Thursday, 30 April 2009

We All Wanna Be Big Rockstaaaaarrrrrs!

Two posts today! You lucky people. Cyber Skute was handing out free guitars at the beach so we all had a go at being rockstars for a while =P

From left to right: Cyber Skute, Chopper Wylie, Esmiel Posthorn, Implode Jorda, Shaun Emerald.

Good times at Boots Beach xD

I got made an officer for the Beach Bums group recently.. I was one before for a lil while, I think.. but they put me back down to regular Bum during my lil hiatus at the end of last year. So I had to 'work my way back up through the ranks', so to speak, and now I am Security, DJ and Officer. Awesome.. it feels so good to be part of the team and able to really put something back into this place that's given me so much over the years. Thanks for promoting me, guys! *hugs*

Esmie xXx

Impenetrable Fortress of Awesome!

Finnegan got me a lovely pillow fort;

Here you can see us playing Candyland, just one of the many included board games. Although Candyland is the only one you can play... and by 'play', I mean 'look at the single prim board and emote doing everything yourself'.

[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn pushes a thing around the board an arbitrary number of squares. "Your go"
[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn: I have no idea how to play this game
[1:53] Finnegan Chesnokov cheats and fudges the dice so they roll the optimal number
[1:53] Esmiel Posthorn: wow! you did... good.. i think
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: >_>
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah ... I am close to winning
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: again
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: i dont know how you do it
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: amazing
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: I cheat
[1:54] Finnegan Chesnokov: I cheat alot
[1:54] Esmiel Posthorn: well i dont know the rules.. so technically you cant cheat
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: oh yeah .. okay so I declare my self the winner
[1:55] Esmiel Posthorn: damn.. you're good at this
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah .. I am a genius
[1:55] Esmiel Posthorn: i was losing even when playing by myself
[1:55] Finnegan Chesnokov: Oh .. I just rolled the die and drew the snickersnoop card and you have to pay me 1000L
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: I only have 712
[1:56] Finnegan Chesnokov: then I get to draw a ziztherzoop card
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: right
[1:56] Esmiel Posthorn: and what does it say
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: You have to be my servant
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: oh jeeze
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: for how long?
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: Lifetime of servitude
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn sighs
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: ok
[1:57] Finnegan Chesnokov: I am not sure if it is my life or yours
[1:57] Esmiel Posthorn: if its on a card that came with a boardgame, it must be law
[1:58] Esmiel Posthorn: well either way.. one of us is in for a fun ride.. the other.. not so much
[1:58] Finnegan Chesnokov: yeah .. every one knows the rules of candyland are higher than international law
[1:58] Esmiel Posthorn: the Geneva convention doesnt apply in Candyland
[1:59] Finnegan Chesnokov: nope ... Candyland has its own version of Guantanamo Bay
[1:59] Finnegan Chesnokov: they candyboard you
[1:59] Esmiel Posthorn: oh so thats what the little mushroom castle is

... at this point I collapsed into giggles and the game ended.

With Swine Flu becoming a world-conquering pandemic of apocalyptic proportions, I am glad I have these pillows, chairs and blankets to shield myself from the airborne plague.

While here I may as well give you some close ups.

Incase you haven't seen it yet, here is me in my new skin, with new hair colour. It makes a nice change to be darker again after having that paler skin for so long. Its one of the new(ish) 'androgynous' Seraphim skins from Zanzo, with the 'Michael' skin shade and the 'Final Heaven' style face tat that you cant really see in the pics. It comes with dark and light eyebrow shades.. but no pubes.

My hair is the 'Coffee - Cappuccino' coloured 'Angst' style from Bryce Designs. They do a great pack that includes a black, red, blonde and brown colour in it for only 200L. This is probably the nicest style there, and I love the sculpted, windswept look.

My eyes are the 'Magicka Mix' from the 'Oni Collection' at The Plastik. The armwarmers are from Aitui. The taped fingers and black nails are from Sinistyle. The pants are the red Fleece pants from Zoobong. The piercings are some basic lil custom ones my friend Easton Parx did for me. If you look very closely at the pic, you can see I have some braces on my teeth. I got them here. I had braces for several years in RL and I hated them and they didnt work at all and it was hell. But I think they look kinda cute on Esmiel :D

This is Finn's "Fae Accountant" look. I love it.. he is so funny and such a great guy. *hugs*

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Esmiel loves...


I calls em "Ice Lollies", but then again, I also call potatoes "dirt apples" so what do I know.

Seriously.. get some, they are awesome. Perfect for the warmer months looming on the horizon, when you'll just be dying for something cool and moist in your mouth.

I have alot of stuff by that creator - she makes some really cool things for a good price. The handcuffs are especially wicked ;]

Silversun Pickups.

My good friend Chester told me about this band's new album recently. The album is called 'Swoon'. It is very good. Very, very, very good. Exceptional. So easy to listen to and yet with just enough little quirks and hooks to get you to want to listen to it again and again. I understand if it is not your sort of thing, but I adore them. Highly recommended.

Chessums has a habit of totally turning my music collection on its head and shaking it about every now and then with a single suggestion. I think it is a good talent and probably his best feature. ;P

Other Bands Right Now:

Metro Station -
The self-titled debut album by these guys is brilliant fun. Alot more to it than just the great "Shake It" single.

Infadels - Their album "Universe in Reverse" was a recent addition to my collection. Fabulous stuff.. some very nice, interesting tunes; Track 3, "Play Blind" is probably my favourite.

Delays - Finally got hold of their latest album "Everything's the Rush". Very, very nice band, these guys. Cute, simple tunes - very easy to listen to.

