Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hug time!

[10:41] Enzeru Onizuka wanders by, swipes a hug.
[10:42] Esmiel Posthorn is suddenly force-hugged and loves it .__.
[10:43] Enzeru Onizuka hugs you harder, "That's right, bitch. Take it. Take it." >:D
[10:43] Enzeru Onizuka the hug rapist.
[10:44] Esmiel Posthorn squeals.. "Ahh! Ahh! Oh fuck yeah, thats good hugs.."
[10:46] Enzeru Onizuka hugs the hell out of you, "Yeah, I knew you wanted it. Those perfectly sensible and covering clothes of yours screamed that you wanted it."
[10:47] Esmiel Posthorn wipes the sweat from his brow and tries to squeeze you back.. "Yeah, I was gagging for a good hugging.. I'm so lucky such a well hung hug-stud was passing.."

Esmie xXx

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