Sunday, 26 August 2007

COTA Opening

This post is bringing you the hottest action from the opening of SL's largest art gallery complex, The City of The Arts. Built and managed by Eddi Haskell and Javier Waydelich, the City comprises several galleries including one for fashion (woot!). It is a non-profit organisation that hopes to give space and support to young and talented artists from all disciplines.

Set in its own sim, the City has several islands, each housing a gallery or other major installation.

The crowd gathers in anticipation of HRH Princess Manqo's arrival.

The Princess and her guard and secretary, as well as the owners and managers of the City make their way to the podium.

From left to right:
Mike Maximov, Wesley Spengler, Javier Waydelich, Peebee McMillan, Simor McMillan, Eddi Haskell, Jarrod Beck, Kyra Reiter, HRH Princess Manqo, CW McMillan, Mucus Renoir

HRH Princess Manqo declares the City of the Arts open:

Princess ManqoQhapaqInca Qunhua: Chairman of the Board Waydelich, Communications Director Haskell, Founders, Members of the City of the Arts, Ladies and Gentlmen.

It gives me the most enourmous pleasure to be opening Second Life's City of the Arts.

Virtual reality and virtual worlds are progressing to a new state.

We, and by that I mean this assembled crowd and other residents of Second Life, are true digital pioneers in this new era.

The art, design, and fashion which we see in such wonderful presentation around us today, prove that virtual reality and virtual worlds are moving to a new level of cultural refinement and style.

The time is now upon us when environments such as the City of the Arts can compete with major cultural institutions in demonstrating what the human spirit can achieve.

With deep appreciation for the Patrons of the City of the Arts who have invited me to perform such a role I now declare Second Life's City of the Arts open to all that enter.

May good fortune and success occur for all to come for the City's good graces.

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen!

My view of proceedings (I'm not asleep, I promise!)

Had to get two pictures of the glorious fireworks in here :)

HRH Princess Manqo and the management team depart the podium.

There was another fireworks display and some dancing going on later but at this point I had to go and make some dinner *lol* which sadly wasn't provided :P

All in all, it was a very impressive evening, worthy of the largest arts institution in SL and I highly recommend you go pay the City a visit, I will be sticking a SLURL in here very soon.

Esmie xXx

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog Esmiel, an SL friend of yours gave me this address as I am interested in the spreading of fads in SL like angels and Nekos; I'm glad you enjoy your SL experience as mine wasn't that good (been hurt by a man who played with my feelings),I sometimes relog to enjoy the nice landscapes and buildings we can see out there and observe people from far away to study trends and communities in SL.
Best Regards. JeanLou Merlin.