Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Silfadion's Little Problem.

[9:39] Esmiel Posthorn: Is it big?
[9:40] Silfadion Haefnir: your thumb.
[9:40] Silfadion Haefnir: From the middle joint to the end of the nail.
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: Oh thats pretty big
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: I have held bigger
[9:40] Esmiel Posthorn: Lol Just chuck it out the window
[9:41] Silfadion Haefnir: I. Am. Not. Touching. It.
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Hang on.. I'll be right over
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Lol.
[9:41] Esmiel Posthorn: Is it on the wall
[9:41] Silfadion Haefnir: I don't know where it is.
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: Hurry dude HURRRYYY
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: xD
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: I wish we lived next door to each other lol
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: That would be epic
[9:42] Silfadion Haefnir: LOL that would be hilarious.
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: Get your dad to hunt the beetle down? lol
[9:42] Esmiel Posthorn: I am sure he can deal with it
[9:44] Esmiel Posthorn: Are you sure you're not just imagining this?
[9:45] Esmiel Posthorn: Did the beetle eat you?
[9:49] Esmiel Posthorn: Can I have your stuff?
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: o_______o
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: Dad's asleep.
[9:49] Silfadion Haefnir: I'm alone with no siblings, no boyfriend and no girlfriend.
[9:49] Esmiel Posthorn: You have a shoe, don't you? SMASH that fucker
[9:51] Esmiel Posthorn: You can do this.. I believe in you.
[9:52] Silfadion Haefnir sobs, afraid. "I don't know where he went!!"
[9:53] Esmiel Posthorn gives you encouragement from ten thousand miles away.. "Just be ready for it to emerge, then finish it with a shoe or book before it can bite you!"
[9:53] Silfadion Haefnir: O_____O
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: Beetles can...biteee?
[9:54] Esmiel Posthorn: Oh, no, did i say that?
[9:54] Esmiel Posthorn: I meant.. hug.
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: But it has a freaky underside
[9:54] Silfadion Haefnir: I dont wanna be HUGGED.
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: THEN KILL IT
[9:55] Silfadion Haefnir: I DONT KNOW WHERE IT WENT.
[9:55] Silfadion Haefnir: XDDD
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: Just don't go to sleep
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: That's when they crawl in your mouth
[9:55] Esmiel Posthorn: I have to go out to the Cinema now ~ Good luck

Esmie xXx

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