Thursday, 20 May 2010

Building a Tardis ain't easy.

[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: theres more glass than I thought there was o: ...infact I's surprised he never once broke any >_>
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: maybe he did o:
[3:38] Esmiel Posthorn: There is glass? lol
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: *smash* aaww fuck not again
[3:38] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:39] Kyris Upshaw: yus... glass tubes n lil tank things full of pressurey pistons and what not
[3:39] Esmiel Posthorn: I had no idea
[3:39] Esmiel Posthorn: @.@
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: theres a main set of three pointing towards the door with a lil valve and a pressure dial indicator thing... and then theres 2 almost identical single ones either side of it on the other panel bits... and then theres another glass thing below one of the monitors positiony panels... attached to pipes n wires
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: o:
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: and
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: and
[3:40] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:41] Kyris Upshaw: thers atleast... 3 of those movey orb things... thats embedded in the console... o.o and theres also a spare lying about somewhere... he keeps alot of spare junk :P
[3:41] Kyris Upshaw: which makes it haaaard... to like... actually... tell... whats attached to the console and whats not :P
[3:42] Kyris Upshaw: except the binoculars... if THOSE are attached... I'll... eat my... foot... or sumthin... with a spoon... made of FIRE
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: Yeah.
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: What?
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: ...
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: nevermind
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: he keeps a pair of binoculars... did you know that?
[3:43] Esmiel Posthorn: I can't remember
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: and I think some sort of giant compass
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: :P
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: more glass
[3:43] Kyris Upshaw: lol
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: aaaand and
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: I learned which switch is the GO switch :D
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: he flicks the same one every time
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw nod nods
[3:44] Kyris Upshaw: well almost every time
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: theres actually like... a few... different ways of taking off... so... theres also a few different go buttons lol
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: but the usual way of de-materialising and re-materialising somewhere else... is... that... one...
[3:45] Kyris Upshaw: xD
[3:46] Kyris Upshaw: and... I'm gonna stop talking now
[3:46] Kyris Upshaw: sorry xD

Somehow, Kyris actually manages to build as much as he talks. Very impressive.

Esmie xXx

Monday, 15 March 2010

King Julian

[12:57] Julian Battitude: i am the king!
[12:57] Julian Battitude: lmao
[12:57] Julian Battitude looks down and blinks, "pay no attention to the skirt!

Esmie xXx

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tseenik prepares for a date

[15:27] Tseenik Miles: should I get him some flowers or something?
[15:28] Esmiel Posthorn: Wow you are old fashioned
[15:28] Esmiel Posthorn: Just make sure you take a condom
[15:28] Esmiel Posthorn: :P
[15:28] Esmiel Posthorn: I have a rose you can give him
[15:28] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[15:28] Tseenik Miles: so that would be ixnay on the lowersfa
[15:29] Esmiel Posthorn: Well, I am not a flower fan
[15:29] Esmiel Posthorn: I dunno about this guy
[15:29] Tseenik Miles: what do you give.... a body piercing?
[15:29] Tseenik Miles: hehhehehehheheh
[15:29] Esmiel Posthorn: My cock, usually
[15:29] Esmiel Posthorn: :P
[15:29] Tseenik Miles: heheh

I think I helped

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Viewer 2.0 Beta

So, I was reading a bunch of forum posts about how sucky the new 2.0 viewer is, and I must admit, I agreed with 99% of them. It is clunky and dull and makes my head hurt; it is too dark, the things that matter are too small, such as text and pictures, and bullshit is too big... such as big grey borders and fucking stupid buttons. One forum post was just so perfect, so wonderful, I had to paste it in here to keep it forever and to share with everyone. It was initially a reply to a post about how Picks have been ruined.

Prokofky Neva:

I couldn't agree more.

And when I see how *consciously* the picks have been destroyed, along with search/places, classifieds on the avatar, etc. I have to wonder if the Lindens held a weekend seminar in which they said:

"How can we break inworld business even more than we've already broken it with land glutting, price hikes and dumps, freebies/commissions policies changes on x-street? How can we *really* bring it to its knees?"

So Schumpeter Linden says, "I know, let's destroy the engine of sales, search/places, by making it unusable, let's fill it with junk, no longer sorted by traffic relevance, and returning only 3 items per search -- that will do it."

Then Darwin Linden says "Let's savage Picks. Let's take them out as an automatic until somebody figures out to use EDIT-something to see them. Then let's make them less visible and hide half the text -- Picks only drive inworld commerce to stores inworld away from our Xstreet property where we collect commission, so let's be sure to really mess this one up."

Then Clusterflock Linden says, "The way to make this look like Facebook, but destroy any semblance of usability like Facebook or the old SL, is to put all the messages in a big black box bunch at the bottom right, where people won't find it easy to look for, and keep it flashing and piling up like a deck of cards. That way, we can drive people to socialize on Avatars United, shop on Xstreet, and not burden our servers by actually being in world, except long enough to take pictures of themselves to put on their fashion blogs."