Blink 182 - I just got their "Greatest Hits". All the tunes are brilliant - I dont know why I didnt get this album sooner. Everyone will love at least a couple of songs on it - stuff like "Whats my age again" and "All the small things" are real classics.

The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams.

Poor Douglas (the author of one of my all-time favourite books, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and its sequels) died some time ago, and I was only just made aware of the existence of this book. If you too are a fan of his work, and frankly, everyone who has read anything by him must be, then I suggest you check this book out.

It is half of an unfinished story by Adams about his detective character, Dirk Gently, who I have also just found out about and must find the other books based on him. But the Salmon of Doubt also contains a large amount of little articles, letters, interviews and a lecture written by Adams, and these are all interesting, hilarious and tragic at the same time. They make you realise just how much less brilliant the world is without him.

"The Salmon of Doubt" is published by Pan and the ISBN number is 0-330-32312-1

Themed DJ Sets.

Don't forget, boys and girls... this friday is the themed Finntastic Friday. We have one theme for each DJ, starting at 2pm with my set. I chose Lord of the Rings as my theme - It took me a long time to decide, but this was the right choice, I think. It offers so much variety and possibility - you can be anything from a hobbit to a dragon, a goblin to a wizard, an ent to a ghost. Or even an elf. Or human. Or dwarf. Or nazgul. Or orc - no wait.. no orcs. I'm the orc!

The alternative option running through my mind was a School Uniform theme but that is kinda boring and ordinary. Dehrynn's theme is Superheroes/villains.. I have a lovely Rorshach from Watchmen outfit all lined up for that. Kaj, at 6pm, has a 'Fetish' theme.. and.. well.. if I manage to stay up that late.. I have plenty of outfits for it ;]

There are big prizes available so I suggest you get your asses over to the Wharf on friday =P

Esmie xXx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not all orcs are evil...

Some of you may know I occaisionally like to put on an orc skin and be a bit.. well.. different. Not alot of people like the whole "orc look", but its not as if I chose the skin for it's beauty-pagent potential. I wanted to be an orc because 1) Nobody else is and 2) they are freakin cool.

The word 'orc' was first used by J. R. R. Tolkien in his Lord Of The Rings series of books (now movies, in case you didnt know) and has been adopted by various fantasy writers and settings to describe a race of brutal, often evil and sadistic, warlike monsters. Their general appearance and abilities do vary between authors/worlds - everything from Tolkien to WoW, Warhammer, Elder Scrolls and D&D - but they often have green skin and are pretty damn mean.

Mostly, this post is an excuse to show you that pic. I took it on a bright red background and added the background, shading, fire, smoke and blood in Photoshop. Took me about 2 hours.

Usually I play a nice, friendly, peaceful orc - at odds with the rest of my race, I'd rather hug an elf than eat one. Possibly because of my orc's underdeveloped muscles and short height, he isnt one for fighting. Except in that pic. Cos it was fun and something to do.

Read that again.. my orc went out murdering because it was 'fun and something to do'.

Guess he isnt so nice after all =o

Esmie xXx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Secular-Chocolate-Egg-Gathering Holiday

Now, we all know that Easter is all about Jesus dying and then coming back as a zombie and killing all the Romans by eating their brians. Shame they didnt have shotguns back then huh?

Anyways, I want to know.. and please, somebody please.. explain to me how it turned into a festival of chocolate eggs and bunnies. I mean.. sure.. pagans recognised eggs as a symbol of birth, and then Christians stole it, like they did pretty much every other pagan idea, and used eggs to represent the rebirth of Jesus... As for bunnies.. well.. we all know bunnies are awesomely cute and they seem to appear magically in spring, but then frankly, when isnt a good time of year to cuddle a bunny?

But.. come on.. chocolate?

Like.. maybe I am just jealous cos I didn't get any eggs this year and have to wait to get some in a couple of days time when they all cheap, cos apparently egg-shaped chocolate is like.. dodgy after Easter.. or something.

I'm not religious, in fact, I am pretty much an atheist in terms of a classical view of God and Jesus and the Bible.. its just a book.. Imagine The House At Pooh Corner was written by lots of different authors (not just A.A. Milne) and then a hundred years later some dudes hold aloft a copy of The Pooh Book and said "This is God's instructions for all of us. Oh and by the way, we're the only ones who can read it so do what we tell you" and like.. thats the Bible. Except we'd all worship a big pot of honey.. yum.. Now.. if I had a time machine... >:D

I guess I'm trying to say.. people forget the point in things. Its like Christmas, Halloween, all these holidays... people get carried away with the bullshit and forget what they're really about.

Like this post. >_>

I got carried away. I was just gonna put a link to this on here and ask how long you think it'd take you to eat it? It's chocolate, by the way.. 1,950kg (or 4,299 lbs) of it. Please remember, 22lbs in like.. i dunno.. a day or something... is the lethal dose for a human. Dont attempt anything crazy here, people.

Assuming you ate 11lbs in one day (to avoid totally dying) and then took a day off to recover (i.e. go to the hospital) and then went and ate 11lbs and then took a day off and so on, it'd take a total of 781 days to eat it all. If you share it out with your family, lets say, there are four of you total, its still gonna take 195 days to finish, with that same pattern of one day eating, one day puking.

Is there a point to making a 1,950kg chocolate egg? Maybe.. they wanted to celebrate Jesus and stuff by producing an egg so big only God himself could have laid it. Thats probably it. Right?

Have a very happy Easter holiday, guys.

Esmie xXx