Sunday, 25 February 2007

New Friends

New friends are great too... so much to discover about each other and talk about. It's what keeps the world interesting. That's me and Elijah lookin fierce. He's a really great guy and loads of fun... I haven't known him long but I hope we will be friends for a long time to come.

Esmie xXx

Old Friends

For the past few nights I have been a naughty boy, staying up til 4 or 5am. Why? Because I love being in SL far far too much to be healthy.

Old friends are the best friends... but I learnt a valuable lesson recently. Always keep in contact with them, because otherwise one day they will leave and you won't have said goodbye. Such is what happened with my friend Rayu. He did a lot for me and I will never forget that, but the fact that our last ever conversation was him complaining about me never talking to him cuts me up a little bit. I logged on next morning to find a note saying he had left forever... and I hadn't said goodbye or thanks. Maybe I'll see him again one day, who knows?

I saved this log from an IM discussion me and Rayu had a long time ago... I'll never forget how funny this was.

[13:58] Rayu Kaufman: about licking them
[13:58] Esmiel Posthorn: um ok
[14:01] Rayu Kaufman: your place looks sad
[14:01] Esmiel Posthorn: put some things in it for me then
[14:01] Esmiel Posthorn: :D
[14:01] Rayu Kaufman: is this "The Sims"?
[14:01] Rayu Kaufman: lol
[14:02] Esmiel Posthorn: LOL
[14:02] Rayu Kaufman: do you know that game?
[14:02] Esmiel Posthorn: yeah, i played it a lot
[14:02] Rayu Kaufman: they always want more furniture
[14:03] Esmiel Posthorn: i know, ridiculous. not like sl at all
[14:04] Rayu Kaufman: yes
[14:04] Rayu Kaufman: I hated to care for them
[14:04] Esmiel Posthorn: lol
[14:05] Rayu Kaufman: all the waste they left in the kitchen

I'm gonna miss you, dude.

Esmie xXx

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Second Day of the Blog

Well... SL is acting up a bit at the moment. Surprise. My gorgeous friend Tad invited me to go and see something yesterday... what he showed me nearly knocked me out. That's the back of his new HOUSE! That tiny black speck there is me... can't wait til it is finished... He says it will be open to the public for fun and frolics. That's just the Heaven part... there is Hell too!

See you there!

Esmie xXx

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Second Life is STILL Down... So Here Is Some Randomness

Well... I'm not entirely convinced by Britney's hair-removal insanity. I have a sneaking suspicion that all she wants is attention... don't give her any, especially not by talking about her in a blog.

The best place for 'the gays' to hang out in SL is definitely Boots Beach. Sun, sea, sand and a campfire surrounded by 23 seats (I think), combined with 'relaxed' laws regarding nudity and a very friendly and beautiful crowd has led to the best times I've had in SL by far. Something crazy is always right around the corner, whether it's a 50ft high horse avatar or an invasion by a newbie marine corps. I simply love it and all the people that hang there. I miss the Beach whenever I'm away from it and the thought of returning there keeps my mind busy the rest of the day.

For clubbing, I will always have a soft spot for the BlueBoy Club in Apollo (a land of beauty and romance). A great atmosphere, friendly crowd and no-sex rules make it a cool place to chillout and dance to some consistently excellent music.

Pretty much every single friend I have made in SL has either been in the BBoy or on the Beach. Just another reason for me to love these places I guess.

Esmie xXx

Well... I hope you find this as interesting as I do

This is my first post, hopefully the first of many. Second Life is down at the moment (again!) and thought I might as well make this blog as a journal for my avatar in SL.

If you don't know much about me, here is a little introduction.

Firstly... my name. 'Esmiel' is a name I made up in my head. People say it sounds biblical or whatever and some of the more impressive names from the Holy book may have influenced me, but the name Esmiel, as far as I know, hasn't been used as a firstname before. People in SL call me Es or Esmie. I'm not going to print my real name here because that's against my rules... Oh yeah. The Rules!

Esmiel's personal rules:
1. Never Tell People In Second Life My Real Name
Just because I would prefer it if they didn't know. It would stop people thinking of me as Esmiel, which I really don't want
2. Never Meet With People From Second Life In Real Life
Just common sense really
3. Never Be A Dick If I Can Help It
I want to be friendly and help anyone I can. I have issues with people in RL so in SL I try to be more open and less shy
4. Never Forget It's SECOND Life... (This one gets broken sometimes)
I know Real life comes first... but it's too easy to forget about it sometimes
5. Never Use Someone Or Take Advantage Of Them
Some people may just see this as a game for playing, but I never forget that the people behind the avatars are real and so are their emotions. If I hurt someone in SL, they will be hurting in RL too, and I don't want that

So... Hopefully I will be updating this Blog with pics from SL, details of my exploits there and any other little nuggets that I can't fit into my in-world profile.

Esmie xXx