Then Taylorism Linden says, "Wait, I got a way we can shave some minutes off that experience, too. Let's bork the camera controls, ruin the commands for snapshots, and make taking pictures a mess too -- that will put paid to that extra behaviour."

Then M Linden says, "But then why would anybody bother to log on?"

Stallman Linden then replies, "Just long enough to use all the third-party viewers we're going to give a pass to even under our new rules to copy the content and port it over to Opensim."

I hate the new viewer. Emerald for Life.

Esmie xXx

Hug time!

[10:41] Enzeru Onizuka wanders by, swipes a hug.
[10:42] Esmiel Posthorn is suddenly force-hugged and loves it .__.
[10:43] Enzeru Onizuka hugs you harder, "That's right, bitch. Take it. Take it." >:D
[10:43] Enzeru Onizuka the hug rapist.
[10:44] Esmiel Posthorn squeals.. "Ahh! Ahh! Oh fuck yeah, thats good hugs.."
[10:46] Enzeru Onizuka hugs the hell out of you, "Yeah, I knew you wanted it. Those perfectly sensible and covering clothes of yours screamed that you wanted it."
[10:47] Esmiel Posthorn wipes the sweat from his brow and tries to squeeze you back.. "Yeah, I was gagging for a good hugging.. I'm so lucky such a well hung hug-stud was passing.."

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Silfadion's Little Problem.

[9:39] Esmiel Posthorn: Is it big?
[9:40] Silfadion Haefnir: your thumb.
[9:40] Silfadion Haefnir: From the middle joint to the end of the nail.
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: Oh thats pretty big
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: I have held bigger
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: Lol Just chuck it out the window
[9:41] Silfadion Haefnir: I. Am. Not. Touching. It.
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Hang on.. I'll be right over
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Lol.
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Is it on the wall
[9:41] Silfadion Haefnir: I don't know where it is.
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: Hurry dude HURRRYYY
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: xD
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: I wish we lived next door to each other lol
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: That would be epic
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: LOL that would be hilarious.
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: Get your dad to hunt the beetle down? lol
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: I am sure he can deal with it
[9:44] Esmiel Posthorn: Are you sure you're not just imagining this?
[9:45] Esmiel Posthorn: Did the beetle eat you?
[9:49] Esmiel Posthorn: Can I have your stuff?
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: o_______o
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: Dad's asleep.
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: I'm alone with no siblings, no boyfriend and no girlfriend.
[9:49] Esmiel Posthorn: You have a shoe, don't you? SMASH that fucker
[9:51] Esmiel Posthorn: You can do this.. I believe in you.
[9:52] Silfadion Haefnir sobs, afraid. "I don't know where he went!!"
[9:53] Esmiel Posthorn gives you encouragement from ten thousand miles away.. "Just be ready for it to emerge, then finish it with a shoe or book before it can bite you!"
[9:53] Silfadion Haefnir: O_____O
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: Beetles can...biteee?
[9:54] Esmiel Posthorn: Oh, no, did i say that?
[9:54] Esmiel Posthorn: I meant.. hug.
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: But it has a freaky underside
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: I dont wanna be HUGGED.
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: THEN KILL IT
[9:55] Silfadion Haefnir: I DONT KNOW WHERE IT WENT.
[9:55] Silfadion Haefnir: XDDD
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: Just don't go to sleep
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: That's when they crawl in your mouth
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: I have to go out to the Cinema now ~ Good luck

Esmie xXx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Birthday Surprise.

[7:14] Kyris Upshaw: WTF YOU SONNOVA BITCH O:
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw: whens your birfday?
[7:15] Esmiel Posthorn: WHAT?
[7:15] Esmiel Posthorn: omg March 10th
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw screams at you
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw: saaaaaaame
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw: >:O
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw: we is birthday buddehs
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw: HUG ME NOW
[7:15] Esmiel Posthorn: OMG NO
[7:15] Esmiel Posthorn: OMG YES
[7:15] Esmiel Posthorn HUGS YOU
[7:15] Kyris Upshaw HUGS!!!

You learn something new every day.

Esmie xXx

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Neutral Avatar Mesh

My new friend Sakito Nakamichi has posted this suggestion on the JIRA:

Basically, he suggests a medium avatar mesh in between female and male with no major defining characteristics; for example: no breasts, better distribution of muscles and a more androgynous skeleton that works better with scaling at the lower ends; I am sure we've all seen how horrific the male mesh looks when you have reduce the size of muscles and height down past a certain level.

If you don't know how to vote, then look on the left of the page, sign in using your usual SL name and password, and then click 'Vote for link'. With enough votes, we can get the Lindens to seriously consider this proposal and then we won't have to use the female template to build cute gay boys anymore. (Not that I do - but it is extremely difficult to get more feminine than me without either having horrific shoulder blades or tiny boobs.)

Esmie xXx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hoaghes and the animals.

