita: ummmmm....royalty doesnt raise their own children love
[16:41] Nicholai Heita: dont
[16:42] You: Will your ass ever even be able to feel my cock in it again afterwards?
[16:42] Nicholai Heita nod
[16:42] Nicholai Heita: nods
[16:42] You: phew..
[16:42] Nicholai Heita: I'll have a ceasarin thing w/e
[16:42] Nicholai Heita: :P
[16:42] You: well I'm gonna be a modern royal father and take care of my kid..
[16:42] Nicholai Heita: LOL
[16:42] You: nuuu cos then you'll have a huge scar across your stomach ; ;
[16:42] Nicholai Heita: okies then I'll do it natural o.-
[16:43] You: maybe you can puke it up?
[16:43] You: might be easier
[16:43] Nicholai Heita heaves
[16:43] Nicholai Heita: lol
[16:43] You: Can you get an abortion? I aint ready to be a daddy..
[16:43] You: I'm only 20 for gods sake D: and we dont have a big enough house for a kid
[16:43] Nicholai Heita: ok we can use the uninvented scarless ceaserin thing thats only in SL
[16:44] Nicholai Heita rolls his eyes
[16:44] Esmiel Posthorn gets up and sighs
[16:44] Nicholai Heita: you shouldnt of gotten rid of my pills then
[16:44] You: Its prolly not even mine.. bet it was those tentacles..
[16:44] Nicholai Heita:
[16:44] Nicholai Heita: anyway the tentacles were you LOL
[16:45] You: ssshhh :P
[16:45] Esmiel Posthorn wonders what the baby will look like and shudders violently
[16:45] Nicholai Heita: awww its gonna be so cute
[16:45] Nicholai Heita: unless it happens to be a really bad bowel movement o.-
[16:46] You: yeah.. but it'll have vampire teeth, elf ears, angel wings, demon horns, tentacles, a forked tongue, a 12" penis, webbed feet and probably pink eyes
[16:46] You: >_>
[16:46] Nicholai Heita: omg a 12" penis would be awesome
[16:46] You: on a baby?!?!?!?!
[16:46] You: lol
[16:46] Nicholai Heita: double if its a girl
[16:46] Nicholai Heita: LOL
[16:46] You: LMFAO
[16:47] Nicholai Heita: daddy why do I have boobs and a penis?
[16:47] Nicholai Heita: o.-
[16:47] Nicholai Heita: ummmm ask your mother she has the same problem
[16:47] You: which daddy are you asking? o_o
[16:47] You: lol
[16:47] You: rofl
[16:48] Nicholai Heita: daddy did I hurt coming out of your ass
[16:48] Nicholai Heita: yes I wanted you to die
[16:48] Nicholai Heita: o.-
[16:48] You: lol
[16:48] You: was even less fun to watch >_>
[16:48] Nicholai Heita: holy crap he is giving birth to a pearl necklace!
[16:48] Nicholai Heita: O:
[16:49] Nicholai Heita: you so didnt get that
[16:49] You: no i didnt..
[16:49] Nicholai Heita: anal beads...
[16:49] You: ohh
[16:49] You: :|
[16:49] Nicholai Heita: -.-
[16:49] You: hilarious
[16:50] Nicholai Heita: you are gonna watch it come out of me thats for sure...
[16:50] Nicholai Heita: -.o
[16:50] You: lol that lil baby chat is going on the blog :P
[16:50] Nicholai Heita: if its as big as your penis it will be fine
[16:51] You: D:
[16:51] Nicholai Heita imagines 12 inch little Eshies popping out
[16:52] Nicholai Heita: with 12 inch cocks
[16:52] You: :/
[16:52] You: I dont like thinking about babies with big dicks lol
[16:52] You: >_> call me crazy
[16:52] Nicholai Heita: lol
[16:52] Nicholai Heita: omfg get me some peanut butter and strawberry ice cream now!

Yeah, we are random...

Esmie xXx

Friday, 1 February 2008

I had a really great idea for a post...

... but I forgot it inbetween preparing for my class test later today, worrying about the hospital appointment I eventually missed this morning and generally trying to keep my life from spinning out of control, crashing off the road and ending up in a blaze of flame and smoke and flying wheels at the bottom of some cliffs. Ok, maybe thats an exaggeration, but you know how thing build up sometimes and you have so much to do and think about, as well as the realisation that you need to do more, haven't done enough so far and are going to get more to do tomrrow? Well things come to point sometimes where you just have to sort yourself out and get on with the stuff.

Anyways, I am happy to say I am not losing control of either life and things actually seem to be going alot better in each than I had realised whilst locked away in my lil box of despair and misery. I'm out of that now and I feel pretty good and confident that things are going to be fine, altho I should really be preparing further for my test later today, rather than sitting here typing this drivel, but I'm just not in the mood so it can wait :)

I didn't log in last night, for the first time in.. hmm.. months? I decided to take a night off and spend it with the RL guy, cos I came to the realisation that I spend more of my free time in SL than RL and I need to balance it a little bit more. No worries tho, I am gonna be spending plenty of time on SL still *lol* nothing can keep me away..

I should really begin posting about more interesting things, rather than just going over this random bullshit for the sake of keeping the blog going. So, perhaps expect fewer posts in future - free time is at a premium again - but the ones I do put up will be better, funnier, more interesting, more thought provoking, more relevant and longer. Quality over quantity I say :)

Esmie xXx