Friday, 23 January 2009


Now, some of you may remember my post some time ago about not being the only 'Esmiel' in Second Life. Here is a link, just incase you would like to go check out that particular drama-queen rant; Holy hell that was well over a year ago!

Anyways, the reason I am referring you to that post is because yesterday, I did a check to see if Esmiel Baroque was still around. He is. AND he IM'd me last night while I was offline.

Imagine my surprise when I found this in my email inbox this morning:

[19:28] Esmiel Baroque: go back where you come/
you need leave forest for trees/boom boom BOOM!
I really, really hope he didn't take my rant too seriously, because who am I to say what names can and cannot be used? Linden Labs? No sir! lol

What this post is really about, and what that all links quite nicely to, is the new craze that has gripped parts of SL - Only having one name on display (i.e. making your last name disappear) through the use of a clever group tag. The group is called 'NameTrick' and it used to cost 50L to join - or, it did until yesterday when they made it free. Apparently, Linden Labs are going to crack down on this 'bug' very soon, although I think they should spend their time chasing much more worthwile causes - how much damage is a person with only one name on display doing to the system anyway?

Here is what you need to do:

Join NameTrick
Activate the tag in an old server version region (Serenus Prime is one; there are archived group notices with LMs to others)
Then bask in the glory of having only one name and a little '<3' above it

*UPDATE* Linden Labs have made the vanishing last name thing an offical bug or something.. so the tag doesn't work anymore... so... that sucks. Thanks, Lindens. Why do we need two names on display all the time anyway?

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Ok. This blog is undergoing a few changes at the moment. I disposed of the Links box.. cos half of them were broken and the other half were never updated. I know I'm one to talk, but hey - we're streamlining here!

I didnt want to delete just one or two and leave the rest so I got rid of them allll! Mwahahaha. I got rid of the retarded 'Classic one-liner' box too cos, frankly, I cant be bothered updating it and nor do I say anything that could really be determined as 'classic'.

I doubt anything else needs to vanish. I might try doing some fancy stuff with backgrounds and borders and things but I really cannot be bothered. I think it looks alright as is - you got a new header, what more d'ya want from me? D:

If you readers have any suggestions... I think you know where to send them by now lol.

Other news... the Finntastic Friday at the Wharf last night was fuckin brilliant - well, what I saw of it was, anyway. I am sure Dehrynn did a great job on his debut set, I wish I could have been around at 6am my time to see him. He hosted well during my set too, was happy when he offered to do it :D

As for DJ Doug, I dont know him and have never go the chance to see him so I cant comment. However, I reckon he must be pretty good to be included in this line up :P

Hoaghes and Kaj were both great.. they always are :D and I loved what I heard of their sets. It really is the best friday night you could hope for in SL... and if you'd rather sit at home twiddling your thumbs, then I feel sorry for you :P

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lookin' Good?

Gots myself a new, more comfortable look. A real departure from my old style but somehow this is just a little bit more... "me" I spose. Updated the header for the blog if ya didn't notice (lol) complete with the sparkly new me. Any comments? You know where to leave em :D

I'm planning on updating Flickr with a ton of new images.. some nice ones of fond memories and some of the new me too.. I'll see what I can get around to.

Well, 2009 is off to a good start on this blog. Two posts already, you lucky people... I actually intend to update this thing alot more often than previously.. I have more to talk about these days, I guess. Hopefully my reader base hasn't diminished too much... some of the conversations and discussions that went on in the comments were really quite fun and I've missed em. Perhaps I can think up some more interesting and controversial things to post about...

Esmie xXx

Monday, 12 January 2009

The Not-so-Wonderful Return of Esmiel

Yes, if you didn't know already, I'm back to SL. It took me a while to think about it, and it took me even longer to make sure it was the right thing to do, but I finally figured out what needed to change in my SL for the balance between the virtual and the real to be restored. I had to end my relationship with Nicholai. Now, ending something like that was hard. It was made harder still by the fact I love him and care about him deeply, and have done ever since we met. It was even harder because I know how much he needs Esmiel..

So, it wasn't easy for me to say and I imagine it was much, much harder for him to hear. I hope he understands that the reason I ended our relationship was because I had no choice but to be selfish. I've been around for him as much as I possibly can over the last year or so, and it was the obligation to be there for him that meant I was on SL as much as possible and that I found it hard to leave.

I couldn't go on being with him, because I couldn't cope with his needs I guess - I would have been able to if I didn't have another life and partner to be with, but that isn't the case. I tried to figure out alternatives to leaving Nic, but they all ended up with me leaving SL anyway.. and then he'd have nobody there. The way I thought it would go was that we'd remain friends and he'd be able to find someone else who could care for him in SL, if he wanted, and when he was ready, he could leave SL and do whatever he wanted.

Unfortunately, he doesn't want to remain in Second Life and will be leaving there soon. I hope we will remain friends through contact on MSN, as I have always said to him.. I wont abandon or forget him, and he has to put up with me caring for him for as long as I can.. because he needs it, and because I want to help him.

So thats the end of my relationships on SL. No more. Never again. I said that once before but this time I mean it - because I dont need one there, and it would only end in pain eventually anyways.

I've spent the last two days sorting my inventory after Nicholai dumped most of his stuff on me in preparation for leaving. I'm probably going to move out of the CNDG land as well.. I'll leave the landscaping or take it, depending on what they want. At the moment I'm hanging out at Chester's new house.. sleeping on his couch as you might say. We've put together a cool place to hang out.. just loads of cushions, couches and beanbags - and giant donut seats from Akeyo :D - and everyone is welcome anytime. I'll try putting a SLURL in here soon.

Ta-ta for now ;D

Esmie xXx