[9:09] Esmiel Posthorn: i wanna work in a zoo.. animals are so awesome
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: go do it!
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: youre smart enuf
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: and yeah
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: I agree, animals rock
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: but Im a stoner
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: I space out on stuff like that :P
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: national geographic ftw
[9:09] Esmiel Posthorn: you dont need drugs to appreciate nature :P
[9:09] Hoaghes Beaumont: tru tru
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: I'd love to work in a zoo as well..I think its cool.
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: Monkey world is in the UK
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: oh, great, they have an opening for an 'admin assisstant'
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: thats a cool place as well
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: and thats it
[9:10] Hoaghes Beaumont: at monkey world?
[9:10] Esmiel Posthorn: no at my nearest zoo
[9:11] Hoaghes Beaumont: well, its a start.
[9:11] Esmiel Posthorn: mebbe *ponders*
[9:11] Hoaghes Beaumont: and its better then nuffin
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: plus!
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: you prolly get to visit the zoo as much as you want
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: and it sounds like something youd be able to do
[9:12] Esmiel Posthorn: awww but i wanna feed the tapirs dammit
[9:12] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[9:12] Hoaghes Beaumont: dude
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: say you love zoos and youd do anything to work in one, even as an admin assistant, but that if they hire ya..You want a clause allowing you at least one tapir feeding session..say..every two weeks or so
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: that or a 10% increase in wage
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: and youre se
[9:13] Hoaghes Beaumont: t
[9:13] Esmiel Posthorn: wow, you're a genius
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: I knoes!
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: oh, and you want to lick one of those toads that make you hallucinate
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: cuz theyre fuck awesome
[9:14] Esmiel Posthorn: lmfao
[9:14] Esmiel Posthorn makes a note
[9:14] Hoaghes Beaumont: like, every month and a half.
[9:15] Hoaghes Beaumont: and a free supply of fluffy stuffed animals every quarter
[9:16] Hoaghes Beaumont: Maybe want to experience the thrill of getting banged up by a hippo as well?
[9:16] Hoaghes Beaumont: I could add that as a yearly clause.
[9:16] Esmiel Posthorn: Maybe thats going a bit far
[9:17] Hoaghes Beaumont: Rite *scraps it*
[9:18] Hoaghes Beaumont shrugs.
[9:18] Hoaghes Beaumont: Im not even stoned yet.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kyris' Escape

We were discussing sexual perversions and fetishes, and I cant remember what exactly it was that I jokingly went 'mmm' too.. but.. here goes.

[2010/02/22 14:18] Esmiel Posthorn: mmm..
[2010/02/22 14:18] Kyris Upshaw: o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ..o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Esmiel Posthorn: i have said too much.. *jumps out the window and flees*
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ....o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .......o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ..........o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...........o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ......................o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...............................o.o
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: .................................o.o|
[2010/02/22 14:19] Kyris Upshaw: ...................................o.|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: ....................................o|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: .....................................|
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: dats me... edgin sloooowly out the door
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw nods
[2010/02/22 14:20] Esmiel Posthorn: I left twenty minutes ago via the window
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: I knows
[2010/02/22 14:20] Kyris Upshaw: was still in shock

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

O Hai :D

I realise it has been some time since I posted; it has mostly been because I don't know what to say! However, a dilemma opened up recently where I was running out of space to fit hilarious quotes into my Profile Picks... and then I realised I had a blog... so... I will post them on here. Expect some regular updates in future :D

[12:44] Babes Baily: i just moisturised and had a cocoa butter disaster
[12:44] Esmiel Posthorn: a cocoa butter disaster? OMG
[12:44] Esmiel Posthorn: what happened?
[12:45] Babes Baily: lmao i was like smacking it to get more out and it like jizzed all over my pjs and my hand :(
[12:45] Babes Baily: lol thats what she said
[12:45] Esmiel Posthorn: LMFAO
[12:45] Babes Baily: it did though!
[12:45] Babes Baily: so i rubbed it all over my bodeh
[12:46] Esmiel Posthorn: I am fucking dying here
[12:46] Babes Baily: LOL
[12:46] Babes Baily: i had to scrape some up though with a cup and it was going everywhere it went all up the pc monitor
[12:47] Babes Baily: fucking hell, not even moisturising is easy these days
[12:47] Babes Baily: :(
[12:47] Esmiel Posthorn: I hate it when that happens
[12:47] Babes Baily: i no right
[12:47] Babes Baily: its never actually came out that much before though
[12:47] Babes Baily: palmers let me down
[12:47] Esmiel Posthorn: please shut up
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: I am screaming
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: XD
[12:48] Babes Baily: :D
[12:48] Babes Baily: its true!
[12:48] Babes Baily: fucking bad packaging i say
[12:48] Babes Baily: that stupid lid
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: yeah
[12:48] Esmiel Posthorn: maybe you should just try sucking it out next time
[12:48] Babes Baily: no then my mouth would be all creamy and buttery
[12:49] Esmiel Posthorn: i thought you liked that :D
[12:49] Babes Baily: LOL not that kinda creamy buttery stuff :D
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: XDDDDD
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: this is so fucking epic
[12:50] Babes Baily: im going to contact them
[12:50] Esmiel Posthorn: "your cocoa butter went all over my monitor, send me some new tubes"
[12:53] Babes Baily: LOL they should, im sorry but that package is odley shaped and a stupid size

Esmie xXx